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Virginie Joron
Kompak V Jorong
March 13th
"When you want to kill your dog, accuse it of rabies.
Here, it's denying one's incompetence and using a war to justify the unjustifiable.

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Gabriel Attal
March 12
A Russian victory in Ukraine poses a concrete, tangible and direct risk to the daily lives of the French.
If Ukraine loses, the French lose too.
mon dieu... what does he know, what can he know??? he belongs to the children's table...
Puy du Fou receives the “Oscar” for the best show in the worldLe Puy du Fou received the “Oscar” for the best show in the world this Saturday March 16 in Los Angeles, a Thea Award for the best new show in the world for Mime et l’Etoile, its new 2023 release. The award awarded by its peers , is one of the most prestigious in the leisure park industry.
We should make the same chart with 15 years of Macron-Hollande-Sarkozy.... until 2023, extend it....
But then they decided that the Russians didn't like their president and were forced to put a ballot in the box for him.
They also said they were dismantling washing machines to remove computer chips. They're very, very reliable....

On March 30, 2024, 26 minutes, in French with subtitles


How have the recent conflicts in Ukraine and the Middle East upset the global balance? To better understand the general context and deepen the analysis, Xavier Moreau receives General Dominique Delawarde, former head of "Situation - Intelligence - Electronic Warfare" at the joint operational planning staff.
"The era of Western domination is indeed over. "This was stated by Joseph Borrell, vice-President of the European Commission, on February 25, 2024. The reasons for this observation are manifold: inability to achieve Kiev's military objectives against Moscow despite a broad coalition, an increasingly prominent affirmation of Chinese power in the world economy, a shared rejection of the Western double standard and its moral preponderance among the countries of the South are the main elements.

Comment les récents conflits en Ukraine et au Proche-Orient ont-ils bouleversé l'équilibre mondial ? Pour mieux comprendre le contexte général et approfondir l'analyse, Xavier Moreau reçoit le général Dominique Delawarde, ancien chef « Situation - Renseignement - Guerre électronique » à l’état-major interarmées de planification opérationnelle.« L'ère de la domination occidentale est en effet terminée. » C'est ce qu'a déclaré Joseph Borrell, vice-président de la Commission européenne, le 25 février 2024. Les raisons de ce constat sont multiples : incapacité d'atteindre les objectifs militaires de Kiev contre Moscou malgré une large coalition, affirmation de plus en plus prégnante de la puissance chinoise dans l'économie mondiale, rejet partagé du double standard occidental et de sa prépondérance morale parmi les pays du Sud en sont les principaux éléments.
This grandfather is definitely very hip.
Full of humor, in this capsule he explains why you should vote for Asselineau in the European elections, and ends by telling us about the experiments at cern, in Geneva (or young Eve, I don't remember), the twin of Christ and the Divine forces behind the scenes of humanity.

Décidement ce grand père est trés branché.
plein d'humour, dans cette capsule il explique pourquoi voter Asselineau aux européennes et il finit par nous parler des expériences au cern, à Genève (ou jeune Eve je sais plus) en passant par le jumeau du Christ et les forces Divines en coulisse de l'humanité.


It is interesting to see the subject of CMEs and their impacts being gradually raised in the media as reported in the video above. However I would not only ascribe it to prepare for censure but also to program the public for potential celestial events... neither being mutually exclusive.

C'est interessant de voir le sujet des CMEs aborde de plus en plus dans les media. Neanmoins, je ne pense pas que restreindre ce sujet a une préparation a la censure soit pertinent. Cela semble aussi releve d'une volonte de preparer/d'acclimater la population a divers evenements d'origine celeste. L'un n'excluant pas l'autre...

Bankrupt Paris, bankrupt France, preludes to the predicted disaster of the Olympics​

April 10, 2024

Paris is bankrupt! In less than 15 years, public debt has gone from zero euros, under the former mayor Bertrand Delanoë, to more than 9.5 billion currently with an ever-increasing trend, an increase of +155% since the arrival by Anne Hidalgo! A situation that is all the more serious when we see that the debt per capita has now reached €4,551. Imagine the same situation in Moscow!
A hole which is explained when we see where Parisians' money goes. Thus the Paris town hall finances SOS Méditerranée and African countries in turn. However, if Paris has the means to give money to African countries or to more or less dubious NGOs, it is because its inhabitants pay too much taxes. However, in 2023 Anne Hidalgo, the mayor of Paris, increased the property tax of residents by 52%, all because she is cornered by her catastrophic financial management, despite the multiplication of maneuvers to hide the budgetary reality.
It is time for the town hall to come out of denial in a city which has more civil servants than the entire European Commission. A city which, despite this, is invaded by rats, repulsively filthy where even the sidewalks of Avenue Foch are littered with dirty mattresses and rubbish making it look like a trash city; where you have to step over more and more bodies of migrants without forgetting to carefully watch where you put your feet when you walk on the sidewalks, and which accumulates work in almost all the neighborhoods of which you never see the end.
And if the work stagnates it is quite simply because the Paris town hall “forgets” to honor its commitments. You should know that public works companies are paid in advance in installments. First payment, first tranche of work, 2nd payment, 2nd tranche of work and so on. So if Paris is littered with endless open-air construction sites, it’s simple: No money, no work!
Clément Beaune, French Minister of Transport, himself ended up denouncing “The financial situation of the city of Paris is serious”, adding that the scenario of being placed under supervision is therefore “not excluded”. “It’s extremely serious and I don’t want it, it would be a last resort.” All the more serious 4 months before the Olympics. Imagine the international impact of placing the city which organizes the Olympic Games under supervision. And this is also one of the reasons why for the moment “we are doing nothing!” ".
One of the reasons but not the only one, because to put Paris under supervision the government would still have to have the means. However, France is on the verge of bankruptcy with an exponential public debt of 3,200 billion which is increasing by 10 billion per month, and a deficit of 130 billion euros for 2024. Morality, here again we are dangerously approaching total debacle.
France presents a completely misleading budget. The government is making no effort to absorb the largest debt in Europe even though it is the country that taxes its inhabitants the most, but which “at the same time” spends the most. There is no more money in the coffers and yet we have to invest everywhere! Thank you politics of financial geniuses! It must be said that between Bruno Le Maire who was supposed to bring "Russia to its knees" and who succeeded with great talent in bringing Russian unemployment to almost zero thanks to sanctions, and Emmanuel Macron who plays the bully with an army at bones and sprinkles with magic money all that the planet has of undesirable and violent marginalized people whom he brings back to France with a lot of publicity, the French, at least what is left of them, are spoiled. But after all it seems that we only get the government we deserve...
France is there! Led by a naked king, the State is selling off its heritage and counting on the Olympic Games to replenish part of its economy except that the Olympics... It is far from won.
Olympics under right-thinking discrimination
A good way for the French and Americans to win as many medals as possible is to eliminate their main competitors in many disciplines where they excel, namely the Russians and Belarusians. Regardless, the pretext is as big as a house: the SVO! So, to participate, Russians and Belarusians must register under a neutral banner, without a national anthem, and above all having taken great care to NEVER but NEVER have approved the SVO or even imagine daring to say that they supported Vladimir V. Putin! The IOC even goes so far as to spy on athletes' exchanges on social networks to ensure this.
As for the reception that will be given to them, judge for yourself... The Minister of Sports Amélie Oudéa-Castéra expressed, regarding their acceptance to competitions, a "will be under a regime of very strict neutrality" and that " they will not represent the Russian state”! As for Anne Hidalgo, mayor of Paris, she shares the speech given by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the French authorities who announced that “athletes from the two countries will not participate in the parade on the Seine and that their medals will not be counted », adding in turn “I want to tell the Russian and Belarusian athletes that they are not welcome in Paris”.
A particularly tasty statement when we know that the Olympic doctrine was precisely based on the principles – among others – of non-discrimination, humanism and universality. And the most hilarious thing about all of this is that it is France which accuses Russia of politicizing sport.
We are far from the spirit of Olympicism as defined by Baron Pierre de Coubertin: “Each individual must have the opportunity to play sport without discrimination of any kind and in the Olympic spirit, which requires mutual understanding, the spirit of friendship, solidarity and fair play.”
As for fair play, let's judge it instead since the IOC warned the national Olympic committees against any participation in the World Friendship Games planned in Russia this summer, saying that they were trying to preserve the autonomy of sport. So, not only are we refusing Russians and Belarusians to represent their country but we are discriminating against Russian games. Perversion in all its splendor!
Is the atmosphere now that Alexeï Mechkov, the ambassador of the Russian Federation in France, recently came to advise Russian athletes against participating in the Olympics to the extent that he cannot guarantee them the welcome and security that they have the right to expect during their stay.
A question nevertheless arises... Why don't other nations, also at war, and other athletes who represent these nations, suffer the same sanctions? Why do some people have the right to exterminate thousands of women and children without sanction? Double standards once again. Especially when we hear in a recent statement, Emmanuel Macron affirm that the Russian flag, representing an “aggressor country”, and the Belarusian flag, which supports Russian policy, must be banned during the next Olympic Games in Paris in 2024. Based on this principle, if in France, as Anne Hidalgo states, “We are not going to honor a country which attacks another”, should we not also ban certain other flags and force their athletes to compete under a neutral banner?

Olympics that are going well?
As a result, three and a half months from the fateful date it turns out that 40% of Parisian hotel rooms are desperately empty and worse, that cancellations are cascading. As for the overpriced apartments that are rented through AirBnB, they are currently far from finding takers. There is only one step from where these Olympics are economically a disaster. Especially since the price of the metro ticket will be quadrupled “so we don’t have to take it” says Valérie Pécresse!
But the comedy of it all is the sick unpreparedness and the dangerous communications stunts galore. After having wanted to remove the second-hand booksellers from the quays of the Seine, having had to face multiple surprise strikes by workers on the construction sites of the future Olympic sites, here is our little Jupiter in the middle of the inauguration of an Olympic swimming pool built in Saint-Denis which, barely finished, already has leaks.
A swimming pool which was originally supposed to cost 68 million euros, and which ultimately will cost 174. 174 million for a leaking pool, let's admit that it's funny.
And the worst: the capacity of our expensive swimming pool being too small for the federation, the online swimming events will ultimately take place in a rugby stadium. Russian friends you have the right to laugh!
But it’s not far from it…
On February 27, a computer and USB keys containing the security plans for the Olympics were stolen from a train at Gare du Nord.
The Sully bridge in Paris, planned for the opening ceremony, was damaged by a boat. The town hall must repair it as quickly as possible.
Workers who make Olympic medals have been on strike for 3 weeks for wage increases and a bonus for the Olympics.
108 days before opening, a new study reveals that the Seine is still not suitable for swimming due to the fact that water quality thresholds systematically deteriorate after very intense rainy episodes which saturate the water. sewers which overflow their wastewater discharges into the Seine. And since October we have only had rainy episodes, so... if athletes like to bathe in excrement, they don't mind! Especially since it's the Seine or nothing since no one has planned a plan B for the open water swimming events.
All this would make you smile if more than a billion euros had not been invested to clean up the Seine in order to keep the promise of making it swimmable, when it would have been enough to organize the competition on the seaside for It costs almost nothing. But it is true that our “Mozarts of finance” do not know how to count since they spend other people's money.
Up to 15 million visitors are expected for the Olympic Games which will be held from July 26 to August 11 and the Paralympic Games from August 28 to September 8… And with so many crowd movements, problems and accidents are never lacking. Also, at a time when all hospitals are short of staff due to cascading bed closures, the AP-HP has called on internal volunteers, and is offering a bonus of €800 to €2,500 gross per week to caregivers. of the departments concerned who agree not to take their leave. Who are we laughing at ?
Finally, the DGSI would like to cancel the opening ceremony of the Paris 2024 Olympic Games on the Seine and move to plan B due to the threat of a return of mass terrorism considered very high. She tried in vain to convince Gérald Darmanin.
Do you want more…
The four most senior leaders of the Paris Olympics organizing committee are the subject of several criminal proceedings for illegal taking of interests, favoritism, concealment and misappropriation of public funds...
Hatred of Macron has become so palpable in the country that there is a risk of blocking actions exploding wherever the competitions take place, so much so that the Senate had to adopt a bill banning strikes in transport during the Olympics.
And the icing on the cake... we will have 35,000 police officers, gendarmes, soldiers, members of private security and even foreign police officers every day to protect the Olympics. According to the French Ministry of the Armed Forces “several foreign nations” including Poland will send soldiers to help secure the Olympic Games. When you know the Poles, I'm not sure that this perspective is really reassuring.
For Paris alone, our little Macron, who seems to tremble in his pants at the slightest allusion to Russia, has mobilized 58 CRS brigades out of the 61 in France!
And all this because our official coward is convinced: “I have no doubt about the fact that Russia is targeting the Olympic Games, particularly in informational terms. » “Russia feeds every day the fact that we could not do this or that, or that it would be a risk. »
You will have understood, as usual, if things go badly in France it is necessarily, necessarily, inevitably, undoubtedly, Russia's fault!
And to top it all off, residents of the districts of Paris affected by the Olympics will not even be able to enter or leave their homes without a pass in the form of a QR code to access what Gérald Darmanin, Minister of the Interior, calls the zone security where everyone will have to present this famous QRCode, even pedestrians from Friday July 26 in the evening.
The area includes the Louvre, the Tuileries, the Trocadéro, the Champs-Élysées, the Champ de Mars, the Gare d'Austerlitz then continues along the Seine between the 16th and 15th centuries. So for those who have gone on vacation without worrying about whether or not they will be able to return home or who do not know what a QR Code is – and believe me there are more of them than you think – it’s custody guaranteed!
Around fifteen metro stations will be closed and the metros will cross them without stopping, and only 5 bridges, including 4 open to automobile traffic, will remain open: Notre-Dame, Sully, Iéna and Invalides, plus a pedestrian bridge, the Léopold-Sédar-Senghor footbridge.
Not content with taking Parisian residents hostage, treating Russian and Belarusian athletes as undesirables, thus perverting the spirit of the Games, Emmanuel Macron is competing for the Olympic gold medal from the most catastrophic and corrupt organization of the Olympics. But this one I assure you he will win hands down!
Valérie Bérenger
Philippe Murer

L'Arcom recrute des signaleurs de confiance pour surveiller et faire taire les Français sur Internet.
Quel type de discours est visé: "un contenu offensant, intimidant..." (loi SREN)
Et beaucoup d'autres choses comme: "tout effet négatif réel ou prévisible sur le discours civique, les processus électoraux et la sécurité publique"; "tout effet négatif réel ou prévisible pour l’exercice des droits fondamentaux"
Et tout ça sans passer par la justice.
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