19 Year Cycle Lunar Standstill Upcoming

Hello All and I am still here

I was in my home office at 4:41 MDT. I had tried spinning about 30 min before and kept getting dizzy and falling so I did not spin at that time. I sat at my desk with the last podcast playing on the office desktop system and thought I should write somthing as a prayer and could not think of anything to write and just stared at the blank note pad for ten minuets. The pod cast finished while I was staring and i just flipped to our local country station's stream just to have somthing playing.

Finally I just let some words flow out of the pen and a prayer that those with a semblance of conscience would begin to wake up and would do what was in them to do to to help those who are oppresed and in trouble came out.

I tore off the sheet and then wrapped it around a 5 dollar CAN bill. My wife had received a demand letter on wednsday from a bank demanding 10,000 dollars plus interest for a loan she had cosigned with our second son and it was apparently in arrears. It seemed an approprate gesture. I cannot remember for sure if it was just before or just after this that the main phone line rang once startling me.

The only fire I had in my office was a butane barbecue lighter and a mini butane torch so I lit that at 4:38 and at 4:41 lit the prayer and bill and dropped it into my empty coffee cup. It burned with a slow blue flame almost like natural gas and with no smoke and as I watched all I could think about was the little girl crying over the chared body of her father on the beach in the Gaza Strip and thinking that her life would never be the same again.

My thoughts were interupted by the upstairs smoke detector going off and my wife charging upstairs to see what fire I had lit. After calming her down and saying out loud " well at least that works" I looked in my cup to see the ash after the fire had gone out and the thought came to me and I voiced it out loud that "It is up to the universe to make the choice as to how this is to be done".

It was a few minuets later that my unlisted fax line rang one normal ring and one short ring nearly ontop of each other , startling me once again. I tried to spin afterwards and still could not hold the spin for more than about ten revolutions. Most curious. I used to be able to spin!

The Pictures were great. I did not see a face in the smoke however.
Hi all,
My experience during the standstill was similar to many but different in another way.

A group of several of us had met in NY City and went into Central Park an hour or so before the standstill time, which was 6:41 PM local time. A few of our group just made it a few minutes before that time. We sheltered under an overpass as it was raining on and off and sometimes pretty hard because of the remnants of Tropical Storm Eduardo which were passing through our area.

We had candles and celtic pipes music playing from a portable CD player and during the time we were waiting it seemed we were all doing our best to be non-anticipatory and just stay in the momemt.

About a minute before the 'time' we all went out into a light rain with moderate winds and gusts to select a spot somewhat apart from everyone else to experience the moment, spin and meditate. At about 10 seconds before 'zero hour' we all began to spin for 33 revolutions.

I was doing pretty well at keeping my balance until I was about half-way through but then got rather unsteady and had a hard time staying upright. After several more spins, that passed and I was able to complete the 33 spins fairly easily. I stopped facing the large tree I had been using as a 'marker' to count my spins. I brought my arms down from the outright position they had been in during the spinning and pressed my hands together in front of my chest.

As is usual right after spinning the scenery seemed to still be 'moving'. I was not surprised by this as it usually continues like this for a few seconds after spinning around. What began to get my notice is that it did not soon stop but continued on long after I would expect it to.

It was as if the world around me had been set in motion by my spinning and continued to revolve very steadily and smoothly at about one revolution per second, which was about the rate I had been spinning. What really got my attention was that after several seconds I realized that what I was seeing 'going around me' was a complete 360 degree view of the park, including the other people with me. This was a bit of a surprise, as you can well imagine, because the other participants were 'behind me'!

Of course "bit of a surprise" is a real understatement. I stood there in utter amazement watching the entire world revolve around me. I should note here that there was a space 'beneath' me and extending to about 15 or 20 feet away from me where everything was 'still' and not moving at all. It was as if a small space had been created around me which was either 'revolving' to the 'right' or was still while the Earth was moving to the 'left'. This continued for at least 30 seconds, but may have been as much as a minute. Then, everthing slowly and smoothly came to a stop.

Since no one else noticed me or anything else 'rotating' after I had stopped spinning I realize it was only my 'perception' of events. Although I was seeing this with my eyes, perhaps it was more my 'mind' which allowed this perception. That brings up the question of where is my 'mind' and what can one's mind perceive? Maybe it was an 'illusion' or maybe it was 'real'. How can any of us tell if it appears 'real' to us? With the energies apparently existent at that time, who knows exactly what 'can' occur?

After several minutes of meditation we all returned to the shelter of the underpass as we were all getting a little on the wet side. We all wrote 'notes to the Universe' with our wishes for the future and then burnt the paper to let the ashes waft away with the wind.

We all seemed to have an 'effervenscense' which may have been caused by the energies flowing within and through us. We all seemed to have this. It also appears there was 'connecting of chakras' occurring too. Definitely within our 'local group' and it also seems with everyone else who was participating in this 'event'.

I feel a definite change within me and I think many others who were 'there' at that time also feel this too. These things are very subtle though and pretty much defy explanation or classification with any normal vocabulary.

I think the Universe felt our call and our intent.

So, as Laura suggests, lets get to work!
At 0:30 CET the sky here in Switzerland was covered and I couldn't see any stars. After smoking half a cigar I was lightning a candle and at 0:39 CET I started slowly (it was to dark to spin fast) spinning to the music "Dark Moon, High Tide (including Farewell to Eireann)" from "Afro Celt Sound System". I felt warm but dizzy as I thought of all the others doing the same all over the world.

I imagined how the psychopathic group pull their strings and how the ordinary human is clueless. I asked for help for our small group and for the people of this world and felt some sadness about the zombie like state of most of the people on our globe.

0:44 CET I had done the 33 spins, I smoked the other half of the cigar and tried to feel my chakras and how they may be connected with you.

At 1:00 CET it started to rain softly for about 5 minutes and it felt like the sky was spreading water like a blanket to cover all that has been. I felt in a way consoled and watched the trees in front of me and how some wind whispered in its leafs.

At 1:30 CET I went to bed.
Hi everyone -

It sounds like mine was very low key compared to what I'm hearing. I
was by myself, in my backyard, with a candle and a running garden hose
( I know, exotic) - two houses next to me were having outdoor
bar-b-ques, so I opted to spin inside leading up to the 'time' and
then I went out and had the water running under the candle, and under
my chair. I lit the candle at 4:41 and placed the few words I had
written into it and watched that burn while I thought of everyone and
where you all are and what we're doing. I then let the pain on the
planet register and started to cry for awhile, the tears just
streaming down as I sat next to the burning candle, but there was a
happiness there too, of being a part of this and of knowing that we
were all taking those moments to feel it all and make ourselves felt,
as it were.

I've been feeling like I'm in a surreal state all day long, so it just
continued. I'm not very experienced with meditation so I didn't 'see'
anything inside, I just felt, and thought of all of you, and it sort
of seemed like we were raising our hands in some enormous classroom,
just to say that we're aware, we're paying attention and we're feeling
the pain of these people who are being killed, tortured and abused.

It was wonderful, in my own small way.
Did anyone lose their appetite at all in the past few days? I noticed myself eating only once a day (and not being hungry afterwards), and I'm curious if it's just me. I also noticed a lasting headache all through Saturday and Sunday, but it was mild and went away by end of Sunday, and could've been weather related.
ScioAgapeOmnis said:
Did anyone lose their appetite at all in the past few days? I noticed myself eating only once a day (and not being hungry afterwards), and I'm curious if it's just me.
Most definitely! I still have no appetite. I also underwent a huge healing on Friday afternoon. It knocked me flat for at least a half an hour. I hated to have to abbreviate it but my four year old needed me so I had to cut it short somewhat prematurely it seemed. Still I experienced the main thrust of it. Extremely powerful. Still staggering a bit from it.
It was party overclouded here at 18:41. About 45 minutes before, I started a campfire in my backyard.
Our fire pit , is between the house and a swamp behind our yard.
After the fire was going well. I put on a set of headphones, listened to calm music and meditated.

I have been reading "Controversy of Zion"

and watching video

Jim Condit - The Final Solution to Adolf Hitler

, so my meditative thoughts; focused on human suffering, and how; much of truth and history remain hidden.

I noticed, in a deeply meditative state, I saw a sort of light between myself and the fire.
The light, was the colour of the fire; but had the quality of an aura or northern lights.
If I focused on the strange light or was distracted by it. It went away.

At the appropriate time I got up and started spinning.
After I finished spinning, I sat and comtinued to meditate.
I did not see anymore strange light.

I did notice, I could clearly hear the sound of cars passing on the highway.
I took off the headphones to confirm what I was hearing.
It did sound like I could hear cars passing on a road 1/2 mile away.
Sounds had a different quality to them.
This lasted about 5 minutes.

I would of liked, someone with me, to confirm what I was seeing and hearing.

I went to sleep early that night.
What follows is what I wanted to publish BEFORE September 2. But here it is anyway:

Knowing that STS could use such window I will transmute my fear for any spring heeled badman, or UFO, popping through or for the possibility of some terrible calamity.

I will use the energy of fear to be wide awake, especially in my emotional centre.

I will think about the pain that so many people have to endure because of the predominantly entropic path. I will try to feel the pain of mother earth, knowing full well, that I can only endure a little chunk of Her pain.

I will cry to the universe, not as in weeping, nor as in screaming, for I know myself a little, and such will only result in pity, and anger respectively. A certain form of playfulness will be helpful to find the right balance, so that I ask, and not beg, nor command.

Letting the vibes rise in my emotional centre, I know that my higher emotional centre will become restless, and inject into the lower, bringing a union.

To ease my mind at such crucial moment, and prevent it from jumping to wild conclusions and becoming anticipatory, I will dance a little, light some fire, and play around with some cobblestones with which I will make some geometrical patterns. Hey maybe they will sing to me (FRV?). Maybe all we can expect is some higher receivership capability, if at all. My intent will be positive and not negative, to chose for our destiny and not against theirs.

I will definitely be thankful to the universe for having had the opportunity to have learned so much already. Thus this gratitude evidently also goes out to you people.
One of the reasons I was a little hesitant to post it was that it could sound to some as overly sentimental.

The second reason is that I was still negotiating the possibility to invite some good friends. As such it was going to become more difficult to get to those deeper states within my different consciousness centres as I had intended at first.
It turned out that another friend had invited me for that evening. As I didn't know who else was going to be there, I decided to decline and invite another good friend at our place, so that we would be with three, my partner included, or with five if our kids should be counted in even while being in bed. He was also going to be late, only one hour before the "standstill" which was 40 minutes after midnight at my place. There was very little time left to get into the mood, and my partner didn't exactly help. She became very "talkative" as she had not seen him for quite some time.

Soon, I used a small window to jump into the conversation and explain what the entire thing was about.

I also got into the mood by playing some celtic music and some marriage between folk music of Flanders and Galicia. I needed this. Just like so many others here I also felt exceptionally grumpy that day, and very tired as well. I made a little fire on a very old and small barbecue which I had placed on the soil at the backside of the house. The wind was so fierce and capricious at times that we had to sit at the porch, to keep the candle lights on. It was cloudy and no stars were visible.
The Middle East was mentioned but we mainly talked about our professional situation and how difficult it all had become to find a profession that was not infected yet by the pathocracy. It is mainly the intent being built up around this issue (our predicament on a smaller scale) that I took with me to the fire while burning some lavender. Most of my colleagues see what is happening. Could they (we!) use this seeing to do something constructively about our situation, before their (our) minds would irreversibly be turned OFF ?

I then spun 33 times in a clockwise direction. In contrast to the times I did this before, this time it had a very liberating effect on me, and also clarifying. That last bit of grumpiness was now gone.

A little later our daughter had a panic attack while sleeping. My partner went to bed at two, and my friend and I talked about many many relevant things well up to four o'clock. Did you know for instance that of all things detrimental to memory, alcohol comes only at the second place? And what then takes the first place, I asked him, pot? No! That was not even present on the list. It is ... watching television.

The day after, I felt invigorated. It was still very windy, and I worked in the garden the entire afternoon. At a certain time, my partner called me inside telling me that our electricity supply went down exactly at the time our daughter opened the door of the refrigerator to get something for her younger brother. I thought such was impossible, and indeed it soon became clear that our entire street was without electricity. Less than an hour later it was repaired. I then saw a passenger airplane fly by at such low altitude that I almost could discern the faces behind the window. Such low altitude I have never seen before. I think it was from Lufthansa.

I went back inside to tell my partner, and I also addressed my daughter to be a little more careful next time with the refrigerator, as our entire street was without electricity. Her eyes opened widely, full of surprise and when her mouth dropped and I heard her gasping for fresh air with closed off throat ... I told her I was only joking. :lol:

But you never know. The whole experience had such exotic flavour to it that I wonder. Am I still here?
Are we ?
The day started out kinda hectic running the kids around to soccer games ect... things
settled down a bit I read some more of C of Z and put on The Wall by Pink Floyd (we don't
have any celtic pipes) and tried to focus my thoughts. Then my wife and I drove into the
bush/forrest back behind where we live, it was a beautiful sunny day we drove to a spot
were there is a underground well, the energy there was very calm and peaceful the air
smelled sweet and fresh. At 12:41pm we lit a candle on top of the well and burned some
tobacco on a ti leaf. We began spinning after the first 33 spins I didn't feel much except a
little dizzy my wife felt a bit nauseous and sat down, later she said that it wasn't just the
spinning that made her nauseous that earlier she had been listening to the pod-cast and
heard Henry mention how Israel had dropped all these cluster bombs after the so called
cease fire and those thoughts made her sick. I continued to spin again and tried to focus
my thoughts on the state of the world and all the suffering. At this point I felt like what
Kenlee described as "strong determination" and a "inner fire". As I began the final 33 spins I
realized that the spinning was generating energy I started to have a feeling as if I was a
capacitor and had thoughts of everyone in the group spinning at the same time all around
the world generating energy like the ancestors did long ago it felt as if we were awakening
a sleeping giant for lack of a better description.

As we were leaving 3 boars ran on the dirt road in front of us (Kamapua'a Hawaiian pig
God). When we got back home I put on Pink Floyd again this time the music was very
profound it made us feel very sad, we discussed how important it is to feel the pain and
suffering of others and that is what makes us human.

Later in the day at our oldest daughter's soccer game we noticed an interesting interaction
between our daughter and some of her team members, they had just finished a very close
match that they won 1 to 0, our daughter said to her team mates that she felt bad for the
other team because they had to play the full game without any subs, her team mates
responded that they didn't care about the other team and she replied back "not even as
humans" they shot back NO, you could see the shocked look on our daughters face. Lots
of WORK to do.
Here's my saturday-sunday morning experience, the event took place at 00:41 here, local time.

After having collected some Irish music performed with those funny Uilleann pipes and having found a candle with an irony support bought long time ago for no apparent reason, I've tried some spinning while playing music, watched some of the Eric Blumrich's videos and read another chapter of CofZ and some SOTT editorials. The terror of the world's situation was there, a clear picture in front of my whole presence.

I had a look outside and the contellation of cass. was there up in the sky and in "vertical" position. I glanced at the night sky for an hour or so.

Then back to my room, the music was on, and I started spinning again. Counter clock wise was fine, clockwise was actually disastrous, maybe I got too much speed :) and I've falled down like attracted to a magnet towards the amplifier and the classical music shelf. Ouch!

At 00:41 I was ready to lit the candle togheter with a new zippo, then I've started meditating a bit and reading SOTT. At 01:06am, I've started hearing a strong hiss in my head, don't know if it was because I got tired during the day, the fall or whatever, anyway it lasted until I got to bed later at 2-2,30am. I've thought for a moment that maybe it was like hearing all the other guys performing the same thing all around the planet. Then I've slept nearly for 10 hours which it's quite unusual for me. It was difficult to balance the effect produced by lectures like CofZ while concentrating, dancing and listening to that beautiful music.
We lucked out as the rain held off and we were able to setup outside. We had the bonfire going, ran the garden hose under our chairs, put on some Celtic music in the background and we were good to go. Surreal is the term that comes to mind. The image that came to mind was a picture of the earth with white "conduits" shooting up into the sky from all over the world and connecting.

Later that evening I was picking up dinner and I happened to park behind a car with what looked like a brand new bumper sticker which read, Bushes last day 1-20-09. You can feel the average citizen becoming more confident and willing to speak out against this administration compared to a couple of years ago!
ScioAgapeOmnis said:
Did anyone lose their appetite at all in the past few days? I noticed myself eating only once a day (and not being hungry afterwards), and I'm curious if it's just me. I also noticed a lasting headache all through Saturday and Sunday, but it was mild and went away by end of Sunday, and could've been weather related.
Yeah, it seems my apetite is very low too. I had a headache on Sunday, but not Saturday.

As for the event. I stayed in my room and spun 33 times, only once (didn't think to do it 3 times so soon). Then I laid on my bed and thought about the group, the world, and what could be. My thoughts jumped to my own concerns and I steered myself away from that as this should be for everyone!

About 15-20 minutes later I went to read the group and the signs page, and talk to some friends online.

Pretty low key for me too. I am up for another event.
Hi all,

Here it was beautiful, sunny and warm but not hot. I chose a spot facing east behind my greenhouse as it was windy and it is the most private spot on the property.. Like others, I felt kind of jittery all day. I think I was worried about "messing up" i.e. with anticipation, or missing the time, or ??? Someone on the forum mentioned wearing silk. I had some that I had intended to do "something" with eventually, so it became a caftan in short order. The music ended up being Loreena McKennitt's "Breaking the Silence" from Parallel Dreams which was perfect for remembering the suffering of the world. It was written nearly 20 years ago, and things have only gotten worse.

I lit some sage as I like the scent, and it does put me more in a meditative space. The spinning was fun and at 4:41 I lit the candle, started the music. My prayer of finding a way to let the Beautiful Names of God have their space in this world and how to serve that idea. I'm not one to cry easily, but tears just started pouring down my face. I played the song twice, then let it go on to the next track which was sort of peaceful/ hopeful. The image of chakras connecting was one of shimmering threads forming this beautiful net around the world. Remembering and picturing the members I knew in casschat and the QFG and those I hadn't, picturing their location in the world seem to make the net get brighter and stronger. There was the idea of "all coming to the same point in the cycle".

Like others I felt like spinning again, this time with the Afro-Celt album (the first one, a great album!!!) and then just stood on the grass in the warm sun. Kind of a standing meditation. Then the energy sort of settled down. The candle had blown out in the wind by then, so I sat in the shade and read more of C of Z.

Thank you Laura for posting the pictures of the Chateau event. It was just like being there, and I started to cry all over again. Also, check the second to last picture. It's *full* of orbs.

As a weird little side note, I had to run into town in the morning. I kept seeing license plates with triple numbers (111, 222) etc. The one that made me laugh with a little hope was: EBB222. The ebbing of the power of "snake eyes"?

My experience was low key. My time was 6:41 PM, it was cloudy, and cool, but I put some cushions on the back deck/porch, right by my flowers that are planted along the edge of the deck, so I was kinda sitting among them. I wanted to light the tiki torches on either side of the porch but with the recent rain, the wicks were too saturated so I had some candles and a glass of water (filtered, of course) in a crystal glass. I'd run to the library
earlier to try and find some Celtic music, got there 10 minutes before closing, and grabbed the only CD's I
could find that had "celtic" in the titie! ;-)

I put the CD in my walkman and spun around on the porch listening to it, then I did my last set of 33 spins right before, then sat down on the cushions to meditate while still listening to the CD. I also had a watch and timer set, but I got kinda distracted worring about getting the "exact" time. I sat and let my hands rest on my lap in the "meditation" position, palms up, thumb and middle finger touching. My fingers were sort of tingling, but right after the beeper went off, I noticed them tingling in a different way, hard to describe. I did felt connected to "something." I burned my piece of paper, and my eyes watered with emotion.

My husband had come out on the deck to smoke a cig and he too, burned a piece of paper and stood close by in
silence. Afterwards, I got up and gave him a hug. Then, I drank the water that was in the glass, it had little bubbles in it. I didn't want to go indoors just yet, so I went for a walk around the neighborhood to think about what was going on, and a very, very fine drizzle had started, but stopped a few minutes into my walk.

I kinda wished my time had been later in the evening, cause I think there would have been more atmosphere in the dark. ;-)
ScioAgapeOmnis said:
Did anyone lose their appetite at all in the past few days? I noticed myself eating only once a day (and not being hungry afterwards), and I'm curious if it's just me. I also noticed a lasting headache all through Saturday and Sunday, but it was mild and went away by end of Sunday, and could've been weather related.
I wish! Nah, not even a 19 yr lunar standstill can make my stomach stand still. ;)
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