Would horse be a potential beef substitute ?

It has been mentioned here already. Horse meat has about half the fat compared to beef. And beef already has very little of fat.

More importantly, horse is not considered for human consumption, therefore there is a whole lot of drugs allowed to be used throughout the lifetime of which nobody really knows how potentially harmful they could be to us, humans. Assuming we talk about a regular farm horses. Wild horses? Probably even better. Race horses? No thank you. Those things are fed with such potent cocktails that it is a miracle it lives as long as it does.
That's the problem with horse meat in Australia. Veterinary drugs that aren't used in cattle, sheep and pigs. It would have to be wild brumby (wild horse) or captured and farmed brumby. I like sheep myself as a source of meat. Here in Australia the smaller lighter animal isn't as hard on the soil and do better on short pasture/salt bush. If the powers that be tax sheep and cattle i'd defintly look at rounding up some wild horses for meet and breeding stock.
I noticed all my spelling and grammar errors in that quote. Well its kinda predictable beond meat stocks would tumble during Covid, floods etc etc. Its minced beef. eggs,milk bread (of all kinds) and rice/pasta that seem to sell out. Toilet paper too for some reason.
Overdosing on vit A by consuming raw dog liver was a ,,sport,, among young male native Americans, a bit like binge drinking...to see who throws up first
Just a bit of trivia
Douglas Mawson the Antarctic explorer almost died and the last remaining member of his team died form eating husky liver. They lost a sled carrying their food and a team member down a crevasse . So they ate the dog livers.
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