A sign that things are about to change drastically?


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American expat living in France gives his opinion on the global changes.
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No Fear....

Nov 20, 2019 / 06:41


Ray Dalio & Peter Schiff Betting On A Market Crash in 2020 !!
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This Grand Solar Minimum is Driving Everything in Politics (Bob Kudla 3/3)
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The illusion of a healthy economy.

A PSA spokesman said the French company still hoped to roll out DS cars in China and a “new strategic plan” would be presented in the coming weeks or months.

The partners planned to continue building DS-branded cars at the Shenzhen plant, a China-based PSA spokesman said on Friday.

PSA’s sale plan would be presented to French unions on Friday, a source familiar with the matter said.

PSA’s sales in China fell in 2018 by 32% to 262,583 vehicles, a long way off the 1 million-a-year target it had set itself a few years ago.
Changan said it is seeking a floor price of 1.63 billion yuan ($232 million) for its stake in the joint venture.

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