What are you listening to?

I think birds are really amazing, and so free.

When we were kids, traveling, my parents would play tapes in the car and van, and this song was on a short ABBA tape (not quite album length, maybe 5 songs or something like that) and I kept waiting for it, and asked to play it again, and again.



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Some feelgood song by a singer I've loved for almost 10 years. He's kind of my music best friend. I changed so much in these ten years, and yet he's still here. I keep coming back to him, even if sometimes I find his music a bit too sentimental (or I just feel guilty of loving it). There's just something so pure about him. One day, I saw someone's comment under one of his song's video on youtube that really caught how I feel about him, they said something like: "I love that feeling of home in his songs".

I like this verse especially :

And I saw a friend of mine the other day
And he told me that my eyes were gleamin'
Oh I said I'd been away, and he knew
Oh he knew, the depths I was meanin'
And it felt so good to see his face
All the comfort invested in my soul
Oh to feel the warmth, of his smile
When he said 'I'm happy to have you home'


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Hello all.
Since July, throught the website "ektoplazm", alternative music website, i found a very cool author: "Man of no ego"
He released 2 albums, but it's old web technology and you may not be able to listen to the songs from the site as it uses an old "flashplayer" plugin that your browser will probably block and that you may not be in measure to activate.
Anyway, here are the 2 links to the 2 albums, you can download all the tracks using one of the 3 download links (mp3, FLAC or WAV formats)

And here are the links on youtube:

It's not the speechs within the song that grabbed my attention, just the music, the melody. I probably heard these 2 albums more than ... 50x since July (no exaggeration), while working, concentrated on the computer. At least for me, these songs brought (or are still bringing) me something, I dont know what, but I still enjoy a lot hearing them.

I'm going to re-listen now "Blinkers removed":-[:whistle::-):-D

Enjoy !


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When I clicked on the URL, it said the video was not available, but if you google "zombie by the cranberries 1999" it comes up.
Sorry about that. Still learning.
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