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I think that the vast majority of Tuckers interview are good, and sometimes great, but also, he has these “one offs” or (one of these things is not like the other) interviews e.g. Andrew Tate, and the President of El Salvador.

Yes, it's been quite disappointing as to the direction he's taken since exiting FOX. And does he really think Oswald killed Kennedy?? He must be more brainwashed than anyone would have ever guessed.

The Salem witches / making of the movie Exorcist / and witch hunting today, I found interesting.

Neil Oliver invoked the Salem witch hunts and burnings in his latest presentation - so O'Reilly drew the same parallels:

Neil Oliver invoked the Salem witch hunts and burnings in his latest presentation
Oops - although Neil mentions the Salem witches, this isn't the vid I was trying to reference - this one on Sott:

Neil Oliver: '...will they come for you next?'

'...we're back in the world of witches, witchcraft & the mob.... never forget the rights our ancestors learned and shed blood to defend...'

Just my opinion, but I don't think Tucker is naive or stupid. I think he, as well as Trump, and O'Reilly have to pay their dues.

Again this is one of those interviews where Tucker doesn't do his usual pushing and sifting of the interviewee, just basically let's them air their spiel on the most influential broadcast around.

I forgot to mention that O'Reilly said Jack Ruby was nothing, just a guy who wanted some attention. I would love to hear what Oliver Stone thinks about that interview🙃
Tucker's keynote speech at the Intercollegiate Studies Institute

Tucker is really worked up to the point he even apologizes for sounding a bit crazy afterword. The reality of what's happening to our country and the obvious insane illegality of it all is really messing with his sense of what used to be normal and expected. I don't know, but has Tucker commented on any of the Congressional testimonies about ufos/aliens? I guess if he still thinks Oswald killed Kennedy, his ability to process possible alien intervention into our reality is maybe more than he can consciously consider. It's really sad as you can see where he admits the role of the more privileged, educated classes - that which is his whole life experience - to not only lead, but lead in a morally responsible way and admitting that the lesser classes/blue collar workers deserve to have decent lives and to have a viable say in our government, but how is that possible now with clearly fixed elections? And don't even think about messing with his children when it comes to creepy sex stuff - his angry response @35:19 in the vid.

And so, it's fascinating to get his perspective as one of the wealthy privileged as my reality was firmly from the non-wealthy, blue-collar working class man. His obvious Christian faith and morality separates him from the elite that despises such and the subhumans (to their minds) they are so eager to exploit, harm, and kill. Now, if only Tucker could get a clue about what's really at the root of the genocidal madness that is gripping our country and the world.
Theo Von, a stand up comedian, had Tucker on his podcast a few weeks ago. Nothing ground breaking but it was pretty funny and well worth the watch if you're looking for a bit of entertainment, bar room conversation, and to see Tucker's unrestrained comedic side.

Tucker's latest:

Written By BlabberBuzz | Wednesday, 22 November 2023
Tucker Carlson, co-founder of the Daily Caller, recently made a bold prediction at a conference, stating that the year 2024 will be "like nothing we've ever seen."

His statement was in reference to the forthcoming presidential election and the prevailing political and cultural climate in the United States.

Carlson was a speaker at the Risk On 360! Global Success Conference held in Las Vegas. He took the opportunity to share his perspective on the current state of affairs in America, both politically and culturally. He began his address by noting the prevalent sentiment of anger and paranoia among the majority of Americans he interacts with.
Immediately after his interview with Bannon, Tucker hits the UFO/alien issue again:
High treason against humanity: government collusion with an alien race to commit crimes against the indigenous population. Is why the government is afraid of disclosure, I think. They dread that they would be handled like the nobles were during the French Revolution. As we have seen during history, the American version of the French guillotine is the rifle and the rope. As Tucker said these are lying cowards thus afraid about revealing the truth.

Then comes the realization of course that the aliens must have told them, I think, that they are owned and have no choice in the matter at all. Deep State insiders, the great thinkers there must have come to a comparable conclusion. So what difference does it make? The public may realize three things in the future.
First realization: government collusion with aliens.
Second realization: everybody on this planet is owned by the aliens like cattle.
Legal basis: What right does cattle have on a cattle farm [planet] discussing the Cattle Rights? None. Careers of all cattle end only one way. After all this has been digested by the indigenous population then comes the final realization:
- Now what?
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