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After snippets of this funky tune coming through dreams all last night and continuing through the morning - after three hours finally managed to identify it;

I was searchin' (searchin') on a one-way street

I was hopin' (hopin') for a chance to meet

I was waitin' for the operator on the line

I've been livin' (livin') on a dead end street

I've been askin' (askin' kindly) everybody I meet

Insufficient data coming through

Will spare everyone with where the analysis went... :zzz:

Cool tune though.


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I kept this running for the music but ended up actually watching most of it. Apart from stars and planets there are lots of comets zipping by (or into) like 2011/12/15, 2013/11/28 or 2016/08/3.

from STCE Newsletter
The spacecraft is also the best comet chaser in history, having made its 4000th (four thousand!) comet discovery just a few months ago

Decades of Sun from ESA & NASA’s SOHO​

December 2, 2020 marks the 25th anniversary of the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory...​



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A shorter version of this was posted some months ago, and I unfortunately I can only remember the Avatar but not the name of the forum member at the moment. I was listening to it and came across this is a longer version. Then I realized the singing is in Farsi, which I didn't notice in the shorter version before. So I looked for the translation.

Armand Amar feat. levon Minassian - Bab'aziz

If I am not mistaken, Farsi to English Lyrics for the song Bab'aziz, apparently a poem by Rumi:

Poem of the atoms

Intro by unknown
Any bit which exists in the air or in the Hamoun
Look carefully to see it is lovesick just like us
Each bit, if it is happy, if sad
But is crazy lover for the pleasing undeniable sun

Main by Salar Aghili
Oh you, the day, come so that the bits dance
The one by whome, the Earth and the skies dance
The heats and souls dance from extreme happiness, in an uncaring, free mood
I'll wispier in your ears that where will they dance
Any bit which exists in the air or in the Hamoun
Look carefully to see it is lovesick just like us
Each bit, if it is happy, if sad
But is crazy lover for the pleasing undeniable sun

This played after. I find it soothing as well:

Armand AMAR & Levon MINASSIAN​


unkl brws

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"The superstar trio of Michael McGoldrick, John McCusker and John Doyle put a couple of Scottish piper Fred Morrison’s tunes together during the Saturday Night at the Savoy concert in Glace Bay, Nova Scotia, Canada on October 7, 2017."


Worlds away with memories
Of killing time and dreams
Think of me, it was so cold we burned
And as they leave, they cross my mind

No time, I think it's over
This life inside I steal as mine
Look in your eyes, you're worlds away
And life is locked inside you

Then, you sleep and city walls
They dissolve to dreams
Children cry, they're losing everything

From heart to heart
The beat slow fades
The sun explodes the night time
For all we know
There's nothing changed

Look in your eyes you're worlds away
Where art is love is science
A million miles, a thousand minds
Now worlds away

Oh no, don't say goodbye
When you can love only one thing
And they want you to know
It's you, it's you
Worlds away
Don't say goodbye


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Have to thank c.a. for inadvertently introducing me to these guys, plus the resulting effect that Spotify (in it's wisdom) happens to have been smashing me with this awesome track since - which happens to ,blessedly, bring back glorious memories of youth, darkened rooms and...well you know;

Finally got around to looking for meaning in the title this evening and thought this seemed cool;

Tamu Massif was formed during one, geologically brief eruptive period, which scientists had previously thought was impossible on Earth.[9][10] If confirmed, the suggestion that it could be a single volcano[11] would make the Tamu Massif the largest known volcano on Earth...
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