A gentle reminder that this 'cult' is not just about the Covid 19 "vaccine". They've been force injecting your kids for profit and no legal liability since 1986... Or more realistically since the mid 90s, and it's only going to get worse now they're focused on adults.


Air Vax — The Latest mRNA Delivered Into Lungs​

Story at a glance:
  • Yale University researchers have developed an airborne method for delivering mRNA right to your lungs
  • In a study on mice, the scientists created polymer nanoparticles to encapsulate mRNA, making it inhalable
  • Researchers say this “new method of delivery could ‘radically change the way people are vaccinated,’” making it easier to vaccinate people in remote areas or those who are afraid of needles
  • An airborne mRNA product could be used to rapidly vaccinate the masses, without their knowledge or consent
  • Academic endorsement exists for the use of compulsory, covert bioenhancements, including drugs and vaccines, on the public; the U.S. government also has a history of covert bioweapon experiments


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