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asperatus clouds

For me personally, this was likely one of the most defined asperatus clouds I have seen (making photos of, I mean). Most of the time, when they appear over Stockholm, they are not as well defined - and always far off from the extreme examples of ominous looking asperatus clouds we have seen on the internet (of which some are clearly exaggerated in post processing).

Nevertheless - the development came rather unexpected. (As the weather situation wasn't anything to call home about)

It started out slowly in a small (but increasing) area at the east horizon, on 18 July 2021 around 18:45, seen from South Stockholm - but developed really beautifully in pronounced waves for the next hour. By the time of 19.13 it took off in a pronounced way, and the scenery looked like this:

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Thank your sharing the pictures and they are beautiful. some of them look like painting( I DON'T mean they are painted).
This video is very well done.


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Greece 11.07.2021



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wow strange face

This cloud formation is very strange in the sky of Istanbul, Turkey..

I don't know but the face kinda looks like Edgar Allen Poe looking down on everything. FWIW of course!

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