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30 May, huge sinkhole at Zacatepec, Puebla, México

#Shocking: Residents of Santa María Zacatepec report a huge #sinkhole of approximately 100 meters in diameter and 20 meters deep in an area of crops that used to be a jagüey. They claim that so far no authorities have gone to the area.

#AlMomento | Dozens of people flock to Santa María Zacatepec to see the huge #socavón that formed in the middle of farmland. It is recommended not to approach the area due to the extreme #danger it represents.


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June 17 - a bolide burned above southwest Czech rep. / Eastern Bavaria, possible meteorites.

Nad jihozápadem Čech prolétl meteoroid, sto kilometrů zvládl za 11 sekund -

Meteoroid entered the atmosphere on Thursday night, shortly before 10pm, above Germany's Deggendorf. The object's speed at that time was 11.7 km/h, size of handball, 5 kg weight.

It descended in angle of 25 degrees in southeast direction. The trajectory of the burning space rock was about 111 km long, it crossed the Czech/German border and burned in height of 32 kilometres after 11 seconds.

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P.S. Neither the URL nor the HTML code would embed here but you can see the video in the link.
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