What are you listening to?


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When I clicked on the URL, it said the video was not available, but if you google "zombie by the cranberries 1999" it comes up.
Sorry about that. Still learning.

G'day Redrock,

Further to Metrist's assistance;


Once the pop up below opens, then left click with your mouse again on COPY;


Then right click somewhere in the comments box and this menu should pop up.


Then transfer by selecting 'Paste' (another left click).

Also the preview button will give you an idea of how its looking before you post.




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Thats the music I hear in these Corona times. It is so vivid and gives me power to go through the day! And I can sing along with it while driving . . . Old boys with still such a power!

And this is my favorite one: I like the refrain: "Alive, alive, oh!"



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Hello Camille, cannot watch your video, it is reported for my part "vidéo indisponible", video not available.
Hi zak, sorry I don't know why, maybe I can just give you the artist's name and song's title for you to look up by yourself for one that's working, I'm glad you reached out by the way ! @Kay Kim since you seem also interested

Ben Howard - Keep your head up
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