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The role of women from the Rothschild dynasty :
I think it would be interesting to talk about this interview from Apolline De Malherbe on the french TV channel RMC with Michel Bier, head of LIDL France dated on the December 12th. There are 2 shorts video summarizing the idea.

The point is that we can go on seeing the agenda of the ones who want to detroy our civilization, hurt people and pursuit their agenda of global domination through destruction. The part concerns the french economy...

1rst one talks about the inflation and the high food increasing we'll meet in the first semester of 2023. The 2nd one concerns a new law that is going to be voted and that will change a lot of things in food dealings between big producers (i.e. Coca and others) and resellers giving high advantage to the big companies.

1rst part of the Interview on Youtube (2mn27)

Inflation is not ready to stop according to Michel Biero, head of Lidl France. He gives his figures and estimates for the future, in "Apolline Matin", on RMC and RMC Story: "We are on 9% inflation at Lidl. We are reducing our margins to preserve the French people's purchasing power, but we are suffering like everyone else. The first six months of 2023 will be catastrophic, because we are in the middle of price negotiations. We have requested increases of up to 49%. We will pass one euro for one liter of milk

L'inflation n'est pas prête de s'arrêter selon Michel Biero, patron de Lidl France. Il donne ses chiffres et ses estimations pour le futur, dans "Apolline Matin", sur RMC et RMC Story : "On est sur 9 % d'inflation chez Lidl. On réduit nos marges pour préserver le pouvoir d'achat des Français, mais on subit comme tout le monde. Les six premiers mois de 2023 vont être catastrophiques, car on est en pleine négociation des prix. On a des hausses demandées jusqu'à 49 %. On va passer l'euro pour le litre de lait".

2nd part of the Interview on Youtube (3mn16)

The boss of Lidl Michel Biero is very upset against a law project of a representative of the political majority. He explains his anger in "Apolline Matin" on RMC and RMC Story: "This bill defends only the multinationals, pushed by them and their lobbies. With this bill, if we do not find an agreement on March 1, with the surcharges, we will be forced to pay the increase and their prices. This is the worst moment, it is catastrophic for the french people. We risk price increases of 30 to 50%, it is a pro-inflation and pro-multinational law. Of course it is the lobbies that are very powerful. I'm asking for transparency because I'm willing to pay for increases."

Le patron de Lidl Michel Biero est très remonté contre un projet de loi d'un député de la majorité. Il explique sa colère dans "Apolline Matin" sur RMC et RMC Story : "Cette proposition de loi défend uniquement les multinationales, poussées par elles et leur lobbys. Avec cette proposition de loi, si on ne trouve pas d'accord le 1er mars, avec les indus, on sera obligé de payer la hausse et leurs prix. C'est le pire des moments, c'est catastrophique pour les Français. On risque des hausses de prix de 30 à 50 %, c'est une loi pro-inflation et pro-multinationales. Bien sûr que c'est les lobbys qui sont très puissants. Je demande de la transparence car je suis prêt à payer des hausses."
Here is the second part of Gal. Delawarde's article on the "good side" in the world, where he goes further in naming the enemy :

(The first part is already published on SOTT Fr :
Le camp du bien - partie 1 -- )
Here is the second part of Gal. Delawarde's article on the "good side" in the world, where he goes further in naming the enemy :
Wonderful article Bastian, thank you.
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