I just put this composite to gether to demonstrate that the brain will remember things differently
to how we see them.
The figures become blurred , but the face in the background remains stable,
SocietyoftheSpectacle said:
Yep , it was this one,
And the reason I say there were subliminals was because
the night I watched that Video,
I vividly Dreamed an Image very similar to the one I showed above.

Not for 1 minute do I believe it possible that he has a soul of a preying Mantis,
So I conclude that the video somehow carries a subliminal message.
NOW it may be possible that in the second part of the video , starting around,
30 Minutes,
there is a HUGE Picture of a Mantis on the wall , and Parkes is Looking at it and trying to project that Image,
through his dialogue,
Regardless of how they put that image into my dream,
I am familiar enough with the technique to know that it was a subliminal.

and as I said , the CIA are experts at that.

Hi ! I had a look at the wall and slowly scanned through the film but I didn't notice anything. Sometimes if you slowly go through each frame you can see something between frames but its delicate and easy to over look something. Plus, you want to have a very short space to look in like 10 seconds. I tried this but my new mouse isn't as sensitive as my old one and its hard to go frame by frame. They are sitting with this blank wall between them for a while. A person intently watching may start perceiving movement on the wall which the filming process adds to and maybe pick up a subliminal like that which is self generated? I think Simon Parks is one big subliminal message all by himself. After all these years of telling everyone about his supposed parentage he does look like a mantis being so maybe its him sending the message. Actually, surely thats the case since he's always broadcasting his message and we receive it. It doesn't have to be true, like he has a Mantis soul. Its a long interview and not surprising you had the dream for whatever reason. Maybe there is a subliminal there, I don't know. Plus, why did they choose to have most of this interview in a bathroom of all places? :cry:
Well, this is another surprise about the Goode Team :shock:! I'm not sure what to make of it.


New Age Deep State Part 2: The ‘Team' & Luciferic Influences
In this exciting part 2 episode of this investigative series that looks at the covert influences attempting to infiltrate and coerce the New Age and UFO communities, Dark Journalist reveals some shocking details that have emerged relating to Corey Goode, and his marketing team's documented association with Satanism and Luciferic imagery. Goode, who claims to be a Time Traveling Astronaut in his show with David Wilcock on Gaia TV, is creating ever more elaborate stories to complement his marketing scenarios, but a major backlash is growing against the promotion of a story that appears from all angles to be a work of fiction.

This episode also delves into the major initiative called ‘Corey’s Kids’ that attempts to enlist young adults do outreach to attract the teen market into cult-like activities by promoting Goode's comic books and video games about disclosure.

UFO Disclosure vs FDN “Disclosure"
He also looks at the larger role of the the 3 Year Disclosure Plan that Corey Goode recently announced at a conference. Goode’s business partner Roger Ramsaur has kept largely in the shadows as he built up something called Full Disclosure Network (FDN) over the last year. Now we can see the oddity that this FDN movement doesn’t even mention UFOs in their title or reference the topic much as you would expect from a disclosure oriented organization. The evidence suggests that the ‘Disclosure' they are referring to is the Disclosure that Lucifer the Light Bringer will bring the world into his domain and that they are using the narrative of the Blue Avians to introduce a new Satanic Movement under the guise of Advanced Alien Races coming to help humanity.

There are more stunning details that will be revealed as we get closer to the truth of what is masquerading in the independent media as a 3 year movement for disclosure and co-opting legitimate UFO and Secret Space Program research areas and turning them into Occult recruiting initiatives and unscrupulous marketing techniques aimed at a millennial crowd.

So for all those kids out there Patting themselves on the Back
for being So smart and not falling for the Flat Earth.

Here's the real story,

To be Continued in another
78 Narratives
carefully Crafted by you caring Govt.

One thing that has struck me about these Frauds
is how they always feel compelled to Start by
Establishing their Credibility,
giving their credentials,
and telling you who they are,
So why are none of them ever
Joe Bloggs the self taught genius ,
like most people.

Odd that they always cite
establishment recognised achievements.
After sleeping on it for a night, I have this feeling the whole CG campaign is going to be a flop. Questioning that feeling, here are the reasons behind it. Goode is a mentally unstable person from what I gather and may fall apart at some point. Contact In the Desert, although not directly connected with Goode as far as I know, was not very successful and a turn off for some attending. Next year attendance may be down.There was a real lack of integrity upon the part of the presenters and a STS vibe. As a side note, Steven Greer had a sky watch one night and it cost $85 per person to attend. David Wilcock showed some cracked up behavior himself and I'm wondering about his mental stability as well. Now the background of Roger Ramsaur being a Satanist. Throw in the revelations of Dark Journalist and others exposing the wolf in sheeps clothing.

Over all, the whole deal is built on deception of a substantial amount and in the times we're living in those things are falling apart. If there isn't integrity within the structure its going to fall.

I was curious about what happened at Contact in the Desert and listened to this couples report who where vendors there. They where selling their organite at the event and felt being surrounded by that was protective. They're an interesting, discerning pair and co-linear in many ways with the views here. Its long but gives "a real" coverage of the event. They have their own youtube channel as well and have me wondering if getting some organite would be a good idea.

Published on May 24, 2017
We have returned from this year's Contact In The Desert, and in the spirit of our 2016 review, we break down the adventure from start to finish. Being reporters as well as vendors at this event gave us a unique opportunity to observe both how our orgonite affected the event as well as what was said onstage. We deconstruct the narrative of the speakers, examine the results of our presence, and explain why spending four and a half days in the desert was worth it.
SummerLite said:
I listened to these 2 videos I gave links for on Off Planet Radio. These where both made after the Bill Ryan interview. The first is with Christine Anderson who is the former wife of Bill Ryan and was present during the years this story unfolded with Corey Goode. She gives her personal experience about it all and describes the changes in Corey over the years who she considers a friend. Follows along with the timeline presented by BR in his interview. One thing I thought interesting, and both of these videos speak of it, is the hyped up world of the alternative, UFO community, spiritual scene. There is a sort of frantic search for the next BIG story, the new whisleblower, the next BIG splash. And making money is another BIG element. Christine describes this and says she finds more spiritual guidance by simply walking her dog, working in the garden or watching a sunset. She has actually become physically ill by attending some of the conferences. I get the impression there is some bad blood between her and Bill. Nothing said about ripping off Randys material. But Randy mentions Bill posting his short piece on Corey (placed on Facebook) on Project Avalon that caused the blow up mentioned by Jazper.

For those who have been with us a long time, you'll make the connection as to why I put a lot of distance between myself and that whole UFO/alien/abductee/contactee circus. I was very early exposed to the deep pathology that runs like an undercurrent through about all of it, and made my excuses, got my hat and left. And I haven't been sorry.

There are a few people that a number of us witnessed getting drawn into it and corrupted or tarnished by it, but our warnings were in vain.

It's interesting to see that really nothing has changed.
Thanks Laura. In two words you have encompassed a multitude of aspects to this UFO/alien/abductee/contactee circus, "deep pathology".

The rabbit hole runs very deep here and branches off in many directions. We have "regular" people being taken in by the illusion that is created by other individuals who are, in some cases, themselves victims of very heavy control and believe its all TRUE. The technologies used are 3D but open that door to 4D and all is cloaked in a beautiful, feel good vibe of love and light with bits of truth thrown in. Are you resonating yet?

I'd like to add something that John Keel said in Operation Trojan Horse. It was his observation, speculation, (which I think valid) that the phenomenon we see are coming from another dimension. "They" cloak themselves in images that will best be accepted by the people of that time. In biblical days we had burning bushes, voices and golden chariots in the sky etc. More recently in Portugal 1917, the spectacle in Fatima involving the Virgin Mary. Other examples are mysterious, oriental men appearing around the USA(early1900"s ?) announcing their experiments on new flying machines people would soon be seeing in the skies and those were seen.

These days we've become much to sophisticated for most of that. The public has been exposed to all manner of alien types through movies and tv and so conditioned to be open to more imaginative alien phenomenon.

Here is a shortened version of the Fatima event.

Fatima 1917
Oct. 13, 1917
The most dramatic of the apparitions. Some 55,000 people gathered on a rainy day near Cova da Iria in Fatima and witnessed the “miracle of the sun.” Some 20,000 other people witnessed the miracle from as far away as 25 miles. The sun started spinning and grew larger. It looked like it was going to fall on the earth. People fell to their knees in fear. The people then noticed that their clothes were completely dry even though they had been standing in the rain for some time. Even unbelievers and skeptics witnessed the phenomenon. The secular newspaper, O Século, had a front page story on “How the sun danced at midday in Fatima.”
I'd like to draw your attention to images inserted at the ends of Dark Journalists video's Part 1 & 2. I clicked on Part 1 thinking it was Part 2, since that is where the image is I want to show here and found a pleasant surprise. For the picture in part 1, the only one I could find ( Gurdjieff, the Harmonious Development of Man ) is quite small but its large in the video. The second & third image,( Part 2 video) the Blue Avian alien and then Baphomet. And last a tee shirt designed by a Blue Avian enthusiast shown on _https://www.facebook.com/BlueAvians. I'm not sure how this will appear after posting, I hope Baphomet isn't to big. :( I think Corey needs to do some explaining about this hand signal business.

edit: So, this didn't come out right in the posting. Mods pleads correct if you think necessary. Thanks. Maybe delete the picture below.


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A friend of mine has posted multiple videos of his on facebook so I checked out one or two. One mentioned the blue feathered creature.

I just did not get a good vibe off of him. Got the impression he made up most of it.

I call still remember Bill Cooper, who was an actual insider, but then callously used to feed the public disinfo, so I'm always quite wary anyway.
Jordon gives his response to Dark Journalist which is interesting. For one, he points out DJ hasn't done any coverage on GMO"s as he has and quite substantially. Also, he's very impressed with the idea of creating successful "brands" which he has done and offers to help DJ with his "brand" which Jordon finds lacking.


Here is Dark Journalist reply:

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DarkJournalist1 day ago
I don't hate you Jordan at all. I warned you that a marketing team made a 'Corey's Kids' Initiative and put you in it. I showed you that Roger Ramsaur, who is Corey Goode's Manager is a Satanist. The video is about Roger, not you. Don't let him use you. Where is Roger Ramsaur/Emma Gold/Roger Richards? Will he come out and address his satanic past? And you misspelled my name...at least I pronounced yours correctly...
Reply 116


Part Three
Published on Jun 2, 2017
Disclosure Marketing Campaign Reveals Occult Influences
In this exciting part 3 episode, Dark Journalist reveals the occult influences on huge marketing program for 'Disclosure' being engineered by Gaia TV Whistleblower Corey Goode and his business partner Roger Ramsaur, who it was revealed in part 2 has a long history of Satanic imagery in his background. Ramsaur and Goode have tried to suppress this information with threats of official action.
Note: Due to the important nature of this video and it’s many revelations, you may at your discretion download it and upload it to your channel with proper citation and share it with your viewers to make sure it is not censored.
Corey's Kids: The Secret Space Cadets
A major piece of the 3 year disclosure marketing plan devised by Corey Goode and Roger Ramsaur is the 'Corey's Kids' rollout. The plan which uses young Youtubers presented as Secret Space Program experts to help lure millennial and teen viewers into the Goode web of Blue Avian and Sphere Being Alliance merchandise like comic books, video games and SSP Gear stores. This trivialization of a major research topic in UFOlogy is something we've seen in these various initiatives. The hijacking of deep research into important themes and turn it into memes shows the profit motive involved in these activities

This video seems mostly to be about the reaction he has received from the Goode team. No images at the very end.

I see you already found Jordan Sather's rebuttal to the Dark Journalist. After finding that one the other day I spotted one of Clif High's latest videos. Being curious about what he is up to these days I watched it. I was surprised to find he is aware of of Corey Goode. Clif was mentioned in one session. He was on to something with his keyword searches to find the NLP on various subjects and what people are thinking.

Clif became suspect after becoming friends with Jay Weidner who is a disinformation/dark forces figure. The first half of the video is about bitcoin but a little over half way through it he talks about a new distraction he has had to deal with while running his programs/spiders to extract the keyword trends.

Session 5 Aug 2009
Q: (L) Is Clif High at halfpasthuman.com onto something or not?
A: Definitely!

Since this latest turmoil with Corey Goode I don't think Clif is very happy with Jay Weidner and thinks he is doing a disservice by promoting Corey Goode's agenda. Clif High compares the "Blue Chicken" story to Mary Semple McPherson who started the pentecostal movement in the early 1920's and 1930s.

This is one question about Jay Weidner for reference:

Session 10 August 2001
Q: I would like to ask if we can ask some questions about Vincent Bridges and Jay Weidner.
A: Yes.
Q: What are their intentions toward us?
A: Bad.
Q: What are their plans?
A: Sip prormt
Q: (A) What? What? It doesn't make sense. (L) That wasn't a word. What are their plans?
A: Sip pout gag.
Q: (A) What? What do you ... (L) Sip? Pout? Gag? (A) What is sip? (L) Sip means to take a drink of something - sip something. Sip?
Pout? Gag? What are they going to sip?
A: Knowledge.
Q: Oh, they took a sip of knowledge - or they're going to take a sip of knowledge?
A: Yes.
Q: And this sip of knowledge is going to make them pout and gag? (A) What is pout? (L) To just ... (demonstrates). Who are they
going to get this sip of knowledge from that is going to make them pout and gag?
A: Lawyer.
Q: In other words, they're going to find they do not have a leg to stand on?
A: Yes.
Q: Well,

Clif High is to say the least a bit eccentric and doesn't use the politest language so F word (here or there) alert for those who wish not to view the video.

I have shortened the link to start at the Corey Goode part of the video.


I think that Jay Weidner being in the mix tells us a lot about where this youth recruitment is headed.

In you last video Linda Moulton Howe sees what they are up to as well. Now we know why Laura steered clear of this kind of distraction.

They are up to no good (Goode?). :huh:
There is a lot of digging going on about this story and who are Corey Goodes backers. Jirka Rysavy is one of the main owners of Gaia TV and Jay Wiedner a producer. A search for Rysavy brought up these results so he's no stranger here. Gaia TV headquarters are in Boulder Co. A lot of distance WAS required from this bunch.

Note that Drunvalo Melchizedek is and associate of Vincent Bridges, Jay Weidner and their "sacred mysteries" and "sacred journeys" magickal mystery tours -

Drunvalo and Weidner both were closely associated with Czech millionaire Jirka Rysavy, friend of John and Patricia Ramsey. Jirka is said, by both Weidner and Bridges, to be deeply involved in "buying the New Age" in Boulder, Colorado and funds a lot of folks who are very much into disinformation.

It is suggested that he is a CIA front to funnel money to these carefully selected people and groups, and certainly funds Vincent Bridges in his long defamation project of us and our work which began, along with similar defamation activities of other people and groups, just prior to 9-11. The timing is quite interesting.

In terms of who supports it - would you think there is any cointelpro involved if you were to learn that suspicious characters like Jirka Rysavy are financing BoA research, and alchemists are being brought into contact with himself and Jay Weidner? This is indeed happening, and certainly adds weight to the idea that there is cointelpro at work here. Perhaps someone with more experience with Jirka/Weidner projects can shed some light on this?

We have our own full-time agent of defamation who doesn't even have a real job - he seems to have absolutely unlimited time to devote to destroying us, our peace of mind, our reputations, our work, our lives, the lives of our children, our friends, our groups, etc. - Vincent Bridges, associated with Jay Weidner, associated with Jeff Rense, with Ray Flowers, with Drunvalo Melchizedek, funded to the tune of several million by Jirka Rysavy, Czech millionaire who many claim is just a CIA front man with has his fingers in a LOT of New Age pies.

At this point, I only knew that Rysavy was the "former" employer of Bridges buddy, Jay Weidner, I didn't know that Bridges and Weidner had originally been followers (and probably still are, behind the scenes) of J. J. Hurtak. In public, Tenen is enemies with Bridges, Weidner and Winter, but they ALL reference their relations to Hurtak, which I find curious. I also didn't know that Vincent Bridges was STILL involved in Golden Dawn and Enochian magic nonsense. His remark to me about it was that, as a journalist, he had "investigated it." I took him at his word.
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