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By the way, that was a great show folks (and for your segment too, Zoya)!

I've noticed outside the US to the North, they (the beneficiaries of the vaccine business) seem to be getting worried about the low numbers and they are doubling down in the press with all the things you guys mentioned. I think people are nodding their heads around the authorities yet they don't buy it. Now if it gets more serious because more laws are dumped into the mix, will have to see.


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They left the religious exemption intact in Washington state. Freedom of religion and 1st amendment at work protecting the people.


Washington state limits exemptions for measles vaccine
May 10, 2019

VANCOUVER, Wash. (AP) — Parents in Washington state will no longer be able to claim a personal or philosophical exemption for their children from receiving the combined measles, mumps and rubella vaccine before attending a day care center or school under a measure signed Friday by Gov. Jay Inslee.

The state saw more than 70 cases of measles this year, and Inslee signed the bill at Vancouver City Hall, in the county where most of those cases were centered. The new law takes effect at the end of July.

Inslee said that while the bill was an important step in public health, he warned it doesn’t do “everything necessary to protect the health of our most vulnerable citizens.”

“We should be listening to science and medicine, not social media,” he said. “It is science and truth that will keep us healthy rather than fear.”

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has reported that as of the end of last week, 764 cases of measles have been confirmed in 23 states.

Washington is among 17 states that allow some type of non-medical vaccine exemption for personal or philosophical beliefs. In addition, medical and religious exemptions exist for attendance at the state’s public or private schools or licensed day-care centers. Medical and religious exemptions remain in place under the measure passed by the Legislature last month.

Unless an exemption is claimed, children are required to be vaccinated against or show proof of acquired immunity for nearly a dozen diseases — including polio, whooping cough and measles — before they can attend school or go to child care centers.

The state Department of Health said that 4% of Washington K-12 students have non-medical vaccine exemptions. Of those, 3.7% of the exemptions are personal, and the rest are religious.

While the Senate had first sought a bill that would have removed the philosophical exemption for all required childhood vaccines, both chambers ultimately agreed to move forward with the House bill that focused only on the measles, mumps, rubella vaccine — also known as MMR.

Parents opposed to the measures packed public hearings and the Washington state Capitol regularly with their children throughout the legislative session, which ended April 28. More than 30 parents, carrying signs that included slogans such as “Science is Never Settled,” arrived outside City Hall ahead of Friday’s bill signing.

Christie Nadzieja, of Vancouver, Washington, was one of three protesters inside during the ceremony who stood up and turned their backs to Inslee as he signed the bill.

“I’m for medical freedom and vaccine choice,” said Nadzieja, who also livestreamed the signing on her cellphone.

Other parents were accompanied by their young children.

“We’re just asking for the parental right to choose whether or not our children are vaccinated. We’re not here to take away anybody else’s right, whether they choose to vaccinate or not,” said Kari Palomo, a parent from Vancouver, Washington.

Before mass vaccination, 400 to 500 people in the U.S. died of the measles every year. Serious complications include brain swelling that can cause blindness or deafness and pneumonia.

Early symptoms include a fever, runny nose and malaise, followed by a rash that starts around the head and moves down the body. Patients are contagious four days before and four days after getting the rash.

Nine out of 10 unvaccinated people who are exposed will get the disease. Someone who has no immunity can get sick up to three weeks after they have been exposed to the virus.

There was a surge in the anti-vaccine movement after a study in the late 1990s alleged a link between the measles vaccine and the rise of autism. The study has since been discredited and the researcher lost his medical license, but misinformation and fear persists.

California removed non-medical exemptions for all vaccines required for both public and private schools in 2015 after a measles outbreak at Disneyland sickened 147 people and spread across the U.S. and into Canada. Vermont abandoned its personal exemption in 2015.

Several other states are considering similar legislation, including Maine, Connecticut and neighboring Oregon, which saw a handful of cases tied to the Washington state outbreak.

In Clark County, Washington, the site of the recent measles outbreak, 15 of the 54 locations where people were exposed to the viral illness were at schools, said Alan Melnick, the county’s public health director. Eleven people got measles due to exposure school, he added, and 800 children were banned from school because they hadn’t been vaccinated or their vaccination status wasn’t clear.

“Getting the vaccination rates up at schools is really essential in terms of protecting kids,” Melnick said.


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DTP has an interesting history. It was doing so much damage to American children - most likely through the adjuvant - that it prompted Pharma to approach Ronald Reagan to change the law in order to give them immunity from prosecution. They essentially blackmailed him by telling him if they didn't get immunity, then they would stop producing vaccines. They got their wish when in 1986 a law was passed to protect their product.

That's also when the number of vaccines on the schedule took off as it became the biggest cash cow for Pharma the world has ever seen. incidentally it's also seen a commensurate rise in autism, autoimmune diseases and cancer amongst children. Pharma are now exempt from any prosecution and even doing proper safety testing because everyone 'knows' that vaccines are 'safe and effective', right?

1st world countries no longer have the DTP vaccine, they have the DTaP. They shipped the DTP vaccines off to Africa where they continue to use them. Apparently nobody cares about Africa, it's just a dumping ground for Pharma's waste. The people there can't protest and scientists that do get 'burned'.

The Pertussis part of this vaccine isn't very effective because the organism has mutated anyway. That's the problem they faced with antibiotics, why not vaccines?


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The situation is going to become even worst about vaccines in Macedonia
THe original article in on Macedonian and this is just Google translate version

It is possible that Macedonia will be one of the countries that will join the project of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, which donate a nine-storey HPV vaccine, announced yesterday Minister of Health Venko Filipce. The billionaire and philanthropist foundation Gates was founded in 2000 and is dedicated to addressing the world's toughest problems, especially in Africa, and research on life-saving drugs and vaccines
This foundation is also known after an investigation by the Supreme Court of India after it was discovered that its vaccine program was imposed by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and is illegal testing the vaccine against the cancer of poor tribal girls , resulting in catastrophic consequences for the health of children who were tested.
The shocking and embarrassing report revealed that the consent forms for these children were illegally filled or "signed" using the signatures of illiterate parents who were cheated in giving consent.
There is already proclaimed national epidemy of Morbillivirus in Macedonia for a few months on the whole territory. Unvaccinated kids cant go to kindergartens and older children cant start in first grade if they are not fully vaccinated.

Now we can see what was the real reason for proclaiming false epidemy of Morbillivirus.


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"They" know the Chaos is coming, and there lining up to profit from it, because "They" have, and are creating it.
Behind the scenes their has been a recent merger of a very successful health care system in the states bought by the Vatican!
CHI and it's vast sums of money has supposedly been a loser in the Healthcare industry as far as profitability, and controversy
Vaccines and the Vatican?

In 2018 Dignity Health and Catholic Health Initiatives (CHI) received approval from the Catholic Church through the Vatican to merge.[1] The new name will be CommonSpirit Health.
As such, it is exempt from federal and state income taxes. Dignity Health is the fifth largest hospital system in the nation and the largest not-for-profit hospital provider in California.[1] Dignity Health was founded in 1986 by the Sisters of Mercy under the name Catholic Healthcare West.

When completed the new hospital network, called CommonSpirit Health, will be the largest non-profit hospital system in the United States based on revenue.[1]



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I came across the below article linking peanut allergy to vaccines, where peanut oil is used as an adjuvant. The same mechanism also links penicillin allergy to vaccines:

Vaccines and the Peanut Allergy Epidemic
Have you ever wondered why so many kids these days are allergic to peanuts? Where did this allergy come from all of a sudden?
Before 1900, reactions to peanuts were unheard of. Today almost a 1.5 million children in this country are allergic to peanuts.
What happened? Why is everybody buying EpiPens now?

Looking at all the problems with vaccines during the past decade, [2] just a superficial awareness is enough to raise the suspicion that vaccines might have some role in the appearance of any novel allergy among children.

But reactions to peanuts are not just another allergy. Peanut allergy has suddenly emerged as the #1 cause of death from food reactions, being in a category of allergens able to cause anaphylaxis. This condition brings the risk of asthma attack, shock, respiratory failure, and even death. Primarily among children.

Sources cited in Heather Fraser’s 2011 book The Peanut Allergy Epidemic suggest a vaccine connection much more specifically. We learn that a class of vaccine adjuvants – excipients – is a likely suspect in what may accurately be termed an epidemic. [1]
But let’s back up a little. We have to look at both vaccines and antibiotics in recent history, and the physical changes the ingredients in these brand new medicines introduced into the blood of children.


Before 1900, anaphylactic shock was virtually unknown. The syndrome of sudden fainting, respiratory distress, convulsions, and sometimes death did not exist until vaccinators switched from the lancet to the hypodermic needle. That transformation was essentially complete by the turn of the century in the western world.

Right at that time, a new disease called Serum Sickness began to afflict thousands of children. A variety of symptoms, including shock, fainting, and sometimes death, could suddenly result following an injection.

Instead of covering it up, the connection was well recognized and documented in the medical literature of the day. Dr Clemens Von Pirquet, who actually coined the word “allergy,” was a leading researcher in characterizing the new disease. [5] Serum Sickness was the first mass allergenic phenomenon in history. What had been required for its onset, apparently, was the advent of the hypodermic needle.
When the needle replaced the lancet in the late 1800s, Serum Sickness soon became a frequent visitor to the child’s bed. It was a known consequence of vaccinations. Indeed, the entire field of modern allergy has evolved from the early study of Serum Sickness coming from vaccines.


Von Pirquet recognized that vaccines had 2 primary effects: immunity and hypersensitivity. [5] He said they were inseparable: the one was the price of the other.

In other words, if we were going to benefit from the effects of mass immunization, we must accept the downside of mass hypersensitivity as a necessary co-feature. Modern medicine has decided that this double effect should be kept secret, so they don’t allow it to be brought up much.

Many doctors in the early 1900s were dead set against vaccines for this precise reason. The advertised benefit was not proven to be worth the risk. Doctors like Walter Hadwen MD, Wm. Howard Hay, and Alfred Russell Wallace saw how smallpox vaccines had actually increased the incidence of smallpox. [2,3] Wallace was one of the principal epidemiologists of the age, and his charts showing the increase in smallpox death from vaccination are unassailable – meticulous primary sources.

Another landmark researcher of the early 1900s was Dr Charles Richet, the one who coined the term anaphylaxis. [4] Richet focused on the reactions that some people seemed to have to certain foods. He found that with food allergies, the reaction came on as the result of intact proteins in the food having bypassed the digestive system and making their way intact into the blood, via leaky gut.
Foreign protein in the blood, of course, is a universal trigger for allergic reaction, not just in man but in all animals. [6]
But Richet noted that in the severe cases, food anaphylaxis did not happen just by eating a food. That would simply be food poisoning.
Food anaphylaxis is altogether different. This sudden, violent reaction requires an initial sensitization involving injection of some sort, followed by a later ingestion of the sensitized food. Get the shot, then later eat the food.

The initial exposure creates the hypersensitivity. The second exposure would be the violent, perhaps fatal, physical event.
Richet’s early work around 1900 was primarily with eggs, meat, milk and diphtheria proteins. Not peanuts. The value of Richet’s research with reactive foods was to teach us the sequence of allergic sensitivity leading to anaphylaxis, how that had to take place.
Soon other doctors began to notice striking similarities between food reactions and the serum sickness that was associated with vaccines. Same exact clinical presentation.


Next up was penicillin, which became popular in the 1940s. It was soon found that additives called excipients were necessary to prolong the effect of the antibiotic injected into the body. The excipients would act as carrier molecules.Without excipients, the penicillin would only last about 2 hours. Refined oils worked best, acting as time-release capsules for the antibiotic.
Peanut oil became the favorite, because it worked well, and was available and inexpensive.
Allergy to penicillin became common, and was immediately recognized as a sensitivity to the excipient oils. To the present day, that’s why they always ask if you’re allergic to penicillin. The allergy is a sensitivity to the excipients.

By 1953 as many as 12% of the population was allergic to penicillin. [1] But considering the upside with life-threatening bacterial infections, it was still a good deal – a worthwhile risk.

By 1950 antibiotics were being given out like M&Ms. Soldiers, children, anybody with any illness, not just bacterial. Despite Alexander Fleming’s severe warnings against prophylactic antibiotics, antibiotics were given indiscriminately as the new wonder drug. Just in case anything. [7] Only then, in the 1950s, did peanut allergy begin to occur, even though Americans had been eating peanuts for well over a century.

Remember – just eating peanuts cannot cause peanut allergy. Except if they are allowed to become moldy of course, in which case aflatoxins are released. But that’s really not a peanut allergy.
When peanut allergy did appear, the numbers of cases were fairly small and initially it wasn’t even considered worthy of study.


The big change came with vaccines. Peanut oils were introduced as vaccine excipients in the mid 1960s. An article appeared in the NY Times on 18 Sept, 1964 that would never be printed today. [8] The author described how a newly patented ingredient containing peanut oil was added as an adjuvant to a new flu vaccine, in order to prolong the “immunity.” The oil was reported to act as a time release capsule, and theoretically enhanced the vaccine’s strength. Same mechanism as with penicillin.

That new excipient, though not approved in the US, became the model for subsequent vaccines. ([1] p 103)

By 1980 peanut oil had become the preferred excipient in vaccines, even though the dangers were well documented. [9] It was considered an adjuvant – a substance able to increase reactivity to the vaccine. This reinforced the Adjuvant Myth: the illusion that immune response is the same as immunity [2].

The pretense here is that the stronger the allergic response to the vaccine, the greater will be the immunity that is conferred. This fundamental error is consistent throughout vaccine literature of the past century.
Historically, researchers who challenged this Commandment of vaccine mythology did not advance their careers.


The first study of peanut allergies was not undertaken until 1973. It was a study of peanut excipients in vaccines. Soon afterwards, and as a result of the attention from that study, manufacturers were no longer required to disclose all the ingredients in vaccines.
What is listed in the Physicians Desk Reference in each vaccine section is not the full formula. Same with the inserts. Suddenly after 1973, that detailed information was proprietary: the manufacturers knew it must be protected. Intellectual property. So now they only were required to describe the formula in general.

Why was peanut allergy so violent? Adjuvant pioneer Maurice Hilleman claimed peanut oil adjuvants had all protein removed by refining. [9] The FDA disagreed. They said some peanut protein traces would always persist [10]- that even the most refined peanut oils still contained some traces of intact peanut proteins. This was the reason doctors were directed to inject vaccines intramuscular rather than intravenous – a greater chance of absorption of intact proteins, less chance of reaction.

But all their secret research obviously wasn’t enough to prevent sensitivity. Mother Nature bats last: no intact proteins in the body. 60 million years of Natural Selection didn’t create the mammalian immune system for nothing. Put intact proteins, peanut or whatever, for any imagined reason into the human system and the inflammatory response will fire. And since the goal of oil emulsion adjuvants was to prolong reactivity in the first place – the notion of time-release – this led to sensitization.


Although peanut allergies became fairly common during the 1980s, it wasn’t until the early 1990s when there was a sudden surge of children reacting to peanuts – the true epidemic appeared. What changed? The Mandated Schedule of vaccines for children doubled from the 80s to the 90s:
1980 – 20 vaccines
1995 – 40 vaccines
2011 – 68 vaccines

It would be imprudent enough to feed peanuts to a newborn, since the digestive system is largely unformed. But this is much worse – injecting intact proteins directly into the infant’s body. In 36 vaccines before the age of 18 months.
A new kind of anaphylaxis appeared with peanut reactions: reverse anaphylaxis. (p 172, [1]) The reaction was not only to the sensitizing antigen, but to the weird new antibodies that had just been introduced in the human species by the new antigen. Without the usual benefit of the evolutionary process.

As vaccines doubled between the 1980s and the 1990s, hundreds of thousands of kids were now exhibiting peanut sensitivities, with frequent cases of anaphylaxis reactions, sometimes fatal.
But nobody talked about it.

Following the next enormous increase in vaccines on the Mandated Schedule after 9/11, whereby the total shot up to 68 recommended vaccines, the peanut allergy soon reached epidemic proportions: a million children: 1.5% of them. These numbers fit the true definition of epidemic even though that word has never been used in mainstream literature with respect to peanut allergy, except in Fraser’s odd little book.

Many researchers, not just Heather Fraser, could see very clearly that
“The peanut allergy epidemic in children was precipitated by childhood injections.”
( [1], p 106)
But with the newfound research, the medical profession will do what they always must do – bury it. Protect the companies. So no money will be ever allocated from NIH to study the obvious connection between vaccine excipients and peanut allergy. That cannot happen, primarily because it would require a control group – an unvaccinated population. And that is the Unspoken Forbidden.
Same line of reasoning that has prevented Wakefield’s work from ever being replicated in a mainstream US clinical study. No unvaccinated populations. Which actually means no studies whose outcome could possibly implicate vaccines as a source of disease or immunosuppression. Vaccines as a cause of an allergy epidemic? Impossible. Let’s definitely not study it.
Instead let’s spend the next 20 years looking for the Genetic Link to the childhood peanut allergy epidemic…
In such a flawed system, any pretense of true clinical science is revealed as fatally handicapped of course: we are looking for the truth, wherever our studies shall take us, except for this, and this, and oh yes, this.
Evidence for the connection between peanut excipients and vaccines is largely indirect today, because of the circling of the wagons by the manufacturers. It is very difficult to find peanut excipients listed in the inserts and PDR listings of vaccines. Simple liability.


So in addition to all the other problems with vaccines delineated in our text, now we have a new one – peanut oil excipients. Which all by themselves can cause severe, even fatal, episodes of shock, as well as chronic allergy – irrespective of the mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde, ethylene glycol, and the attenuated pathogens which the manufacturers do admit to.
Quite a toxic burden to saddle the unprotected newborn with. No wonder the US Supreme Court refers to vaccines as “unavoidably unsafe.”

Childhood allergies doubled between 1980 and 2000, and have doubled again since that time. [11] Theories abound. Childhood vaccines doubled at the same time. Why is there a virtual blackout of viable discussion about this glaring fact?
The epidemic of peanut allergy is just one facet of this much broader social phenomenon. We have the sickest, most allergic kids of any country, industrialized or not, on Earth. A study of the standard literature of vaccines is identical to a study of the history of adjuvants – an exercise in cover-up and dissimulation. Unvaccinated children don’t become autistic. And they don’t go into shock from eating peanuts.
But there can never be a formal clinical study where the control group is unvaccinated. NIH would never do that. They cannot. They know the outcome.


1. Fraser, H, The Peanut allergy epidemic, Skyhorse 2011
2. O’Shea, T, Vaccination is not immunization, thedoctorwithin 2013
3. Wallace, AR, Vaccine delusion, 1898
4. Richet, C, Nobel lecture, acceptance speech, 11 Dec 1913
Nobel Lectures Physiology or Medicine 1901-1921, Elsevier Publishing Company, Amsterdam, 1967
5. Von Pirquet, C, MD, On the theory of infectious disease
Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine Volume 80, January 1987
6. O’Shea, T, Allergies: the threshold of reactivity
7. O’Shea, T, The post antibiotic age
8. Jones, S, Peanut oil used in a new vaccine New York Times 18 Sep 13
9. HOBSON, D, MD, The potential role of immunological adjuvants
in influenza vaccines Postgraduate Medical Journal March 1973 , no. 49, p 180.
9. Technical Report # 595, Immunological Adjuvants, World Health Org. 1976.
10. FDA: March 2006. Approaches to Establish Thresholds for Major Food Allergens
11. O’Shea, T, The threshold of reactivity
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Thanks, Ant22 for bringing this up. The connection between vaccines and allergies (and other illnesses) is something I’ve been thinking and reading about a lot. The truth of the matter, as always with these kinds of things, seems to be deeply buried and protected.

I wonder if at the next C session you at the chateau could ask about this? Something like:

- is there a connection between vaccines and allergies?
- is there a connection between vaccines and chronic illnesses?
- if so, is this ‘collateral ramage’ or by design?
- in percentages, how much good do vaccines do versus how much damage (negative health effects) do they cause?


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I'm not sure if this is the best place to post this article titled: "Transcending Neurotribalism: Rescuing Autism Advocacy From Identity Politics", but I thought it was an interesting discussion anyway. I found it linked from website.

Most parents with autistic children, especially the ones badly affected draw a direct collalation between their child having a vaccine as a normal child and subsequently regressing into autism with all the attendant physical issues involved. That's why I posted it here.

A rather chilling thought occured to me in response to this paragraph:
The greatest fear of every autism parent I know, the enduring thought which haunts is in the quiet sleepless hours of early morning, is contemplating what will happen to our special needs children when and if they outlive us.
Will they simply be exterminated as per Nazi Germany?



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Thanks, Ant22 for bringing this up. The connection between vaccines and allergies (and other illnesses) is something I’ve been thinking and reading about a lot. The truth of the matter, as always with these kinds of things, seems to be deeply buried and protected.

I wonder if at the next C session you at the chateau could ask about this? Something like:

- is there a connection between vaccines and allergies?
- is there a connection between vaccines and chronic illnesses?
- if so, is this ‘collateral ramage’ or by design?
- in percentages, how much good do vaccines do versus how much damage (negative health effects) do they cause?
@aragorn, I have a few bits of info that have been gathered over a few years, that might help on the first question you you listed.

By connecting the dots, this info leads to the answers to the other questions, in my humble opinion:

First: What I am posting is Research for Entertainment Purposes Only.
I have no authority nor license to give any medical, psychological, or life skills advice, I just have information to share, for entertainment purposes only.

In 1995 I read this book by a Canadian Doctor (at that time) Guylaine Lanctot “The Medical Mafia: How to Get Out of It Alive and Take Back Our Health & Wealth”

It is now listed on Amazon for rather affordable price, as well as the kindle version.

Medical Mafia eBook: Guylaine Lanctot, Hervey M. Cleckley: Kindle Store

She covers a lot of stuff, but her book was the first one that I read helping me understand that vaccines were not for our benefit.

This link has extracts from the book Medical Mafia by Guylaine Lanctot, M.D. as well as links to many other sites: Vaccination, The Silent Genocide by Dr. Guylaine Lanctot, M.D (Nov. 14, 2005)
Why this lethal relentlessness?

What is the objective of the world authorities in destroying people's health, both in industrialized countries and in the Third World? It is always difficult to presume the intentions of others, particularly when one is not close to them. And this is true in this instance. But there are certainly advantages for someone, somewhere, to so doggedly keep-up the campaign for vaccinations, by any and all means possible. They must profit someone, somewhere. One thing is certain. It is not to our advantage. In order to determine what these advantages are, and for whom, let us stop and look at the CONSEQUENCES of these massive vaccination programs and draw our own conclusions.

I. Vaccination is expensive and represents a cost of one billion dollars annually. It therefore benefits the industry; most notably, the multinational manufacturers. One sells the vaccines. The other then provides the arsenal of medications to respond to the numerous complications that follow. Their profits increase while our expenses go through the roof. To the point where we have simply had it up to here and are ready to accept the unacceptable, such as socialized medicine in the United States, for example.:[…]

She (Guylaine Lanctot) has since gone into some pretty crazy territory, she tried to run right at the Control System, and they broke her bad.
I think she might be in France now.

On Allergies:

In 1997 I learned a self-administered energy therapy. The woman who developed it was a licensed acupuncturist. She developed a strong base of evidence that ALL allergies were caused by a trauma or shock, interpreted by the Psyche/ Mind/conscious awareness as a Danger.

From her website: […]Tapas Acupressure Technique® (TAT®) came to me after taking a nap in my office one day. I woke up with the thought of a particular acupuncture point and how it could be used for healing a person’s whole system. I was specializing in allergy work at the time, using a combination of acupressure and acupuncture, based on the methods of Dr. Devi Nambudripad of Buena Park, California. The acupuncture point is called Urinary Bladder 1 (UB1) or “Eyes Bright” as it is called in Chinese.

I immediately began to incorporate this point in my treatment of allergy patients with great success. After several months, a new patient told me, “My T’ai Chi master told me to use that point with one other for headaches and other problems.” Although my insight was based on my training and experience as an acupuncturist, this simple confirmation of my own experience meant a lot to me. I added the third point the T’ai Chi master mentioned.

[…]the fact that the occipital area of the brain is the vision center and that the points I was using for treatment were related to vision. I thought that perhaps if I included the brain’s vision center in the treatments I was doing, it would enhance the treatments. It did. An entire layer of complication in my allergy treatments (combining an allergen with other substances in order to achieve a complete clearing) was no longer necessary with the addition of placing the palm of the hand on the occipital area of the head. The healing was more complete with less steps.

What I have discovered from using TAT® goes beyond what I learned as part of my professional training. I discovered in my acupuncture practice that our bodies, not just our minds, have memories. Not just our memories, but the memories of our ancestors. If we stop and think about it for a minute, it becomes obvious that our bodies are the product of our parents’ bodies. […]

The TAT Story | TATlife | Tapas Acupressure Technique

Imagine how the shock of being “hurt” with a needle jab, from a stranger is a trauma to SOME babies?

Whatever is in the vaccine, will be registered as life threatening, and reacted to, by the body of some babies. The really sensitive, introverted ones seem to be the most traumatized. Probably the ones that usually become autistic…..

What I am posting is Research for Entertainment Purposes Only.
I have no authority nor license to give any medical, psychological, or life skills advice, I just have information to share, for entertainment purposes only.

Dr.Hamer has a comprehensive list, on the Learning German New Medicine site, and the explanations are very detailed.

[…]“The causes of allergies due to traumatization includes […] the location where the conflict took place, a person or pet that was involved, the taste of a particular food, specific sounds or noises, the weather condition, a certain scent (perfume, flowers), certain words, a voice, a gesture, and so forth. Tracks can be highly emotional. In fact, feelings such as fear or distress itself can become a track. Other tracks stored in the biological memory are more subtle, for instance, a food ingredient or certain pollen. The biological purpose of the tracks is to function as a warning signal in order to avoid experiencing the conflict a second time. In the wild, these alarm signals are vital for survival.

The Five Biological Laws - The Foundation of GNM

Everything is recorded by the brain, then reacted to, as an “allergy “or a “track” which is the term GNM uses.

The substance can be in the respiratory tract, digestive tract, on the skin, in the eye fluid… whatever is in the field of awareness of the Psyche/body, is registered as DANGEROUS for survival.

The one and truly heartfelt belief I have is that The Cosmos through Nature strives to survive…..


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This could go in a number of places, and yet Vaccines may well fit.

This is by Jon Rappoport and the title says 'Lone shooters, terrorism, and semantics' and so what has that to do with Vaccines?

Vaccines are just one aspect of a smorgasbord of related medically prescribed aspects, and not all aspects will kill all with X (the article ends with the X factor as an explanation from Jon).

Lone shooters, terrorism, and semantics

by Jon Rappoport
August 15, 2019

This is a big one. It’s so big, in fact, that many people will want to turn their backs on it and pretend it doesn’t and couldn’t exist. But it’s real. It does exist.

No killing of innocent people can be called a “negligible statistic.” But what label do you apply when an entire government stands by and does nothing, while millions of people die?

A supposed lone shooter motivated by political ideology kills 20 people, and this is called a terrorist act. But what category do you apply when a government enables a monopoly that destroys millions of lives?

Don’t bother seeking answers from the mainstream press. They play dumb. They pretend to be clueless. They avoid these millions of deaths, as if they’re not worthy of news coverage.

Doesn’t that sound strange? The press, which constantly sniffs the air for stories that will rouse public interest, ignores a force that is routinely killing millions of people. Why? Because that very force pays huge sums of money to the press.

So let’s start here, with one of the most shocking mainstream reviews ever published in a medical journal. The date is July 26, 2000. The journal is the Journal of the American Medical Association. The author is Dr. Barbara Starfield, a respected and revered public health expert at the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health. Impeccable mainstream credentials up and down the line. Starfield’s review is titled, “Is US Health Really the Best in the World?” She concludes:

The US medical system kills 225,000 people a year. 106,000 deaths from FDA-approved medical drugs, and 119,000 deaths as a result of mistreatment and errors in hospitals.

Extrapolate those numbers out to a decade: that’s 2.25 MILLION deaths.

In an email interview I did with Dr. Starfield about a year before she died, I asked her whether the US government had undertaken any overall program to remedy this ongoing catastrophe, and whether anyone from the federal government had contacted her to consult on such a program. To both questions, she answered: NO.

Keep in mind that the US federal government, through agencies like the FDA, the CDC, and their parent agency, Health and Human Services, has extensive power over the US medical system. In fact, the FDA, through its routine manipulations and regulations, assures that the conventional mainstream medical system in America remains top dog; and competition from what has been called alternative or natural health is reduced as much as possible. It might interest you to know that, when a pharmaceutical company wants the FDA to review a new drug and certify it as safe and effective for public use, the pharmaceutical company pays a fee to the FDA. Dr. Starfield pointed this out to me. Therefore, in a real sense, the FDA works FOR drug companies.

I mention all this to make sure you understand that the federal government could, if it wanted to, undertake a sweeping investigation of the US medical system, from top to bottom, and face up to the ongoing of tragedy of millions of lives lost. The federal government could come down mightily on the medical system and do everything possible to eradicate this holocaust.

But the government doesn’t. It doesn’t do that. It stands by while millions die. Year after year after year.

I could cite other findings that back up Dr. Starfield’s published analysis, and I have, in other articles. Here, I’ll keep it simple. The government is entirely culpable.

Occasionally, I receive an email from a reader that goes this way: “I showed a friend your article and he said, what about all the lives the medical system saves? Why doesn’t Rappoport factor those in?”

To which I offer this. Suppose you created an invention—let’s call it X—which, for the sake of argument, we’ll assume saves many lives. But you also notice it kills many people—2.25 million people per decade. Would you simply stand back and assert that, on balance, you’re doing a fine job? Would you? Or would you do your very best to eliminate all those deaths, which are occurring as a result of your X? To put it another way, would you seek to be humane, or would you be a vast criminal?

As I started out, above, no killing of an innocent person is a negligible statistic, whether you call it an act of terrorism or something else. But what do you call it when the awesome power of an entire government is silent and passive, for decades, while the very monopoly it is enabling destroys millions of lives?

Depraved indifference? Negligent homicide? Manslaughter?

I call it mass murder.

Tuatha de Danaan

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He has captured the operation of the "MEDICAL" profession very clearly and correctly, and more importantly, the fact it doesn't work in a vacuum but with co-operation from other bodies (no pun intended). Just think if this article was mandatory reading for every family in the USA and farther afield.


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For anyone that missed it, this article was put up on SOTT today- RFK Jr mic-dropping speech marks birth of a new civil rights movement vis-à-vis the rise of the medical police state

His speech is fantastic:

Full article below:

While California's tragic fall into what might rightly be described as a Medical Police State has many up in arms, RFK Jr's spontaneously delivered speech outside Gov. Newsom's office helped transform the anger and grief experienced by thousands of shaken onlookers into inspiration and hope, no doubt contributing to catalyzing further what is clearly becoming this country's next, truly grassroots civil (and human) rights movement.

Following immediately after the California Senate passed SB 276 in Sacramento on Monday, which effectively removes medical exemptions in the state (even for those with previous life-threatening reactions to vaccines), a protest erupted at the state capital in front of Gov. Newsom's office, who would sign the bill later that day. Earlier, five protestors were arrested for exercising their First Amendment right of peaceful protest — a painful irony, considering that the removal of religious exemptions also violates the First Amendment rights, which is why they were protesting in the first place.

In the astoundingly powerful and uplifting speech by RFK Jr below, one senses the historical importance of what just transpired. The fall of California into medical fascism also marks the beginning of a new, broad-based civil rights movement which includes all sexes, races, walks of life, religions, and socioeconomic classes — as it concerns the primary, inviolable human right of bodily self-sovereignty and health freedom, and a parent's right to make informed health choices for their children, which can have life and death consequences.

The fight for liberty and health freedom in California is far from over. There will be legal challenges, said RFK Jr, all the way up to the Supreme Court, if necessary. In fact, this incident brings to the forefront a deep, dark problem in the United States that has been festering for decades: the rise of the pharmaceutical industry's influence on the government to mandate products that the free market would otherwise reject, due to the profound liability these products have (underwritten completely by the government via their indemnification through the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Compensation Act (the ACT) of 1986). Now, over three decades since the inception of the ACT, that same industry is starting to use the police powers of the state to enforce these mandates.

California is a testing ground and the blueprint for the rest of the country. How much will the American people consent to forced medical interventions and related coercion necessary to push through a national and global agenda of universal compliance with an ever-expanding vaccination schedule? Florida is next on the chopping block, with the introduction of SB 64, which would reproduce CA's situation, but with one bill. Learn more here: The Medical Police State Metastasizes to FL: SB 64 Removes Religious Exemption for Vaccination, Threatens Medical.

To get updates and action items, please follow and support the following non-profit organizations:
1) Stand for Health Freedom
2) National Vaccine Information Center
3) Children's Health Defense
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