Stories of Covid vaccination side effects or worse

Yesterday I've heard that my favourite doctor lost her child in the 11th week of pregnancy.
She is such a bright and laughing being with the temperament of a true latina. She didn't feel like taking the jab. At least that has been my impression. The peer pressure in our hospital is high, the vaxx rate must be roughly over 90%.
A lot of women experience losing a child in the first trimester but it seems that with this shot chances for a healthy pregancy are getting smaller. The psychological impact of knowing that it might have happened because of the jab could be devastating.

O my... while writing the above, thinking about her I remembered some talks we had. When I was venting my thoughts about the jab and how dangerous it can be and how totalitarian this all is....when all the while she was pregnant and had taken the jab (either I did not know at that time).
So this might be a turning point in my behaviour when it comes to this subject. I might have well hurt her or instilled her with even more doubt and fear than she had before.

Another nurse told me that for 4 days after the first shot her arm was so painful that sometimes she cried (she's a tough one such as staying with her horse in the trailer on a roadtrip etc.).
After the 2nd shot she didn't feel well and went to bed.
She woke up some time later in her own urine and vomit- she has no memory whatsoever happened and assumes it has been a fit.
Afterwards it was, 'Never again!" only to be confronted now with the threat of the booster.
Her bf who is a strict believer in Covid and measures (makes money in vaxx center) is downplaying the whole thing.
She seriously afraid of the booster. The only thing I could do was offering knowledge and help when she chooses to take it.

Some new aspects of this whole drama dawn on me.
Maybe one can become the 'under-the-radar-vaxx- diminisher', killing two birds with one stone: staying a pain-in-the arse for TPTB and helping.
If asked there's a duty to help these people as much as we hope to help ourselves, osit. With so many people vaxxed/ injured/afraid now the shot could also be seen as a chance and challenge instead of a threat only.
I will most likely be forced to take it.
I will apply anything we've put together here to diminish the effects plus what I feel is right-
Endowed then with personal experience plus the shared experience from other forum members there will be knowledge. Knowledge protects.
Okay, maybe I'm trying to reconcile myself with the prospect of taking the needle but I like the idea.
One of those that could be side effect of vaccination or not. Today I noticed that my sisters ears were swollen and inflamed. She has apparently suddenly at age 54 developed eczema of the ears. Never heard of that happening before.
Could be related to what Bhakdi talks about in this 18 min video

i.e. the breaking down of "immune surveillance" which then means latent viruses and pathogens which were otherwise kept in check will now start to emerge.
An elderly client of mine who has had 2 vaccines (not sure if they're Pfizer or AZ) has stopped coming to her clinical Pilates session. She is in her 70's and has come to me for 2 years, twice a week. Just before Christmas she ended up with such severe bruising on both feet that she fell over 2 days after her Pilates because her feet were so swollen and sore.
She sent me photos of the bruising and I recommended she visit her GP. I didn't say it but I immediately associated the photo with blood clotting and it was difficult not to suspect the jab.
She is a fan of the jab and she has spoken a few times about those 'damn anti vaxxers' so I stayed quiet about that and instead pointed out that we have been working together for 2 years, twice a week on basically the same stuff and she has never suffered anything like this so she should get it checked, maybe get a D-Dimer test to see if her blood is okay.
Of course her GP has blamed in on the Pilates and said nothing about an adverse event so now she's stopped coming with the belief that Pilates has hurt her. They said she now has a tendon injury and hemorrhaging of the blood vessels in the feet which to me is hilarious because my job is specifically working at rehabilitating tendon injuries - not causing them.
It both saddens me for her sake and boils my blood for my sake since this is my job and if GP's keep spreading these lies then I will lose people for sure.
In my 15 years of working with chronic conditions I have never once seen someone end up with hemorrhaging of the feet from Pilates. New normal BS

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Hate to be in this guy's shoes.

People in Brazil watched in horror as television reporter Rafael Silva was admonishing the unvaccinated and bragging about getting his third dose COVID booster shot, when Silva dropped to the floor suffering the first of the 5 heart attacks he would experience that day. Silva is 36 years old with no prior medical conditions. So you would think that just once they would admit that, at the very least in some people, that heart attacks, strokes and blood clots can develop in people who have been vaccinated. Is that too much to ask for? Apparently, yes.
We have a friend that even with a stroke that paralyzed one side of his body, some years ago, he was able to walk and go out with his dog. Last year, he told me that the doctor found he has prostate cancer. Then before that he was jabbed. Friday I saw him on the street. He is 65 years old and look like a man of 90. Walks like a man of 90. With a mask. Without his dog because he has difficulty to keep his equilibrium. Very sad, indeed.
My two close co-workers (we're all remote) are triple-vaxed, and neither seems the same since - complaining at first of the immediate, overwhelming sickness from the shots, then having routine brain fog, fatigue, headaches, even waking up with headaches, etc. They now fully expect these effects, yet continue to go back for more and to congratulate each other on each new infusion. Such is the faith. If it keeps up, I will soon begin to wonder if they will survive.

I never mention it and fortunately no one has asked.

:headbash:Please, sir, may I have another?
They really are in a sort of cult. Reminds me of the cult of Jim Jones, and the murder of around one thousand people after drinking something that kill them, a venom. So we should start to see these people outside as members of a cult, a huge cult that embraces the entire planet.

(Just for information: they say that Jim Jones was working for the CIA and that they did an experiment with the people that were in the church of Jim Jones. Here is an article about this subject.)

We are witness of the slaughter day by day. We have to deal with that, yes or yes. For my part reading and trying to understand what is happening, open my curiosity of all of this, is a way I have not just to get over the sadness but also to console my fear.

Here is an interesting video about all of this from

They really are in a sort of cult.
And one of those two tripled-vaxed co-workers I mentioned just came down with, you guessed it, covid. At least, that's what the PCR said. I'm convinced at this point that the vast majority of people who think they have covid have something else entirely, though there is no way to know. The covid default is maddening. Someone sniffles and I hear, "go get tested."

I received an email notice from my local hospital with a Q & A section.

Q: "What if my home test is positive? Do I need to get a PCR test?"
A: No. If your home test is positive, you have covid.

And one of those two tripled-vaxed co-workers I mentioned just came down with, you guessed it, covid.
A triple-vaxxed cousin of mine got covid too, so he had to miss his flight back home for Christmas (he lives abroad). There was much gnashing of teeth in my family, and as a consequence my cousin's sister asked for people to bring a PCR to the Christmas party she was orginizing, even if tripled-vaxxed, "to avoid a tragedy". :rolleyes: Not being in the mood for hysterics, my wife and I decided to skip such party and gave some other excuse.

When I pointed out the obvious to my mother, that "maybe the vaccine doesn't work", given my cousin's case, I was met with the argument that it does work, but you won't be getting seriously ill and going to the hospital! Then I pointed out that my cousin, who is in his thirties, was extremely unlikely to be landing in hospital for covid anyway. But then I was told that I can't possibly know that, etc. Then I quit arguing cause it's pointless.
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