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Just wanted to let you know that unfortunately I won't be able to participate in the reading meeting tomorrow. I have an errand I can't postpone or reschedule. But surely will join you next week. :flowers:
Take care of yourself in the meantime, Keit!

We will be having our Au-Asia-Am Reading Workshop in 10 minutes time.

Please use the following link to join, and this is the meeting number: 830807796

See you guys there then! :thup:


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Thank you. It was a great meeting. I just wanted to share how it was hard for me to learn how to grow up having oversensitive parents who have this people reading skills but couldn't manage finances and pay bills, we lived often without electricity and food. Working on my sensitivities led me into hard situations and made me also physically work hard and not just on myself, it takes time to learn more about yourself and comprehend everything. Although time doesn't exist:-)


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We had the 7th Au-Asia-Am Reading Workshop (30th May 2020), with @Aya, @Arwenn, @sid, @Rashi, @Bobo08, and @Nathancat7. We reviewed Chapter 12 and 13. Thank you all for attending!

Here is the link to the video of the session, and audio. Here is the link to the folder to access future sessions as well.

The following are notes from the discussion.

Chapter 12: All There Is Is Lessons
  • Symbols of Reality, teaching us to see the unseen, "not where you are but who and what you see" - cataclysm of the soul.
  • Channeling and insertion of twists from STS from their biases.
  • Afterlife transmissions. Beings in 5D don't have all info. Need to be invited to go to a higher level. Process of learning is discontinuous.
  • A dead Presbyterian is a dead Presbyterian.
  • Range of vision analogy from 3D-7D being equivalent to having 180 - 360 degree vision
  • Not seeing through personal slant and seeing things as they are. Distortions
  • Arwenn's experience: Chiropractic adjustments helping with blood flow to eyes. Person legally blind but applied for driver's license. Pieces of cardboard worn on eyes, and walking backwards. Awareness increased after removing eye covering.
  • Crystallization on wrong foundation, recrystallization is suffering.
  • Pain and liberation. Thankfulness for suffering. Learning is pure gold.
  • Subjectivity of suffering, quote from Laura: "I cried because I didn't have any shoes until I met a man who had no feet"
  • Journey of Souls, Michael Newton
  • Jordan Peterson: "Don't compare yourself to someone else, compare yourself to who you were"
  • Extracting pity, STS toolkit. Empathy makes one easier target.
  • Opportunity to change future by becoming more aware.
  • Social media marketing, happiness selling, JP says though "Life is suffering", and find meaning where possible
  • Positive dissociation to suspend worries for a moment, art, reading, etc.
  • Ryerson Effect. A person's behavior doesn't match up with what they say.
  • Charismatics & spellbinders - make you feel comfortable, and drop defenses by acting as an authority figure
  • Religious teaching from being a lifejacket to a straitjacket for the soul. Entrapment by gurus in ashrams.
  • People not wanting to take responsibility. Not wanting to stick out of the crowd. Milgram's experiments.
  • Both followers and gurus can be motivated by fear rather than natural desire to teach/learn
  • Provide sense of belonging to a tribe. Natural social impulse but also influenced by Predator's mind. Fear of being discovered at any time, keeps us penned in.
  • Essence being a very small part of human being - Castaneda
    In common usage, the essence of something is its inherent quality or central, defining feature.
    In Fourth Way discourse, a man’s essence is the totality of the qualities or propensities he is born
    with. As opposed to this, personality is the totality of the acquired or learned patterns of thought,
    emotion, and behavior.
    Essence is not directly observable since all interaction with people normally passes through the
    filter of personality.
    Modern psychology attributes about 80 percent of observable characteristics of human psyche to
    factors of nature and only 20 percent to factors acquired from environment. Physical or psychologi-
    cal reflections of the Fourth Way idea of essence would include things like features of the endocrine
    system having to do with stress and fl ight/fi ght responses or inherent abilities such as memoryor
    IQ or predispositions such as verbal vs. visual thinking or left vs. right brain dominance.
    There is however more to the concept of essence than this. Essence includes the concept of funda-
    mental character, as in whether one’s center of gravity is in the moving, feeling or thinking center.
    Even further, essence would include an idea of invariable moral character, i.e. tending towards
    truth or lies or service to self or service to others. There is some evidence that these features are
    genetically based and also refl ected in observable brain functioning. For example, psychopaths,
    which would represent a serious fl aw of essence, have distinctive brain electric patterns.
    We could say that essence is what is left when the conditioning of culture and the multiple faces
    and acquired roles of little ’I’s are stripped away. The Work may in principle bring essence and
    personality closer to each other. George Gurdjieff comments that the education system of his time –
    and the modern one with all the more reason – favor personality at the cost of essence development,
    by teaching hypocrisy and the distrust of one’s own senses from the get-go. Personality is the only
    part of the self that can thrive when one grows up in an environment of culturally conditioned lies
    and arbitrary value judgements.
    Primitive societies are more favorable for essence development, producing individuals that are less
    contradictory and more healthy in terms of essence. However, they are no better suited for esoteric
    development because their cognitive or ’personality’ side is under-trained.
    Any work on essence needs to proceed through personality, since personality is the one part of
    man’s inner life that can be reached. Disciplines of personality, such as self-remembering may
    in time benefit essence, although the Fourth Way teaching is generally vague about any work on
    essence. Gurdjieff says that most often the growth of essence stops around the age of seven and
    man’s essence is usually left in a state of stupidity or weakness.
    There exists a set of psychophysiological features of man which are life-long or very slowly changing
    and which correspond to Gurdjieff ’s description of essence. The Fourth Way and psychology seem
    to have reached compatible conclusions in this area.

  • Good to born in the setting of falseness and find yourself out of it.
  • Migration, religion and ethnicity. Pressure to conform to religious norms in various countries.
  • Yahweh to Zion. Corruption of Christianity to forced migration, inter-ethnic marriage, pornography, division in the family unit, modest dress
  • Made in Italy - TV Show, social revolution and chaos in 70s, designing clothes as art.
  • Social manners in the past vs. now.
  • Mona Lisa Smile - Movie, practicalities of life and working families
  • Symbols of reality, comprehension limited, and focusing on 3D lessons before moving on. Even Ark doesn't understand Gravity Waves!
  • Sid reading Basic Laws of Electricity, atoms, gravity so on
  • Awareness grows gradually, no shortcuts. Channeling provides an escape. It's not where you are, it's who you are and what you see.
  • Frank in Adventures in Cassiopaea. His arguments with Laura - multiple levels reality involved and feeding dynamic. Make nice program.
  • Abdicating responsibility to 4DSTS. Choosing a mechanical life like taking a blue pill. Cutting self off from higher centers. Suffering in the leads to motivation to find way out.
  • Choosing the influences that one wants to be subjected to. Our environment and influences individually and collectively reflect our selection of influences and choices. Your life is a reflection of who you are.
  • Jung: No difference between yourself and your psychological experience. Cleanliness of physical surroundings. Clearing out items.
  • Feng Shui and decluttering.
  • Mental decluttering. Orderliness and disgust sensitivity. Knowledge and information hoarding vs. utilization.
  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Neuroptimal. Thinking methods, processes.
Chapter 13: All There Is Is Lessons (Some further remarks)
  • Fourth Way. Way of the Fakir, Monk & Yogi.
  • Arwenn: Lost in thought. Not here in the moment. Only when immersed in something total enjoyment.
  • Bouncing between the three ways as part of fourth way, Laura quote: "experience a cyclical fluctuation between cold cerebral analysis and passionate pursuit of an intimate emotional relationship with God". Our modern lives gives us the opportunity to switch between different ways rapidly.
  • 3 lower centers. Moving, Instinctive, Sexual.
  • Developing faith based on knowledge. Books on Intelligent Design. Genetic Entropy, etc.
  • Faith vs. Belief. Utilizing knowledge to connect dots on your own. Understanding on visceral level.
  • Experimentation. History of forum's learning. Started with reliance on Gurdjieff. However growth means not being attached to ideology. Chinese proverb, be like water. Another example is evolution of the diet threads. Some members leave due to reaching upper limit in terms of ideology/ thinking.
  • Time doesn't exist. What you're doing now could help you elsewhere/another time. Dealing with other's karmic burdens. All you can do is the best you can. Feeling of time running out.
  • At a higher perspective, there is no rush. Wanting to dissociate. Still a sense of urgency. Ouspensky says, there is a window of time to learn.
  • Certain amount of pressure and stress is good. Hoang's experience in high school exams.
  • Reading workshop providing pressure for work. Thought provoking, pulling other threads. Arwenn got motivated to physical exercise. Sid wants to restart EE, but other interests intervene. Nathan did EE daily in the past. Difference between externalizing and internalizing stress.
  • Food anxiety. Fasting. Having meals 3 times a day. Chinese medicine - Eating according to the seasons. 4DSTS fear and anxiety. Hindbrain thinking. Storage of food in the fridge. Eating out of necessity. Rashi & Sid - Eating habits during lockdown, more IF, once a day.
  • Arwenn: Bulletproof coffee in the morning, prefer to eat small meals. Toilet paper more of a concern! Stockpiled canned food. People in poverty more contented, rich are never satisfied.
  • Sid: Compare feeling sleepy after a big meal to the acquisitive tendencies of the rich. More money - more "sleepy".
  • Sherlock Holmes didn't eat because it inhibited thinking. Eating and blood and hormones going to the gut.
  • Emotional eating.
  • Difference in quality of food allowed hunter gatherers to eat less.
  • Eating meat to raise consciousness. Similar to 4DSTS selecting 6D wanderers as food.
  • Junk DNA, we use 2% of our DNA etc., Movie: Limitless. Young man with writer's block using his brain to full capacity after consuming drug
  • DNA as computer code. Bringers of the Dawn. They rearranged our DNA to keep us suppressed. Original human had 12 strands but was disassembled. Light encoded filaments in human cells. Similar to fiber optics. Increased capabilities when they start working again. Improving antennae and fine gossamer threads.
  • Photon emission/absorption - process in DNA
  • From last session: Viruses and unlocking DNA.
  • Increasing FRV (spinning, cold baths), activating DNA.
  • Desperation of 4DSTS and last chance for harvest. G's quote times of chaos and lost knowledge to be collected.
  • George Floyd - killing of black man. Riots. Army rolled in. Media attention focused on this and away from coronavirus.
  • Attachments. Knowledge and Being video. Sid irritability with hayfever. Permission can be assumed or taken in insidious ways. Ignorance of spiritual matters is not an excuse. Children most vulnerable to entities. They are not bound by free will directive. Trauma lets spirits in.
  • Final quotes from Arwenn: Learning to see the unseen in order to know what you can accept as truth. When you ask a question, if it's a burning one, your life becomes the answer. The poverty she was going through resembled the poverty of her knowledge compared to what she was capable of knowing.
Possibly related podcasts, accessing higher consciousness and soul development:

The next Reading Workshop for the Au-Asia-Am group is on the 7th June 2020 at 10AM UTC, discussing Chapters 14 & 15 of the Wave. See you there!


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The next Reading Workshop for the Au-Asia-Am group is on the 7th June 2020 at 10AM UTC, discussing Chapters 14 & 15 of the Wave. See you there!

Thank you for the excellent summary, as usual, beetlemaniac. :flowers: It is particularly useful, since I wasn't able to participate last time.

I also wanted to ask and suggest to maybe slow down a bit, and perhaps discuss only one chapter this week? Chapter 14? Also in order to not go far from the second group, and also because the topic is going to be the Greenbaum lecture, and we would probably have a lot to discuss about, considering all the recent events and what the C's said?

But if you think that we will manage, it's fine by me too. :-)


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Thank you for the excellent summary, as usual, beetlemaniac. :flowers: It is particularly useful, since I wasn't able to participate last time.

I also wanted to ask and suggest to maybe slow down a bit, and perhaps discuss only one chapter this week? Chapter 14? Also in order to not go far from the second group, and also because the topic is going to be the Greenbaum lecture, and we would probably have a lot to discuss about, considering all the recent events and what the C's said?

But if you think that we will manage, it's fine by me too. :-)
Hi Keit,

I'm glad that the summary helped. I agree with taking it slow, and sure Greenbauming is something very much worth looking into, OSIT.

@Arwenn, would you be alright with discussing Chapter 14 more in depth, as what Keit had mentioned?


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Hi guys,

I am more than happy to discuss just Ch 14, if the others in our group are also agreeable. There’s a fair bit to cover and we have a wonderfully talkative group! :flowers:

And thanks also for the minutes of our last meeting @beetlemaniac, it is helpful to look over them if one doesn’t have the time to listen or watch the meeting. See you guys on Saturday :-)


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In preparation for tonight’s meeting, with regards to The Greenbaum speech and the topic of mind control, I complied a list of Cs sessions where they reference HAARP technology. I’m posting it here for ease of reference.

It appears to me, that the PTB and their 4D STS controllers have been very interested (for a very long time) in controlling our minds in preparation for the Harvest at the time of the Wave. OSIT

Feb 17, 1996
Q: (L) Can I ask my other questions? Some people on the net want me to ask about this HAARP thing... seems to be some sort of antennae thing...
A: Disguise for something else.
Q: (L) What is that something else?
A: Project to apply EM wave theories to the transference of perimeters.
Q: (L) What does that mean?
A: If utilised as designed, will allow for controlled invisibility and easy movement between density levels on surface of planet as well as subterranially.
Q: (L) Who is in charge of building this thing?
A: More than one entity.
Q: (L) What groups?
A: INVELCO is one guise as well as UNICON and banking interest.
Q: (L) Who is in disguise as INVELCO and UNICON? Are they just dummy companies for cover?
A: Close.
Q: (L) Can you tell us if this is a human organization or aliens, or a combination?
A: Human at surface level.
Q: (L) Whose idea was this project?
A: Not applicable.
Q: (L) Is there more you can tell us about this?
A: It has nothing to do with weather or climate. These things are emanating from 4th density, as we have told you before.
Q: (L) Is this something like a Transdimensional Atomic Remolecularizer?
A: No.
Q: (L) Is it something like what you said about the whole South West going into 4th density?
A: No.
Q: (L) So, HAARP has nothing to do with the weather?
A: And also EM associated with same as reported.
Q: (L) So, when is this HAARP thing scheduled to go into operation?
A: Open.
Q: (L) Is it currently in operation?
A: Experimental.
Q: (L) How long have they been working on this thing?
A: Since the 1920s.

Q: (L) What?! The 1920s?
A: Yes.

Mar 23, 1996
L) Well, the comet cluster. That comet cluster, is, I am assuming, a real body, in third density experience, right? A part of a real cluster of bodies in third density experience. Is that correct?
A: Cluster can approach from all directions.
Q: (L) So, can I infer from what has been said, that we are going to move into this comet cluster, as into a realm?
A: Border changes rules.
Q: (L) But if we run into the comet cluster before we cross the border, then, I mean, I would understand if we were going into the realm border first...
A: Part in part out.
Q: (L) OK, is this so-called HAARP project instrumental in any of these realm border changes, these realm changes?
A: All is interconnected, as usual.

May 4, 1996
L) Getting back to the underground bases, is the HAARP project connected to these underground bases.
A: Not directly.
Q: (L) You once said that HAARP was something that was to be used to "transfer perimeters." I am assuming that this means to manipulate space, time and density.
A: Yes.
Q: (L) Is it possible that they are planning to use this to bring up the Atlantean crystals to utilize?
A: Not so much to "bring up," as to utilize.

Nov 23, 1996
A: Also, the impulse system is an offshoot of the electromagnetic pulse experiments being carried out at Montauk, Brookings and elsewhere as part of the HAARP project! In connection with Pentagon missile tests, HAARP has many interesting tie-ins, not the least of which is your cell phone towers.

Feb 22, 1997
A: We told you that "HAARP" was being designated for capturing and modulating electromagnetic fields for the purpose of total control of brainwave patterns in order to establish a system of complete "order on the surface of the planet" in either 3rd or 4th density.
Q: (L) Is HAARP in operation at the present time?
A: Yes, in its early stages.
Q: (T) Is the spreading of all these communication towers out across the country the equivalent of a HAARP program on a continental scale?
A: Back up system.
Q: (L) So, they don't need the towers to operate the HAARP system, but they are there as the backup?
A: Towers serve dual and lateral purposes.

Q: (T) Local and regional authorities can use the towers to track people, amongst other things. (L) Is the weather being controlled or changed or in any way affected by HAARP?
A: Climate is being influenced by three factors, and soon a fourth.
Q: (L) All right, I'll take the bait; give me the three factors, and also the fourth!.
A: 1) Wave approach. 2) Chlorofluorocarbon increase in atmosphere, thus affecting ozone layer. 3) Change in the planet's axis rotation orientation. 4) Artificial tampering by 3rd and 4th density STS forces in a number of different ways.

24 Sept, 2001
Q: (L) Are we going to have more terrorist attacks in the US? They already said no, but that's because we already know it wasn't terrorist. Are we going to have more violence in the US that may not be as a results of terrorists?
A: Yes.
Q:(L) Can you designate any of the areas where this violence may occur in the near future?
A: Indianapolis.

Q: (A) What is that? (L) Indianapolis is a city in Indiana. Well that's something that has never been mentioned. What kind of violence?
A: Hit by focusing beam of the HAARP array.
Q: (L) Well that's weird. (A) By mistake? An accident?
A: No.
Q: (L) What will be the outcome of Indianapolis being hit by this focusing beam of the HAARP array?
A: Mind controlled violence.
Q: (L) Can we know what form it will take?
A: Shootings.
Q: (L) Are there going to be any other kinds of violence, such as bombs or airplanes being flown into buildings, or release of anthrax, or small pox, or any other kind of chemical or germ warfare activities. Any of those?
A: Yes.
Q: (L) Which ones?
A: Fair chance of germ disbursement.
Q: (L) What kind of germ?
A: Influenza.

Q: (L) Do you mean a deadly form of flu?
A: Yes.

6 August, 2005
Q: (H) What percentage of the US population actually thinks at all?
A: 12% if you define it rigidly. (group amazement at this figure)
A: What do you expect with HAARP turning brains to tapioca?
(Perceval) So it's a Zombie nation then?
A: You took the words right out of 6th density.
Q: (Perceval) so does HAARP only affect the US population?
A: Mostly.

Q: (Perceval) In terms of our group members, the only solution would be to get out of the US then? Is that true?
A: Or be aware and network.

14 April, 2018
Q: Well, according to this book about neurofeedback that I'm reading, it can possibly potentially help people become immune to certain poisons, toxins, and possibly even sicknesses. Is this true?
[Tape stops and needs to be flipped in the middle of the next answer. Artemis is happy.]
A: Yes and you need to continue!
Q: (Artemis) I knew it. Can it also possibly protect people against beaming and HAARP?
A: Yes

Below is a map of HAARP locations globally:

Edit: I’m not sure how accurate the info about global HAARP locations are, but it wouldn’t surprise me to know there’re in a few places worldwide, not just Alaska.
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We will be having our Au-Asia-Am Reading Workshop in 15 minutes time.

Please use the following link to join, and this is the meeting number: 830807796


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Thanks for another awesome meeting guys!

For those who may be interested, below is the study I mentioned (successful vs effective managers) by Fred Luthans, 1988. Very interesting research that suggests (or confirms) the idea that networking and being well liked is truly a good way to be in a corporate work environment. Being highly effective (can be threatening as we had discussed) doesn’t always get you appreciated &/or promoted!
...using speed of promotion as the measure of success, successful managers spent relatively more time and effort socialising, politicking and interacting with outsiders than did their less successful counterparts...Networking seems to be the key to success.
{my paraphrase} Effective managers use communication and human resource management activities, and spent the least amount of time networking.

And here is some further information about the BRAIN project which appears to have counterparts in Europe and China, with concerns (by the author of this short op ed) that it may be launched in Latin America too.
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