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Looks more like a new/bigger fissure opened up on the north flank. Calling it a "volcano flank collapse" is maybe a bit exaggerated or at least easily misinterpreted by the layperson (like us).
True, they exaggerate everything. In the MSN they say that the flank collapse. We know also that MSM like to dramatize a situation, they need public and attention to do their subliminal messages. So what is true or exaggerated I will wait tomorrow to listen to the German man who is more realistic. By the way we can see images in this video about the volcano. Again, they can lie about the images, put images that are not true, etc.

One of the reasons I do not have tv is because of the treatment of news. I can not endure the tone of the voices of the journalists, not before, not now, specially now, the same tone that they used at the beginning of the covid saga. Insupportable!


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Looks more like a new/bigger fissure opened up on the north flank. Calling it a "volcano flank collapse" is maybe a bit exaggerated or at least easily misinterpreted by the layperson (like us)
Although, I do not see that being exaggerated in terms of "north flank collapse" because the volcano cone has been growing, considering this image. It is small in size - compared to other volcanoes of similar shape - i.e. Popocateptl.

Vulcanology Terms

Flank Collapse* –​

Flank Collapse is the failure of a large section of unstable slope. Although similar to a landslide, the magnitude of these events is many magnitudes greater. These events occur under conditions of extreme instability often created by rising magma bodies causing bulging of already steep sided volcanoes. Collapse volumes can reach hundreds of cubic kilometers.

... On the other hand, for INVOLCAN an official source, to use that particular term, with the all mumbo jumbo around the "probably major tsunami" that had been around lately... Why the use of that term? If not to arouse interest, I'm telling you Pedro so you'll listen to Juan, or just to push the Tsunami theories further, the article is from 2008.

Volcanic Flank Collapse and Tsunami
A few years ago the media got rather excited about a paper that suggested that there was the potential for a giant flank collapse on the Cumbre Vieja volcano in the Canary Islands. A model of the resultant tsunami suggested that it could be sufficiently large to cause huge losses throughout the coastal areas of the North Atlantic. Most scientists now believe that this tsunami was something of an exageration of a worse case scenario, (see for example this critique) but the potential for a flank collapse to generate a local tsunami event is very real, albeit comparatively rare. As a result, there is considerable interest in trying to understand these events better.


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At another Telegram Channel - Emergencias La Palma, residents had complain, they cannot sleep well

Last night's phenomenon did not emit sporadic shock waves visually observable as it happened in the first week. It was a sustained thunderous sound wave, linking detonations with high vibration of the ground, vehicles, windows, walls...etc. Initiated around 01.10h.
The sonic power and vibrations emitted by the eruption for several hours last night were a previously unobserved phenomenon.


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In this video from the German guy from La Palma, we can see an interesting view of the volcano. He is angry. It gives an idea how it is difficult to live near this volcano, all day and night in fire like listening to a dragon with a toothache. Lava and more lava and fire, and fire, and flames, as if a door to hell had been opened. Very interesting.

Time to prepare! Earthquakes, Lava and a roaring Volcano.



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Eruption spews searing hot boulders the size of three-storey buildings​

An accompanying flow of scorching magma, reaching temperatures of up to 1,240C (2,264F), destroys the last few properties that remained standing in a devastated village, as tremors strike other communities.

(several videos at this link)

Searing hot boulders the size of three-storey buildings have flowed down the side of a volcano in the Canary Islands as a string of tremors shook the ground three weeks after it erupted.

The accompanying river of scorching magma, reaching temperatures of up to 1,240C (2,264F), also destroyed the last few properties that remained standing in the village of Todoque on La Palma, according to scientists.

Some 21 tremors were also recorded on Sunday, the largest measuring 3.8, shaking the ground in the villages of Mazo, Fuencaliente and El Paso.

Explaining the latest activity, Spain's National Security Department wrote on Twitter: "The collapse of the northern flank of the... volcano has caused the release of large blocks of material and the appearance of new flows that run through areas already evacuated."

Lava flows have so far destroyed 1,186 buildings following the eruption on 19 September, said the Canary Islands Volcanic Institute.

It has also engulfed more than 1,200 acres (493 hectares) of land.

About 6,000 people have been evacuated from their homes on the island, which has around 83,000 inhabitants, who mainly earn their living from fruit farming and tourism.

Sunday 10 October 2021 20:40, UK


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Texas Governor Abbott put out an executive order to opt-out for covid vaccinations.
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📌No end in sight for volcanic activity on La Palma island:

The Cumbre Vieja volcano has been spewing fire and ash for over three weeks now, it has destroyed several homes and buildings along the way. Recently, the red hot lava poured into the Atlantic ocean forming huge deltas around the sea. Watch this video to take a look at the devastation in Spain.

Fears of toxic gases and small explosions forced residents to stay indoors for those who did not flee already.

📌Sulfur dioxide cloud from La Palma volcano reaches Portugal:

A cloud of sulfur dioxide from the eruption of the Cumbre Vieja volcano, on the Spanish island of La Palma, has come to Portugal on Wednesday, the Portuguese Institute for Sea and Atmosphere (IPMA) said in a statement.

The intrusion of sulfur dioxide is flying "above 3000 meters in altitude," not yet effecting "the concentrations of this gas on the surface," and should remain until Oct. 15, the IPMA said.

According to atmospheric monitoring from the European Union's earth observation program Copernicus, there is also a significant amount of volcanic ash flowing eastwards due to strong winds, although sulfur dioxide values are below the risk threshold.

According to a statement from the IPMA, the maximum concentration of the gas should reach 46 micrograms per kg at 6,000 meters of altitude, being toxic when inhaled.

As a result, Portuguese specialists claim that they will continue "following the evolution of the situation closely."

📌From El País English Edition:

📌When a plane meets volcano smoke:

A Ryanair B737 was forced to declare an emergency in mid-flight and return to Tenerife airport. An ash cloud from La Palma crossed its route and clogged the engines.

📌More than 1,000 La Palma residents ordered to evacuate homes, as lava flow threatens more towns:

Around 800 people from the town of Los Llanos de Aridane were put under an evacuation order on Wednesday night (local time) after the lava took a new course, putting homes in a probable path of destruction.

Volcanologists found that a new lava flow north of the main river of molten rock had branched off and was heading toward an inhabited area outside the previous evacuation zone.

"A part of the neighborhood had already been evacuated, but given the evolution of the lava stream, it was deemed necessary to clear this specific zone," Los Llano de Aridane Mayor María García told Spanish state broadcaster TVE.

It was the second evacuation order in 24 hours.

On Tuesday, more than 700 people in the nearby neighbourhood of La Laguna were ordered to evacuate their homes.

"We want to pick up documents and other things," La Laguna resident Enrique said.

"Our whole life is in that house and we cannot collect over 30 years in five minutes."


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Related issues with Volcanic eruption at La Palma

Desolate panorama in the areas closest to the volcano. The ash has "literally" covered entire houses, and continues to fall. #VolcandeLaPalma #emergencies

Another issue is the animals that had been left behind.

#erupciónenLaPalma | We share this image of personnel of the #SEPRONA of the @guardiacivil in #LaPalma during their work to rescue animals in exclusion zones, many of them, have remained hidden in the most unlikely places.

#Two companies from #LaPalma, Ticom Soluciones and Volcanic Life, have been feeding the animals trapped in the high area of Todoque, after being surrounded by lava, for five days.


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Vulcano, Aeolian Islands
Sicily - Italy

14 Oct 2021


Marc Szeglat wrote (in german language at vulkane.net) an entry about Vulcano in the Aeolian Islands; There have been some evacuations going on in houses where gases rose from the grounds, and animals showed signs of intoxication. When gases start to appear in villages, it is possibly one of the very (early) first signs for an eruption, whether it follows in months or over years. Evacuation plants are currently revised by the authorities.

14 October 2021 by Marc Szeglat

Vulcano: Evacuations due to gas

In the village of Porto di Levante, some houses were evacuated last night after residents reported steam and gas in their basements. The alerted security forces turned up accompanied by INGV staff, who then detected alarmingly high levels of carbon dioxide and ordered the evacuations. Carbon dioxide is heavier than oxygen and displaces it in the air we breathe, resulting in the threat of suffocation. Some pets are reported to have already had symptoms of poisoning.

The carbon dioxide comes from the numerous fumaroles that, together with hydrogen sulphide and other volcanic gases, escape from the ground on Vulcano. At the same time, it is an early indicator of rising magma. In the last few days, there has also been further microseismic activity. Thus, there are increasing signs that the volcano could be preparing for an eruption. Although no one can say for sure if and when an eruption will occur, an eruption within months/years is becoming more and more likely.

Catastrophe on the horizon?

After La Palma, another catastrophe could be in the offing and even surpass this one. Although only a fraction of the people live on the island as on La Palma, Vulcano consists almost exclusively of the volcano. In the event of a moderate eruption, there is hardly a safe place here, especially as the past eruptions of the island's volcano have been quite explosive. This is due to the type of lava that is erupted here: a large part of the island consists of trachyte. This volcanite is formed from an intermediate melt of medium viscosity.

Tenacious lava flows can erupt, but predominantly the volcano is prone to explosive eruptions that can produce metre-sized lava bombs. Anyone caught in a hail of larger tephra has little chance of survival. It is very likely that much of the island will have to be evacuated before an eruption actually occurs. Evacuation plans are currently being revised.

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