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That is a strange cloud, if we perceive fourth density battle as weather phenomena, maybe this is such a thing. Look like a explosion outward. Who knows. Things are getting stranger and look like maybe soon we will perceive more and more of the unseen.


The Living Force
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    Screenshot_2020-09-11 Windy Wind map weather forecast.png
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I guess I'll file this here. I try not to look too much into things but also try not to discount anything, and this one is just weird!

This is the sky above my house about 10 minutes ago. It is huge and covers the entire view above me from NE to SW. I took it with nightshot on my phone but have done no editing at all, not even additional brightening.

It looks like a giant snake body with an aurora look to it. At the NE end lies what looks like a dragons head, and you can't really tell in the picture but those stars at his head are Cassiopaea.

Also under the moon was this curious cylinder cloud that stood out alone like a sore thumb.

To me the head looks severed which if it's an omen I hope it means a good one! But I thought it was too weird not to share



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