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knowledge_of_self said:
Morpheus said to Naiobe in the Matrix Revolutions, at the end when the war was over, "I have dreamt about this day for so long, is this real??"which really sparked a thought in me, that they are all still trapped within a matrix, and therefore not even Morpheus knew if what they were experiencing then was "real".
At the end of Matrix II when Neo stops one of the machines I thought NO! they are trapped in another matrix!
Like in "the 13th floor movie (1999) simulation game"

Matrix trilogy help me start to understand how everything can be controlled. The Matrix/Machines created the rebels/let them have their rebel group as a central unit. (kind of like Orwell 1984)

Keep all dissidents in grouped places
Have designated rebel groups ready for new people to join when they become awake
So when the dissidents become too big to handle they can be destroyed easily

Us vs Them
Yes I think this film can be used for that purpose. I try to observe the "Us vs Them" mentality in me and remind myself I once was at the same stage/level they are in and it is ok.

Food/Energy for Machines/Other Beings
I already knew that part but is uncomfortable when some one else tells you that you are food. I'm still dealing with that realization. Like "V: movie/mini series where lizzard/aliens use Earth as a super buffet" I saw it when I was 8yrs. It was fantasy back then and now it is reality!


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Once there was the Matrix now there is The Meatrix too.



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Ryan said:
This is an interesting take on the series, however my own perspective is that the second and third movies in particular do not really express the esoteric path of the "initiate" in any kind of precisely analogous way to the "Ascension Tradition" as described by Laura, Mouravieff, Fulcanelli et al (which, at best we understand so far, is the only way to become "free" of the Matrix). There are many similarities (even eye-poppingly obvious ones) but I think the Watchowski's were using different background philosophies in their construction of the script - Plato, Socrates, Egyptian and Greek elements, Buddhism, "typical" Christianity, the Arthurian mythos etc... thus they end up "in the ballpark", but not exactly scoring a "home run".
Well, I'm not quite so sure about this now. I watched the philosopher's commentary in Matrix III on the weekend, and the guys make specific reference to "Western Christian Mysticism" and "Christian Mystical Traditions" in it. So, perhaps a rethink is in order!

Also, foofighter - finally read your essay at long last - very nice work! :)


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Johnno said:
What I find interesting is that people have their own particular quote or two that they seem to pick up on which in some way may present their version of "the world".
as evidenced by my signature, i too am a big fan of the matrix trilogy.

i found the comment above very interesting.

the quote that stands out to me (besides my sig) is:

We can never see past the choices we don't understand.


The Matrix is everywhere, it is all around us. Even in this very room. You can see it when you look out your window or when you turn on your television. You can feel it when you go to work, when you go to church, when you pay your taxes; it is the world that has been pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth.

i found the choice of examples -- TV, work, church and taxes -- very interesting as these are some of THE main controls employed by the PTB.


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Thought this might be of interest.

Interview - Larry Wachowski, Ken Wilber - The Many Meanings of The Matrix (mp3) (5.6MB)

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-Then type the characters you see in the small picture (e.g. 7yi) into the text box.
-Click "Download".

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Nathan said:
Thought this might be of interest.

Interview - Larry Wachowski, Ken Wilber - The Many Meanings of The Matrix (mp3) (5.6MB)
Here's http:w(2sh)]a transcript for those that can't or don't want to listen...


I thought it was really interesting that even in the book "Decoding the Universe" by Charles Seife (a book that is purley a science read) Charles suggests that we could really be living in a hologram and that existing in 3 dimensions could be an illusion


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I only just noticed recently that in The Matrix Reloaded where Neo meets the Architect, there are images of Sharon, Hitler, a nuclear bomb, Hussein, Bush (Jr) and Rumsfeld during the dialogue, " a consequence of the imperfection inherent in every human being".


I just saw the last 2 movies between yesterday and the day before, another message I get is about balance between STO and STS, obviously the Smith character is STS ("This is MY world" and "me, me me") and Neo the STO counterpart. The balance gets very focused between these two characters and at the end, when Smith "devours" Neo, the balance is lost, which of course provokes the destruction of the counterpart, lifting the pin pointed weight accumulated by these two beings, and a new balance emerges.


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Is the movie "the Matrix" riddled with Illuminati symbolism?
What is the true purpose of movies like this and what are the real goals of the people behind them?
Are movies like "The Matrix" and "V for Vendetta" just awakening people to another false reality?


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Hi cottoneye - how odd that you register today and post this topic, right as DylanS is bidding us adieu because of his mechanical reactions and self-importance, while bringing up this same topic - interesting coincidence.


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cottoneye said:
Are movies like "The Matrix" and "V For Vendetta" just awakening people to another false reality?
"False Reality" is a contradiction, cottoneye. IMO, "The Matrix" and "V For Vendetta" awaken us to the Terror of the Situation.
As well,by asking leading questions, you seem to imply that "Matrix" and "V" are lies or disinformation: ie, there is no Matrix, that it is just a figment of our imagination. The burden of proof is on you to prove that such is the case.
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