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The Force is Strong With This One
Someone pointed out on another thread (was a video) the mass exodus of retiring CEO's, and yet that is in tandem with global bankers who just so happen to be heading off for greener pastures, too.
Yes, I watched that video. She seemed to be hung up on the money they must have made when they cashed out their stock, but her comment about "going to their bunkers" was most significant to me. Some time ago, I read a piece on Catherine Austin Fitts's website where some well-meaning person she knew gave her a cryptic warning that if she persisted in fighting what had been done to her, she would be "left outside when the time comes". I thought about all the rumours of underground cities, such as the one that was apparently built under the new Denver airport, and thought that it might be possible to tell when the S had really HTF if a lot of high-up people suddenly started disappearing from public life around the same time. That would likely happen if all those people received their invitations to "come inside" before the hounds of Hell were set loose on the rest of us.

As an interesting aside, I work near a small airport, and because I'm a smoker, I spend some time outside at the far end of the parking lot each work day. On Monday, I noticed a rather odd occurrence. Usually, the flight paths to that airport are fairly busy with planes big and small coming and going. This particular day, there were absolutely NO light aircraft and NO planes landing. The whole day. There were, however, an enormous number of large private jets taking off. Typically, I'm outside for 5-7 minutes about every hour of the workday. Typically, I do NOT see 4 or 5 large planes taking off one after the other during those 5-7 minutes! Oh, and I forgot to mention what was the oddest occurrence: the Friday before, a fighter jet landed at that airport late in the day. In the year or so I've been working at this place, I've never seen a military fighter land at that airport. It's mostly used for private traffic, UPS and FedEx planes, and Boeing's flight-testing. Since that day, air traffic above my favourite workday smoking spot has dropped off dramatically. Weird.


The Force is Strong With This One
The Histericals have been unleashed and the dogs of hell can’t stop them!

I grew up in a god-based society where health was a minor aspect of our lives. Our moral behavior was prime focus. The society slowly moved towards health and self-centered existence with only a minor attention towards our moral behavior.

The big LIE has unleashed its chaos on the me-centered population who out of fear for their health are easily led by the dictates of the medical specialist despite all facts to the contrary. Medical specialists are the priests to which all common sense is easily sacrificed in order to comply with their mandates from on high. I personally have seen those who know alternative health facts but because of their fear for their health, jumped feet first into the medical specialists’ recommendations of personal and social behavior.

This may backfire if people wake up to how they were played and that their lives have been ruined by this hysterical reaction to a minor viral event.

As C’s have pointed out that the soul is the key to surviving the storms of chaos not the body centered medical existence.

It's Soul Time!


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Judging by the current trajectory that we are on, we are indeed beyond the point of no return. Obviously, this didn't come out of nowhere (as SOTT/Forum members know all to well), it was in the making for a long time and is still ongoing (especially if you take into account time travelling capacities of 4D STS). And yet despite all of this, there is always a choice to make, and we've been given the tools to navigate this chaotic terrain by the hard work of this Network. The recent recommended readings raging from topics such as Darwinism, information theory, the afterlife and so on, bring this point home. If others have decided to sleepwalk through the present turmoil, we certainly do not have to follow suit, there are always pockets of freedom (however tiny) where we can do something and send a signal as to what kind of reality we want to allign ourselves with.
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