Three fingered Peruvian mummies are real


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Why not ? But it would imply the involvement of :
- Beta Analytics Dating Laboratory (USA)
- IFUNAM (Mexico)
- Caribbean Trace Genetics and Archeobiology
- Paleo-DNA Laboratory (Canada)
- Genetech (Sri Lanka)
- Edson Salazar Vivanco – Surgeon,
- Raymundo Salas Alfaro – Radiologist doctor,
- Ramiro Hermoza Rosell – Surgeon,
- Julio Espejo Torres – Bone specialist,
- Renan Ramírez Vargas – Surgeon,
- David Hermosa Gongora – Radiologist doctor,
- Jésus Zalce Benitez – Forensic Pathologist, Forensic Anthropologist,
- Jose De La Cruz Rios – Doctor in biology,
- Konstantin Korotkov – Professor of Physics,
- Michael Asseev – Genetic analysis,
- Natalia Zaloznaja – Imaging and medical analysis,
- Mary Jesse – Professeur – Medical imaging

among others and not all are Peruvian. Isn't it a little too much, or I am too naive ?

And with that, I'm not saying it's 100% sure it's this or that (there seems to be different stuff anyway), just that maybe it should not be discarded too easily.
Those individuals who are involved can be genuine in their sincerity, it doesn't have to mean they're 'in on it' - though INGEMMET surely would as they are attached to MINEM: the Ministry of Energy and Mines of Peru, which is a government entity.

My answer before wasn't my definitive answer. Its an answer to what I think is a piece of a whole. I was avoiding wanting to put too much energy in this subject (too late!:lol:). Its far more likely in fact, if the "alien/hybrid" mummies were the "real deal", the Peruvian government would simply commandeer the whole project.
I will say, there IS a possibility there really was something found unequivocally "alien", but the government of Peru must adhere to the rules of Earth's 4D STS information-management control-grid like the other nations of this planet - but, nevertheless want 'something' to represent a genuine find for recognition, and what better way to convince 'truth seekers' around the globe there be something 'to it' than total government denial and 'suppression', as Jaimie Maussan likes to bemoan?... Governments stand for control and lies. We all know this, even most pre-Adamics/OP's know that! I mean really... A man of Jaimie's seasoning... What reaction does he expect from a government?? He's gotten off lightly.


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Yesterday I watched this 'documentary' (I still can't believe I watched the whole video)
It's already a year old so might not be up to date. It actually made me much more sceptical towards this thing. It's amazing how they could fill over 1½ hours without saying *anything* of relevance! I could not take any of these guys seriously. The video reminded me of mystery movies we tried to make as kids:-D and the whole time I had the impression they are some bunch of thugs dressed as experts. This dubious inkari-institue ("full of books, full of research" ..and cheesy tourist souvenirs and cat skulls?, see min 17:06) doesn't help either. When I searched for names involved I only found peru mummies stuff. So based on that video I'm reluctant to waste any more time on this.:huh:


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I apologize to relaunch this story that I have been folllowing for 2 years but for me it is not a hoax. The situation is complexe. Some video shows little creatures which seems to be built like Kachinas but others seems to be fully natural. For having listened many times Thierry Jamin, this guy is honest and has always favor the search for hoax. But after 3 years of research, no traces of seams, true fingerprints on the feet and hands hard to falcify and DNA analysis and radios and tomography that shows no deceit on some creatures. There is 10 times more video and data in French and in spanish than in English which makes it difficult for English speakers to have a global view of the subject. Finally all the doctors, scientists who have seen these mummies in video have all shouted at the Hoax, but all those who take them in their hands have changed their minds. Personally it seems interesting to ask the Cs what they think. cordially


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From the alien project website (available in French, English and Spanish), here are the last development since then :

  1. July 2019 : Examination of the molecular composition of different samples. As part of The Alien Project, five samples of different parts of the body of mummies found on the site of Nasca (Peru) were sent to Professor Olivier Sire, expert at the Rennes Court of Appeal in physico-chemical and biological analyzes and Agro-Food Industries, for examination of their molecular composition by mid-infrared spectroscopy. This technique makes it possible to identify the (bio) chemical composition of any sample made of organic matter. The analyzes were conducted at the Dupuy de Lôme Research Institute (UMR CNRS 6027) in Vannes (France). Report. Here are the conclusions, :
    1. The spectral analysis carried out in the context of the present report demonstrate beyond any doubt that the samples submitted correspond to highly dehydrated biological samples.
    2. Only the nature of the tissue corresponding to Hand Tendon seems to correspond more to bone tissue than to a tendon, this type of tissue being essentially composed of proteins, collagen for the most part. This may be similar to bone tissue which, as noted, has low or non-detectable levels of protein.
    3. Attempts to reconcile with dehydrated samples in the laboratory are inconclusive. It would be interesting to be able to compare the viper moult spectra with a skin sample of the reptilian species.
    4. The Hand Bone (MOE) sample seems to be closer to Victoria’s (HEV) than Maria’s; this point is to be checked because the expert is not aware that the Hand Bone sample has been identified as belonging to a particular species.
    5. If more precise assignments are needed, they should be based on a larger number of samples with a precise knowledge of the type of tissue. This applies to the samples of the mummies because, as we have seen, the comparison with dehydrated samples in the laboratory is inconclusive.
    6. The point about proteins, very little present, would also be to invest on proven samples like muscle.
  2. August 2019 : Officials from San Luis Gonzaga National University in Ica manage to recover four of Nasca’s famous “tridactyl mummies”, “Maria”, “Wawita”, “Albert” and “Victoria”.
  3. September 2019 : Peruvian court’s final classification of the complaint against cultural property filed by the public prosecutor in charge of judicial affairs of the Ministry of Culture. Conclusion: “[…] it was not possible to determine the place where the alleged leftovers were found; not knowing that the place of the site, it is not possible to determine if the site is or not archaeological … Thus, the denounced act does not constitute an offense (article 334.1 of the Code of penal procedure modified by the law 30076) .” The official document (in Spanish). Note from me : Thierry Jamin said this complaint is very strange as since the beginning, the ministry of culture said the mummies were a fraud. So, it's very contradictory, to say the least.
  4. October 2019 : Officials from the Ministry of Culture of Ica (SDC-Ica) burst into the premises of the National University San Luis Gonzaga de Ica, accompanied by a lawyer and several police officers to demand that they be handed over the “tridactyl mummies of Nasca”. But this incursion is illegal. Local officials of the Ministry of Culture do not have any document of justice allowing them to appropriate the famous relics. Report in spanish.
  5. October 2019 : Local officials of the Ministry of Culture (DDC-Ica) make again an attempt to recover the mummies. But UNICA officials refuse to be intimidated. The police raid on the premises of a university is a “first” in Peru for decades. Report in Spanish.
  6. November 2019 : Outstanding press conference organized at San Luis Gonzaga National University of Ica. On this occasion, the university officials make it official to recover four of the “Nasca three-legged mummies” and launch an international call for researchers from around the world to join them in the scientific study of these mysterious relics. For the first time, an exhibition reveals mummies to the general public. In Spanish :
    Unfortunately for me, there is too much things in Spanish. So, if some spanish speaker interested in this subject watched it and could do a little summary... it would be nice !


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I recently watched the full documentation of this case, called "Unearthing Nazca" and i do find it very convincing. One of the astonishing examination results is that the taller mummies found (around 120-140cm) seems to be an human/reptile clone. The exhamination revealed not only that the taller mummy had been pregnant with 3 eggs(!!!) but with the use of an ultra resolution MRI scan it had been revealed that there is an kind of embryo in each of the eggs. Puzzling, to say the least.

All investigated mummies had been identified as the remnants of real, biological beings! I cant imagine which scientist would "hang his head out", to be possibly cut-off, supporting this investigation and going public with it if he doesn not 100% believe in the validity of the findings.
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