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The beautiful voice and the amazing talent of Loreena McKennit. I knew of her back in the day, especially with her song "The Mummer's Dance", but other than that song, I never really paid that much attention to her. I recently discovered her again and never realised how truly gifted she is! (By the way, I just realised you just posted her above!)

A very strange offering from British techno pioneers Plaid. Over the years they've honed a very mellow and melancholic strain of IDM. You can't dance to them though, and sometimes they can really move you. The whistling synth in this is very reminiscent of the X-Files theme, and the video seems a bit high strangeness too.



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Quiter than Silence is a story of friendshift between the Iranian Mehdi Aminian and the Sirian Mohamad Zatori.QTS was inspire on the ongoing conflicts around the World in general and the Syria war in particular.These beautiful melodies are rooted in Syria,Persia and Sufi music and they are tremendously touching.I hope you enjoy it.:flowers:

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