What's your goal?


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SadEyes said:
Yes! I had a conversation the other day with a good (awakened) friend of mine. I had been wondering if he had felt the way I had, that at times I was losing my humanity. I sometimes feel that the more I grow in Knowledge, that the further it takes me away from being human. I still remember when the transcript when Laura was told about the lizzies eating people and us not being on a totally level playing field if/when 4D arrives. When she expressed her shock and said something along the lines of "that's horrible", they reminded her that it was just an experience, and "horrible" was a subjective mind set to boot. I see many sad things on the news and internet, and it doesn't affect me the way it used to, I rarely feel sad because in my eyes, their avatar for this level of the game just peaced out, not their essence. But even looking at it like that makes me feel less human.

Well, I think a distinction should be made here. What is humanity? Is it what we have right now on this planet, as in various people with various degrees and types of emotionality, acting mechanically (and in many cases out of control) and in accordance with their predisposition/genetics/culture/other influences? Or, perhaps humanity as it should be? An ideal that most of the days is dormant, but can be awoken in some people and direct their actions? In this case, losing one's humanity can be either a case of forgetting oneself, or a case of becoming apathetic to what is going on around us. Basically, shutting off reality. And that's never good.

Perhaps, the idea of maintaining humanity, is maintaining compassion, understanding, integrity and making a conscious choice to align oneself with higher parts of self. And in order to do so, one shouldn't shut down emotions, but transform them. To see and feel the pain, but at the same time learn how to navigate the ship of sorrow in order to be able to do something about the situation for the betterment of all. At least, that's how it seems to me. :)

C's also said the following:

Q: (L) Clearly from my experience, meditation to master yourself and your reactions is a very beneficial thing.

A: Yes. But then what does one do with that mastery?

Q: (Craig) It serves to help people who don't know how to control their mind or their emotions.

A: Yes. And teach them when where and how to use those emotions for change. Overcoming emotions so that one is not affected by what is out there and inside is little more than becoming an automaton.


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My goal has always been "To be of service to the Universe". But as I gain more knowledge through reading and interactions in the group, my practical considerations on how to achieve that goal (aka my sub-goals) have been changing. Currently, my sub-goals are:

* To gain and apply as much knowledge as I can through both reading and daily interactions
* To pay my rent in life, i.e. be a good obyvatel.
* To keep myself in a good physical condition.
* Respect, protect and nurture the free wills of those around me, especially my family.
* To help this group in anyway I can.


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Explorer said:
It used to be happiness, but now I'm not sure how healthy and realistic that is; is there such a thing as objective happiness?

Maybe there is; Marcus Aurelius had this to say:

Meditations (Dover; modernized George Long translation) said:
If you find in human life anything better than justice, truth, temperance, fortitude, anything better than your own mind's self-satisfaction in the things that it enables you to do according to right reason, and in the condition that is assigned to you without your own choice; if, I say, you see anything better than this, turn to it with all your soul, and enjoy that which you have found to be the best. But if nothing appears to be better than the deity that is planted in you, that has power over your appetites, and carefully examines all the impressions, and, as Socrates said, has detached itself from the persuations of sense, has submitted itself to the gods, and cares for mankind; if you find everything else smaller and of less value than this, give place to nothing else [...]

To the stoics, it seems rationality and "right reason" inherently include adhering to virtuous values, in contrast to today's sterile definition. Recognizing the truth of good ("that it is beautiful") and evil ("that it is ugly"), and acting accordingly - in general, adhering to truth, which for them includes ethics - seems to give the sublime "pleasure" and happiness that they prefer to that of satisfying one's appetites.

On the quote above, my thinking goes that "justice" can be seen as "giving everything its due", what is asked. And "the deity" in us would be the real self we are trying to uncover, grow and strengthen. And "the gods" would be the creative side of the DCM, which to the extent we are creative/good in our choices and actions, acts through them.

As I have begun to read this little book, it seems to me that the stoic ethos pretty much covers it all when it comes to the meaning and purpose of goals. Everything I value, that is, the better part of me - and which seems generally held in common in this network - seems to be either given a place or compatible with it. Of course, fully living up to it all is not easy, and can probably only be approached to some degree during our lives.

Then you have the C's and their many comments about "joy" - e.g., "let your search be joyous as always". And, with the right perspective - a stoic one, or akin to it? - the challenges ahead, all that may happen and which a person may go through, being "joy" or even "ecstasy".


My first goal/desire was in my early adolescence: to get out of the victim role
Some years later, the goal developed: to know the truth

It's amazing how strong the dynamics of the universe is. The great chess game ... I want as life's work to create a checkmate/ beat the royal couple.
What is my life's work? Let's see, what the metaphor in my life means. I'm looking forward to the future!


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While "end" ( Gr. telos, Lat. finis) of action is virtue, external goods are the "objective" prokeimenon, propositum not the end, of our action. The stoics refer to different features of a "stochastic" (i.e. "aiming") craft.
So, they believe that a virtue is similar to a stochastic craft in sofar as it has an objective and an end, and achieving the end is not sufficient for achieving the objective. The objective is achieving the natural advantages (prefered indifferents); the end is happiness, which is doing all we can do to achieve the preferred indifferents.

Fom wikipedia:

Stochastic comes from the Greek word στόχος, which means "aim". It also denotes a target stick; the pattern of arrows around a target stick stuck in a hillside is representative of what is stochastic.


For the most part, I've moved through my life without any direction and goals. I knew I wanted a change, that I needed a change, but I didn't know how to do it, what do I want exactly, and what's stopping me. It was this way even after I've found this place. I've gained a fragment of the knowledge gathered here, and everything in me responded to it. I knew I was in the right place, but it also became evident that I'm out of my depth. I remember thinking how much I want out of this miserable reality, and how much I want to graduate to the 4th density. That was my goal back then, at least I've thought so, but it was one lacking proper understanding and real foundations. It was more of an attempt to escape from myself, really.

It's different now. For the first time in my life I have goals, I have a direction that I'm working towards, and I feel the reality around me changing and responding to it. Actually, Bobo08 has explained it so well, that I'm going to quote him, because that's how it is for me too.

Bobo08 said:
* To gain and apply as much knowledge as I can through both reading and daily interactions
* To pay my rent in life, i.e. be a good obyvatel.
* To keep myself in a good physical condition.
* Respect, protect and nurture the free wills of those around me, especially my family.
* To help this group in anyway I can.


My Goals :

To search and study my self, my mecanicity
To search and study the world, the history, the news
In order to gain objective Truth about myself and the world and to Understand what is good(sto) and evil(sts) and Applying this understanding, doing Homeworks

Writing in order to remember myself and to share my understanding with you guys

No more "skipping school", no more fleeing. Living my life consciously with True faith, courage and working on my emotion

Working in order to become a good obyvatel and self-sufficient

Working to have suitable manners and to be externally considerate :cool2:

Working to be able of helping those who ask

Hello, :)


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ark said:
We have the topic "What's your work?" But perhaps it is also interesting to exchange our views on the "meaning of our lives". So, what's your's in your life?

Is it "happiness"? But our enemies also want to be "happy" - just in a different way. Is it happiness of other people? But if we give them happiness, according to how we see it, then they may not be able to find the true meaning of their lives?

So what is your goal in this life?

Of course it has changed over time but now
I've understood enough to accept that I must be part of offering something not wanted by the World in order to experience "meaning." I never understood why the Christ said that he would be hated by the World but now that it has become so obvious how much humanity including myself is governed by imagination, reality must be condemned in support of dominant imagination.

It seems I must lie to coax a cute blonde into bed but also become capable of truth where needed. Not so easy.


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I want to wake up, but then I want to help other people. When I will died, I would like to say that my life was amazing. I would like to do something legendary, something that last for many years.

Maybe I'm very ambicious, but I want to protect people who are suffering. Althought, I'm trying to have a good life in this moment.

A Jay

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I have lots of little or 'mini' goals, but the overarching themes are:

- Heal my mind, body, and spirit
- Understand and develop myself to be of better service to others
- Help those who ask to better understand and develop themselves


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Mine is to get rid of a multiple spirit attachments that bother me in my sleep and during the day time, its a constant ringing in my ears and voices, etc :( hopefully I can find some way to get rid of it. I haven't tried fasting yet or praying, but its been ruining my life.


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The opposite effect I get compared to when people push my emotional buttons is finding paragraphs that push my Wake-Up Call buttons, while reading Work material:

I abhor being controlled and *always moves me strongest*, when Life or other persons want to control my life. So when I read:

"When man remembers himself, he is under 24 laws. When he is asleep in negative emotions, etc., he is under 48 or 96 laws." (emphasis mine)

When he is asleep in negative emotions of Personality, he is under 48 laws.
When he is asleep in negative emotions of False Personality, he is under 96 laws.

So while reading many times about negativity and personality being bad, I understood just a little previously - because it merely made logical sense - that I want not to be under more laws, right? But it didn't hit home, until I read specifically the above paragraph.

More laws mean more outside control, over which I have no power. I strongly prefer emotionally and intellectually being under the least outside control and being under my control. Even stupid people, like me, prefer to think in a way that resembles "thinking intellectually or cleverly". This specific orderly arrangement of words hit me hardest, moved me, created that strange Aha!-moment that felt like a mountain has moved in my psyche, a puzzle piece finally fell. Hopefully to the right place.


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my goal is to know myself inside and out, to be able to see every lesson objectively and to be able to discern what is an STO/STS orientated choice; and of course to find a soul community.


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When I was a small child I had the feeling that there is something wrong with this world: why people kill each other? why there is so much injustice and suffering? why my parents had to suffer so much doing all possible and impossible in order my sister and me to survive? why people around me live after the same pattern: childhood, getting some education, job, building family, getting children... and die? Will I have to do the same as a kind of robot? Is there really nothing more than that?
When I was four I came across a strange thing on the wall of our kitchen. I asked my mother: "Mummy, what is that?". She said, it's an astronomical calendar and explained about other planets, stars, galaxes. She bought me an Astronomy textbook. I couldn't read it at that point, but I was so excited to get to know that there are other worlds than this. Willing to understand this book I learned to read pretty quickly. It was such a relief for me to realize that there is much more than ordinary automatic lives which people live.
So what is my role in all this mess, I thought? Why am I here? What will I do as a grown-up?
First I thought, I would have to take care of my parents who gave me everything they could give me. Then, being already at school, I thought, there must be a higher life goal. Perhaps it's about being patriotic, about serving your country? Perhaps I will have to sacrifice myself to my country?
And now I realize, what my life goal is, which I had been seeking for all my life. In this space/time nexus I want to sacrifice myself to humanity because which goal can be higher than that?


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My goals, much like what I have seen on this forum used to be centered around escaping 3D. It is now much clearer that that was an attempt to escape reality and to avoid hard lessons and situations that upset my "peace" and "balance". Now, while still thinking about the possibility to 4D, it is merely background noise or a distant goal; like being in 9th grade and looking "forward" to high school graduation.

Now, I would have to say that my goals are a little more personal, a little more concrete.

Test, push and break through the limits of my human body through physical exercise like Yoga, and extensive calisthenics

Develop myself and destroy my own egos

Help or serve others in their quest to do the same

To give back and equal amount what I take from the world, from Nature and from individuals with whom I have regular contact (this forum included)

To gain wisdom and knowledge of the Unknown

To gain first hand experience of the Divine and the mystical

To inspire others to change and to break away from old, destructive and self-limiting thought patterns

To become more than just a man; something that will survive after death.
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