19 Year Cycle Lunar Standstill Upcoming

I thought it might be wise to take a head count just to make sure no one disappeared. If you are still with us please raise your hand.

Laura.... Laura.... are you still here?

Seriously, I had a great celebration that generated "heat" and energy, and hope that everyone else did as well.

For the first time I got a true sense that adding my one little tiny voice to everyone else's could possibly make a difference to the universe.

I am reminded of Cindy Lou Who in Horton Hears a Who: "We are here, we are here, we are here."
During the symbolic sacrifice, I sensed being part of something bigger as well. Happy Lunar standstill :)

Sue said:
I thought it might be wise to take a head count just to make sure no one disappeared. If you are still with us please raise your hand.
**Raising hand!** ~~ Still here Sue!
Still here! I didn't expect that we would be let off that easy! So much to do!

Anyway, here is a photo album of our "event":

Still here, loving it in NC! Woke up this morning at 6:41am. Just wrote a detailed post of my day (it was rather ritualistic I must admit) and lost it so will try again later. The overwhelming sense of renewal abounds.
Prayers for Rain said:
Like Ruth I had been verry grumpy the whole day and the day before
I too experienced this, although it extended a few days back. This puzzled me, and I took note of it, but didn't make, or consider, a connection.

RflctnOfU said:
Prayers for Rain said:
Like Ruth I had been verry grumpy the whole day and the day before
I too experienced this, although it extended a few days back. This puzzled me, and I took note of it, but didn't make, or consider, a connection.

Don't like to write a one liner or "me too" post, but me too :) I was in very irritating mood for several days before yesterday. It's like some energy that wants to get out, but can't find anything more constructive then anger. Well, at least yesterday it was quite constractive.. I hope...
I spun but I was a few minutes late, doh! I never spin so it didn't take long before everything was spinning, yet I continued for a while longer and stopped to see everything else attempt to spin around me. It's funny how after you spin everything "tries" to spin and instantly gets snapped back to its original position each time. It's like it just wants to continue spinning and you see it move and suddenly ur mind goes "wait, that's not right, get back here!" and it snaps back into the original position, then instantly tries again and gets snapped back each time. But for a few split-second moments it appears like reality turns a few inches (before my mind snaps it back). I know it's an illusion, but I just never really payed attention to how effective and powerful it is!
I didn't feel grumpy but starting Thursday night I felt edgy and clumsy. Almost like a caffeine high. I kept dropping things and couldn't get my body coordinated. I was irritating myself.

Great pictures Laura, looks like everyone had a lot of fun. I'll try to be there for the next 19 Year Cycle. :)
Reporting my whirling experience on 9/2/06, 3:41PM PST,
day is hot and bright:

1) Meditated, and thought of a sentence to write on piece of paper, found one
and wrote it down: "STO Knowledge, Awareness for all who are ready"
2) Burned the paper.
3) Reminded myself of no expectations and to think happy thouughts and mirth
(internal jokes) then spun around CW, 33 times.
4) Stopped on the 33rd spin, tried to hold my ground, and suppress vertigo sickness
that usually follows. All successful.
5) Looked around and outside thinking of nothing but looking at everything, the sky,
grounds, people and cars.
Expected nothing and received nothing new. But then later on received a little
mind fog, and a little headache. I suspect these headaches are from spinning
because I get these from veritgo but tried to tell myself that it might be possible
that this may be related to DNA changes as explained by C's to Laura but of course
no one told me that directly. So overall for the day: "No news is good news".
6) Next day. Slight "hangover" as it takes awhile for me to recover from the
I woke up Saturday morning to rain and heavy overcast skies. While having juice on the patio I noticed how tall the grass was in the backyard so I asked my oldest son to mow it before the celebration. It was thick and wet with rain and after he had struggled mowing the outer perimeter of the yard, I got an idea. I decided I would cut a design into the grass, sort of like my own crop circle. Much to my son's relief, I took over the task and made something like this:
Two outer rings and one inner circle transversed by three straight tangental lines making a pyramid point in the center. To me, the circle represented the three densities and the three lines forming the pyramid, the three dimensions.
I set my fire ring in the center of the inner circle. Then I did my first spin of the day. I juice/tea fasted all day as well as took flower and crystal essences. Around 2 oclock I decided to drive to the local EarthFare for a shot of weatgrass. Stepping over the smooshed, dead frog on the driveway ( this plays an important role later) I headed out. On my way home I stopped at my usual vantage point, an overlook where there is a great view of the surrounding mountains. Of course it was so overcast, the sun was not visible but soon after I began my meditation, the sun revealed itself to me through the layers of mist and clouds. When it receeded again behind the clouds, I left for home. I was quite reverent all day. Just feeling gratitude and asking to be awake and aware and hopefully to learn to see. When I was preparing for my celebration at 4:30, I put on the cd, Holy Harmony, which uses healing code tuning forks and ancient chants to heal and relax. I did some yoga and chi gong on the deck and revelled in the appearance of my neighboring red tailed hawk. It circled over me twice, approving my preparations, before flying off to its nest. At 5:41 I began my celebration with my second spin. I then walked the labyrinth to the inner circle. I talked and prayed about being awake, aligning myself with STO forces, the densities and balance. I burned some significant papers that related to my relationship with my ex-partner . I placed crystals around my cirlce that correspond to the seven chakras and the seven densities. At 6:41 a light rain fell just on my circles. The clouds cleared and a patch of blue crowned my sacred space. I did my final spin slowly inside the inner cirlce. At 7 o'clock I was done. I would have loved to stay there longer but I had to go pick up my younger son. When we got home he said, "Mommy, look a frog!" I thought he was referring to the smooshed one (we had spent a good deal of time looking at it earlier) and so I just sort of said, "Uh huh," without looking and he said, "No, Mommy, look! It's a live frog!" And what do you know. In the same place where the smooshed frog had been decaying for days, there was now a young, very alive frog, sitting there looking warily at us. There was no sign of the dead frog anywhere. How's that for renewal? Frogs are liminal creatures that live between worlds. They represent transformation between water and sound. It is a totem for metamorphisis. It is a symbol for coming into one's power. So be it!
Without having read this thread - I only found it this morning - I made my first posting to the Forum on the 2nd. Does that count as accessing hyperdimensions?
If you are still keeping track, Lucy, I'm still here, also. At the appointed time, I went out to an area on my property where there is a large boulder, and an underground stream runs under this area. Plus, down below the hill I live on, there is a river. I lit the candle, even though the breeze that was blowing was against this, lit my small piece of paper with my prayer on it and sat it on the rock and stayed with it until it was burned (the breeze was still trying to assist with things). Then, I sent out my thoughts to the universe, seeing in my minds eye and my heart, the destruction of the Middle East and asking a more balanced 3D earth, a little more STO to balance out these STS vibrations. I did 11 circuits of the spin, stopped with my hand helds together in front of me and repeated my request. I did this a total of 3 times to make my 33 circuits. Then I stopped for a few moments and then reapeated the above for my second spin. For my third spin I celebrated the cosmos and giving it my thanks and knowing that everything is as it should be and as it will be. Then, when my spinning was done, I collected my candle and matches and went into back into the house. I noticed when I stopped spinning that I felt disconnected with my surroundings and figured it would stop shortly. But, it took 2 hours for this out-of-sync feeling to go away. I just felt out of sync with everything. I've never felt this way before. I mean, I've felt dizzy and nauseated from spinning too fast in the past, but, I wasn't spinning fast and I wasn't dizzy. Anyway, I did get back to normal. It was a very great thing for me to be able to be part of this celebration and I thank all of you who put this together. And, Laura, thanks for the photo album, it was fun to see your celebration. Hmmmm, fire jumping, another sport to try.
I found Joe's Celtic custom of jumping over the fire interesting.

When I lived in Iran the last Tuesday night of the old year was celebrated by jumping over a bonfire to celebrate Chahar Shanbeh Sri, a celebratory ritual of the quest for enlightenment, health and happiness in the coming year. The roots stretch back to Zoroastrianism.
I just discovered this thread yesterday, so I was unaware of the significance of the event. Nothing in particular to report from here other than a "Yes Lucy, I am also still here". Nice to see the pictures and read other forumites experiences.

I did however have a dream 24 hours before this event of being at a what seemed like a QFG/SOTT get-together. The feeling was one of a brother/sisterhood of co-linear beings. There were elements in the dream that alluded to changing of form, a feeling of mystique, and of a testing to see who was able to see the unseen.

Whether the dream had any significance to the event I am not sure, as I have had dreams before of being with the SOTT/QFG.

Regarding the spinning I noticed on the pictures that everybody spins anti-clockwise. My question is whether that is deliberate, as I normally spin clockwise. My pendulum says to that question 'maybe', so I am just curious if there is any difference.

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