Seeing these lenticular clouds in Iran, a question poped up in my mind: Could lenticular clouds be connected with earthquakes (to come)? Searching, I found this paper, published in 2022 in the Frontiers in Earth Science journal:

On the Relation Between Anomalous Clouds and Earthquakes in Italian Land

Basic formation of an orographic cloud:
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And among the orographic clouds, one find the lenticular clouds. According to Wikipédia (in French which have more datas than the English one), there are upstream clouds and wave clouds:

Von Karman vortices off Rishiri Island, Japan.jpg
Orographic lifting of the air - NOAA.jpg
Parallel lines following the crest of an orographic wave in southern Algeria​
Alley of Karman eddies off Rishiri Island in Japan​
Summit cloud observed in Alaska​
Lenticular cloud over Mount Washington, New Hampshire, USA​

And from Wikipdia (English):

More about "Brihat Samhita, Indian scholar Varahamihira (505–587)" in the following article (from which I cannot copy/paste here):
A temblor from ancient Indian treasure trove?

So, the last session showed that this connection between anomalous clouds and earthquakes exists:

Session Date: February 25th 2023
(MK Scarlett) There is a theory that connects the formation of cloud anomaly with future earthquakes, and a study published in 2022 says, "The physical mechanism of cloud anomaly was likely caused by electric field, which linked active fault, atmosphere circuit conduction current, and cloud anomaly, and thus provides a reasonable hypothesis of cloud anomaly." Does this connection exist?

A: Yes

Q: (MK Scarlett) Can so-called "orographic" clouds, such as lenticular ones, in some cases, be precursors of earthquakes?

A: Yes

Q: (MK Scarlett) What is the average period (in days) between the atmospheric fluctuation that forms these cloud anomalies and a potential earthquake?

A: 3 to 7.

Q: (Joe) Some of those clouds were seen in Turkey - strange clouds. They were kinda like domes with a hole in the middle, almost like a hat.

(Andromeda) How long before?

(Joe) A few days, I think.

I think we may well observe more clouds anomaly and more strange clouds with weird shapes in a near future...
The rare Kelvin-Helmholtz clouds are being seen from Turkey.

Kelvin-Helmholtz clouds look like ocean waves​

Clouds that look like waves are rare and beautiful. These clouds – known as Kelvin-Helmholtz clouds, billow clouds, or shear-gravity clouds – might have been the inspiration for Van Gogh’s painting Starry Night. The next time you spot one of these remarkable wave clouds, capture a photograph and submit it to us!

Kelvin-Helmholtz clouds are named for Lord Kelvin and Hermann von Helmholtz, who studied the physics of the instability that leads to this type of cloud formation. A Kelvin-Helmholtz instability forms where there’s a velocity difference across the interface between two fluids: for example, wind blowing over water.
It's time again for the spiral cloud

At 16 April 2023, you can read about the spiral cloud that was observed over Alaska. Even more impressive is the timelapse video shown, how that cloud proceeds and grows over the visible sky.

A BLUE SPIRAL OVER ALASKA: Longtime aurora hunter Todd Salat is no stranger to fantastic displays in the night skies of Alaska. But even he was not prepared for what happened after local midnight on Saturday, April 15th.

"I was utterly surprised and mystified when I first spotted a distant bright light coming toward me from the northern horizon," says Salat. "At first I thought it was a jet airliner flying through some clouds. Then it took on the spiral shape and grew big fast!" This is what he saw:​


"I was shooting frantically with two camera/tripod set-ups knowing that this was a unique event and within about seven minutes the 'apparition' swept by and disappeared. It was spellbinding! For the past two nights I had been photographing auroras over this dome (Donnelly Dome) and hoping to catch something special. I got my wish!"

Salat witnessed a "SpaceX spiral." Three hours earlier (Saturday, April 15th at 0648 UT), SpaceX launched a Falcon 9 rocket from California's Vandenberg Space Force Base. It carried 51 small satellites to Earth-orbit, a mission known as Transporter-7. When the rocket's discarded upper stage passed over Alaska, it vented its unused fuel. A bit of spin turned the harmless cloud into a spectacular spiral.

An all-sky camera at the University of Alaska's Poker Flat Research Range also recorded the phenomenon:

The spiral cloud becomes visible in this time lapse video at 1:30 on onwards.
Lunar Corona and Halo, Sicily
2 March 2023

By accident i bumped into a rather strange and impressive looking corona and halo around the moon, taken by Marcella Guiclia Pace in Sicily, on 2 March 2023.



She writes:


I think the lunar halo is more spectacular than the solar one because it has stars, planets and constellations as a background. Having a radius of 22°, whatever the height of the Moon, it can contain entire constellations within it. In these pictures shows a lit lunar halo that contains within it the entire constellation of the twins with Castor and Pollux shining in the colored band of another phenomenon of colors: a Corona.

The two phenomena, halo and corona, are not formed by the same type of clouds which is why it is rare for these phenomena to occur simultaneously. In particular, the crown in the photo can be defined as a lunar multi-crown as it has very extensive colored concentric circles and very bright colours.

The halo occurs when light from the Moon is refracted through ice particles suspended in Earth's atmosphere These particles act like prisms, separating light into different colors and creating a colorful halo around the Moon. The lunar halo appears as a ring of light around the Moon, usually white or silver in color, but can sometimes take on shades of other colors such as red, blue, or green. The lunar phase is essential for its formation, in fact if the Moon is not bright enough you cannot witness this wonderful formation…

The crowns testify to the wave nature of Light. In fact, their formation is favored by the diffraction and interference of light at the edges of small water droplets or crystals present on veils of clouds such as cirrocumulus, stratocumulus, or even by pollen, dust or aerosols. Smaller droplets produce larger coronas, larger droplets produce slightly smaller or dimmer coronas.

Corona and Halo Location: Modica (Sicily) Camera: Nikon D750; 15 mm; 20 sec.; f/2,8; ISO 100 Single shot Only Corona Camera: Nikon D750; 44 mm; 8 sec.; f/6,3; ISO 100 Single shot

I hope she didn't encounter a layer of water vapor condensation on the front / back of her lens / or sensor. I cannot determine if the phenomena in the case above is real or caused by condensation. (the colored rings, I mean) the larger corona however, i believe was a real phenomena for sure. The little steak that is visible from the moon in the first photo, indicates to me that there was an interference of dirt or a scratch on the lens itself.

Example: finger prints / fat / etc on the lens of mobile phones often creates (even more pronounced) streaks like that. That's one of the reasons i always lightly wipe my iPhone's lenses before i take a photo. Curiosity; i have noticed lately that my husband wipes the lens before taking a photo, too :lol:

The latest mobile phones however, don't seem to be as sensitive to smudges, as i rarely encounter one on my iPhone 13 Pro Max. Earlier and cheaper mobile phones often got easily smudged with dirty / fat /fingerprints.
USA Extremely rare meteorological phenomenon "Dancing Ray" or "Crown Flash" in the sky of Miami Beach, Florida.

📍Crown Flash - lightening of the crown of a thundercloud, followed by the appearance of auroral-like streams emanating into the transparent atmosphere. 😯

Video in TG:
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