19 Year Cycle Lunar Standstill Upcoming

I walked into town and down to the river. It was quiet and nobody was nearby, so I did some spinning in the dark corner of the car park. The river is low at the moment so I climbed under the chain railing and walked down the steps that run parallel to the river to the water's edge and sat down. It was dark and out of sight of the street above.
I sat with a small bowl and a short note I'd written earlier, which at 'zero hour' I burned in the bowl. I thought about the suffering in world and the rest of the group and asked that strength and opportunity might be given to those that were suffering and those who wished to serve.

Swans were swimming by every so often. I sat for a little over half an hour in thought before emptying the ashes in the bowl into the river and making my way back up the steps to the street light above.

I walked back to the house feeling calm.
Quite a pleasant experience. I think the most important aspect was
the fact that i knew the rest of you were doing the same thing at the
same time.
Can't quite explain the feeling that lingered after the event, but it
was good.

The positive feeling that i was actually doing something meant a lot, also.

Hi All,
This has been an inspiring experience that is hard to describe. The
energy was clear and high both during the event and afterwards.

It was rainy and windy all day but both quieted down around 5pm. A soft
drizzle fell while spinning with big plops falling from the trees every
now and then. I stayed under the trees afterwards and 'talked' to the
universe. Poured my heart out really, then tried to feel and visualize
the energetic links between the members of the group and said Hi.

There was a shimmery sort of glowing feeling in this experience that
was gentle and accepting while at the same time invigorating and
charged. I was throughly soaked afterwards but felt very warm, so warm
that my glasses were steamed.

Perhaps something has begun, a new cycle maybe as this is the 42 month
after sept 01. Who knows. As the C's would say, "Wait and see."

It was fun and powerful for me too, even though I was by myself. I tried to visualize the linking up of chakras with all of us doing the same thing around the globe, but wasn't too successful.

The rain held out (tropical storm Ernesto was supposed to hit by then), I didn't feel a drop. Saw a deer (that isn't so unusual lately) Went up on a forested hill near a pond and meditated and stuff, spun and tried to get a
small fire going, but it didn't start before it was TIME. Probably just as well since fires are illegal there. The wind gusted during the meditation phase then calmed.

On the way back the sun peeked through the clouds as it was setting which I took as a good sign since Tropical Storm Ernesto should have been really going by then. 3D weather being higher density conflicts and all. Of course, I was prepared to take rain as a good omen, too (grace from on high) ;)

I never got in the habit of spinning, but it seemed to have a good effect. The dizziness went away pretty quick. I should do it more.

Things definitely felt different all Sunday. I had WAY more energy than usual all day. There was something else too I have been thinking about how to describe, I guess I would say I feel more amplitude if that makes any sense. I have a "wider" sense in other words. The chakras do seem to be activated more. I think I need to make spinning a regula thing.

I haven't felt any extra heat, though.
Quite the opposite. I have been eating like a horse. Part of it is that I am feeling a lot of extra energy since Sept. 2 and don't always know what to do with it.

ScioAgapeOmnis said:
Did anyone lose their appetite at all in the past few days? I noticed myself eating only once a day (and not being hungry afterwards), and I'm curious if it's just me. I also noticed a lasting headache all through Saturday and Sunday, but it was mild and went away by end of Sunday, and could've been weather related.
Hi all,

I went to the pasture. I picked up a couple of stones on the way and had my place ready.

I did my spins and just cried the whole time. I'm not sure why I cried so hard. Maybe because my body was so traumatized by the horse fall, or because I'm so undone by the wars and hate, or both.

As an aside here, today I fed my horse and was standing in front of the stall, my horse came behind me and laid his entire head on the right side of my back. He wasn't nudging me as a horse will do. He actually laid his head on my back. This is right where the pain was .He had his muzzle there for at least two minutes. Most of the soreness is gone now.

This really blows my mind and I don't know where to file it in my brain. I don't remember if a person ever tried to make me feel better, perhaps because I never let anyone know I felt bad, but I have a strong feeling that an animal cared.

I am embarrassed to post this but I'm going to anyway because, if I don't, then self
importance wins.
Thanks for posting that, Tina, it brings tears to my eyes, in a very good way. Again, thanks.
Hi everybody,

I read the first several chapters of Controversy of Zion in the days leading up to the 2nd. The shocks provided put me in a pretty strong emotional state, along with an increased awareness of just how bad the situation has become for humanity.

On the 2nd my girlfriend and I drove out to a nearby river, set up a small fire by the water and played some celtic music on a portable CD player. We started out with the spinning and at 22:41UT we each placed a note to the Universe in the fire and began to meditate. No phenomena to speak of. I just sat quietly and focused on the empathy that I was feeling and sort of imagined it being sent out to combine with everyone else's.

Afterwards we held each other and cried. Then we lightened the mood a bit with some dancing before heading back.

I don't know if it was the reading, the lunar standstill, or the group's combined intent to FEEL more intensely for the suffering going on in the world, but that is precisely the result of the last few days. I find myself crying, a lot, whenever I think about all that is happening. But it is nothing like a depression. It feels more like a natural flow of emotional energy in response to the horrors we are faced with and it is very motivating.

So, yes, let's go to work!
Lucy said:
Hi Lynne, Anders, Vulcan, and Everyone...

I'm glad to hear you're all still here and doing fine, and no one is reporting any strange and creepy "window fallers":D
...but actually it's Sue who's doing the headcount.
My apologies, Sue. I guess I got confused by the way the names "Sue" and "Lucy" look so much alike. (Yeah, right.) :-P
Tina I'm glad you posted about your horse too. I have often been struck by the actions of animals displaying characteristics that we'd generally consider only humans to be capable of.

I've discovered (or perhaps admitted) that animals are actually a point of weakness for me, so I hesitate now in saying so, but I do think your horse likely displayed honestly a sentiment of caring toward you and that's a very special thing.
I hiked out to a natural spring in a canyon. I had never been there before, so I found the spring I was looking for just in time. I sat next to where the spring comes out of the ground, smoked a cigarette and left one burning, and sang some appropriate ceremonial songs accompanied by drumming for about an hour that covered the experimental time. I felt some things while I was singing that are a little difficult to explain and certainly have a subjective slant to them. I thought I was alone in that canyon, so I really let loose on some of the songs. As I was leaving my spot and getting back on the trail to walk out of the canyon, I saw a couple of people who said I sounded good. I was pretty embarassed, so I mumbled some thanks and scuttled away. At least they did not ask me if I was hurt or something ;) All things considered, it was a really nice day.
Just thought I would add my experience to the rest here. A storm
began to roll in about an hour and a half before the appointed time.
My two youngest were asleep and my oldest and I sat on the sofa and
talked. About a half an hour later, the wind picked up a little, a
slight drizzle began to come down and the sheet lightening started. I
left the balcony door open so we could watch it and feel/smell the
air. It was magnificent. I just marvelled at it. It was so beautiful.
And no thunder! The thunder started later though, and when it did, it
just rolled through the clouds and seemed to go on forever. My
daughter got tired and wanted me to lay down next to her for a while
until she slept. I did and as we lay there, I asked her to think of
all of those who are suffering now in the world before she drifted
off to sleep, and express a wish that they receive help. As I lay
there, I could feel a strange vibration in my feet and lower legs.

Soon, my daughter was asleep, and I slowly got up and went into the
living room. It had started to rain, and the thunder had started in
earnest by then. The sky was still being periodically lit up by that
beautiful sheet lightening. I lit my candles, put on the music, wrote
my wishes for the world on a small bit of paper, and then did the
spinning. At the appointed time, I burned the little bit of paper in
a candle, put my hands together and began meditating/praying. The
tears came, but they were controlled. I felt very solemn. I had been
feeling pretty sad for most of the day, and then, there was still
sadness, but also a sense of determination and connectedness that I

I thought of all of those who are suffering now. I asked that I be
given the wisdom, strength and means to take good care of my kids and
do whatever is in my power and means and capabilities to help those
who are suffering. I asked that the Universe do what it needs to in
order to make me a proper "tool" through which it could do its work.
To make me the conduit through which it can flow freely. I asked the
Universe to bless and take care of everyone in France and in the
group and again, to help those who are suffering so much in the world
now. I wished for peace, freedom, truth, love, neighborliness, life
and joy to manifest themselves in this world more than is the case
now, if that be the will of this world.

When I finished, the rain had lessened and I could feel the vibration
in my body again. I've felt it many times before, so it was familiar,
but I thought it was interesting that I should feel it again right at
that particular time. My head also became sort of "heavy" - not like
a headache - it wasn't painful - just heavy, very much how it feels
after I have cried, been through something really emotional.

That's it briefly. I was very glad I was able to take part. I wasn't
sure I was going to be able to, but it worked out afterall.

Wishing you all well.
Did the NYC bit in central park.
Was the guy running through the park, made it there with 4 minutes to spare.

It was great to get to meet people in person, and while physically there was great variety, mentally we all seemed to be on the same page, everyone was easy to talk to, and a general feeling of calmness floated over the group.

Fifth's kids are cute as hell too.

Basically did as others have described, stretched, spun, felt.

Ingrid was sweet, she brought lil bits of paper and pens for everyone to write a letter with.
Thanks Ingrid.

Was exhausted afterward, slept alot, didn't end up going out that night and drinking as i had intended.
Oh well.

A big tree fell in my backyard, it was old, part of it had already fell, and two more huge parts came down on saturday, right before i left for nyc. My bro and I cleaned up a good bit of it, there's still alot left. We'll need help to get rid of the rest of it. Our chainsaw's not big enough.

Seemed pertinent.

Hi folks,
It was raining here, so I did my spins indoors, did 3 sets of 33, and managed to stay balanced. It was interesting because I noticed during the spins that my left hand - the one with palm up- was really feeling an amazing amount of tingling and was really hot. I've been spinning semi-regularly for a while now and never had that happen before. I had been thinking about all the horrors of this world, mostly thinking about all the children of the world who are suffering from war, famine disease and the madness of the psychopaths, and that brought me to tears.
I burnt a message outside and sat down to meditate. the tingling in my palm then moved to my head, where I believe my crown chakra was tingling for a good two hours afterwards. Not sure why that happened but it was very noticable. I did feel quite tired afterwards, and ending up sleeping like a log for 10 hours straight!! The next day and the rest of the weekend I felt really calm and somehow strengthened in my resolve. All in all, it was a really great experience!!
My experience was also low-key, but not without interest. About eight or nine minutes into it I "felt" a sort of gentle bump, which suffused into some rather shaky emotions, followed quickly by a surprising visual from a day I enjoyed about three years ago.

It was early in the morning on a magnificent day of Indian summer. I had taken a long walk out to the end of an old concrete pier. The water was calm on the leeward side, and I could see clear to the bottom. So caught up admiring the patterns made by the wave action on the sandy bottom, and with the way the algae had formed on the sand EXACTLY in a line with the shade of the pier, that I had not noticed a gigantic school of small fish (which had been right in front of me the entire time). They were just sort of sitting there quietly, not moving much at all. Paused in time, suspended as it were, like me in that moment. And this was my visual: that school of fish.

For me, it was a beautiful symbol of our colinearity; very gratifying in contrast to the contemplation of all the terror and misery of a world gone mad.
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