SOTT worthy articles in French

I'm really surprised that there is no article on SOTT Fr in the section "Earth changes" about the historical heatwave in India & Pakistan. For instance :

Time and resources being limited, some interesting articles can't be published.

Exactly and unlike the English site where there are many volunteers, the French site operates with a very very small group of volunteers.
Today, is "Saint" Joan of Arc, according to the Roman Catholic Church. Here is an alternative (hi)story about her...
Aujourd'hui c'est la "Ste" Jeanne d'Arc, d'après l'Église catholique romaine. Voici une histoire alternative à propos d'elle.
Here is the previous documentary from the same author, about the Templar knights and the gothic cathedrals in France :
Voici le précédent documentaire du même auteur, à propos des Templiers et des cathédrales gothiques en France :
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