Ambroxol - The Common Cough Syrup

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Perhaps you could add a teaspoon of glycine to sweeten it
Thank you Oxajil. That was a well timed and valuable suggestion. I had read the post on Glycine a few years ago but as I was doing catch-up on the forum I went onto other topics and never went back. Having now reread the post I think, maybe, Glycine could be an answer to many varied problems I am struggling with.

Can't thank you enough for your thoughtful suggestion. I'm off to order it now.


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What a coincidence! There's a very common 'mucolytic'? syrup called "Mucosolvan" here in Italy, €10 or even less, usually taken during or after any sign of cold/flu related symptoms. Had a very bad flu in between January and February and it was like having spikes in my temples 24/24, no sore throat, but a lot of mucus in it... gash!

I have it on my desk, prescribed by my doctor but sold even without prescription I suppose. Unfortunately something nasty was going on with this product, as the label reads 'sugar free'... et voilà, checked the paper and there's 'sucralose' in it. Anyway an online check shows even cheaper 'Ambroxol clorohydrate/hydrochloride?' without nasty mixs of sort.

Now that I think of it it's about 2 years or so that I've noticed an increase in salivation, and the need to swallow more often. Don't know if it's properly a 'mucus' thing itself.
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