Stories of Covid vaccination side effects or worse

Here's a horrifying and sickening "side effect," as well as ponerological factors contributing. 44 died, including children, in a residential high-rise fire in Urumqi, where people have been under confined lockdown for >3 months, because of zero-tolerance policy and, allegedly, "authorities wasted hours checking COVID-19 tests before saving the victims."

Article tells much more:

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Articles now appearing in mainstream Western press, NY Times, Bloomberg, etc.
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Another article about cancers being boosted by the inoculation:

As an Oncologist I Am Seeing People With Stable Cancer Rapidly Progress After Being Forced to Have a Booster

Covid no longer needs a vaccine programme given the average age of death of Covid in the U.K. is 82 and from all other causes is 81 and falling.

The link with clots, myocarditis, heart attacks and strokes is now well accepted, as is the link with myelitis and neuropathy. (We predicted these side effects in our June 2020 QRBD article Sorensen et al. 2020, as the blast analysis revealed 79% homologies to human epitopes, especially PF4 and myelin.)

However, there is now another reason to halt all vaccine programmes. As a practising oncologist I am seeing people with stable disease rapidly progress after being forced to have a booster, usually so they can travel.

Even within my own personal contacts I am seeing B cell-based disease after the boosters. They describe being distinctly unwell a few days to weeks after the booster
– one developing leukaemia, two work colleagues Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, and an old friend who has felt like he has had Long Covid since receiving his booster and who, after getting severe bone pain, has been diagnosed as having multiple metastases from a rare B cell disorder.

I am experienced enough to know that these are not the coincidental anecdotes that many suggest, especially as the same pattern is being seen in Germany, Australia and the USA.

The reports of innate immune suppression after mRNA for several weeks would fit, as all these patients to date have melanoma or B cell based cancers, which are very susceptible to immune control – and that is before the reports of suppressor gene suppression by mRNA in laboratory experiments.

This must be aired and debated immediately.

Angus Dalgleish MD FRACP FRCP FRCPath FMedSci

Angus Dalgleish is a Professor of Oncology at St George’s, University of London.
The vaccinated now account for a majority of COVID deaths.

There’s a remarkable concession appearing in The Washington Post today:

“a majority of Americans dying from the coronavirus received at least the primary series of the vaccine.”

The latest data shows that 58% of COVID-19 deaths in August 2022 were from people who were vaccinated or boosted. Based on past figures and the current trends, we can reasonably estimate that the number of vaccinated/boosted COVID-19 deaths will only rise. (In September 2021, the vaccinated accounted for 23% of COVID-19 deaths; in January/February 2022, the vaccinated were 42%.)

Drama on board! Steward dies on flight to Paris

A flight attendant died during a flight from Bahrain International Airport to Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris. The dramatic scenes took place on a plane of the Bahraini state airline Gulf Air last Tuesday. The steward suffered a heart attack, reports "Bild".
Pilots have to make emergency landing because of steward's heart attack

Steward Yasser Al Yazidi was suddenly fighting for his life on the plane. The pilots had to make an unplanned landing in Erbil in Iraq's Kurdistan Region because of the medical emergency. The aircraft was about 10 km above Iraqi territory at the time, according to media reports. After the emergency arrival, the man was taken to hospital, but there he was found to be dead.

Gulf Air has already commented on the incident: "The national carrier expresses its deepest condolences to the family and relatives of the crew member and confirms that the flight to Paris continued as planned." According to the reports, the plane was able to resume its journey after about four hours of layover in Erbil. The airline also thanked passengers for showing so much patience. The pilots were obliged to bring the plane ashore in the event of a medical emergency, it said.

French football is in mourning - It was announced on Wednesday morning that Johan Hamel, the 42-year-old French referee, had died.

Johan Hamel.jpg

The man who made more than 300 appearances in France in all national competitions is said to have suffered a stroke during training, according to L'Equipe.

Johan Hamel was on the video bus for the Ligue 1 match between PSG and Auxerre last Sunday (5-0, 15th day).

Le football français est en deuil
Colombia: promising football international Andrés Balanta dies in training at the age of 22

Andrés Balanta, a Colombian youth international, died suddenly after collapsing in training. "He fell during the warm-up, we rushed him in, in two minutes they gave him an hour of CPR but they couldn't get him out."

Andrés Balanta.jpg

France : The INSEE confirms the collapse of the birth rate since the start of vaccination
In 2022, the birth rate is experiencing a historic drop, with figures never before known. This trend, which began in June 2022, i.e. 9 months after the 85% vaccination rate was reached in the population, has become catastrophic since August, i.e. since the first effects of the third dose. For the moment, INSEE does not give any explanation for this worrying gap in the country's demographic future.

Stroke ?

July 29 - Triathlete Tsudoi Miyazaki dies at 25 in dramatic circumstances in France
While training in France for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, Tsudoi Miyazaki, a 25-year-old Japanese triathlete, died suddenly.

According to the public prosecutor, Tsudoi Miyazaki was training with two other cyclists from the Japanese team when "she suddenly fell, sliding into the opposite lane" as another vehicle passed. Despite the intervention of the emergency services, the triathlete succumbed to her injuries.

Tsudoi Miyazak.jpg

July 28 2022 - Presenter Kate McCann collapses in debate, channel cancels show
As Liz Truss and former Finance Minister Rishi Sunak were talking about the war in Ukraine, a loud bang was suddenly heard. Surprised and shocked at the same time, the first-named stopped her speech short, but with a frightened reaction. She finally approached the other part of the table, occupied by the host, in concern. For Kate McCann had in fact been the victim of a fainting spell, resulting in a heavy fall.

Kate McCann.jpg

Shonka Dukureh, singer and ‘Elvis’ actress, dead at 44 (August 30 2022)

"Elvis" actress Shonka Dukureh died of "natural causes," the Tennessee Office of the State Chief Medical Examiner confirmed with Fox News Digital on Tuesday.

The cause of death was ruled as "hypertensive and atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease."

Dukureh, 44, was found dead on July 21 in a bedroom at her apartment in Nashville. The Fisk University graduate shared the apartment with her two young children, police said. One of the children found her unresponsive and went to the apartment of a neighbor, who called 911 shortly before 9:30 a.m.

Shonka Dukureh.jpg

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