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Good session today. Thanks everyone.
Thank you for today´s session! :-)
I´ve learned A LOT.

Btw, did you hear some weird sound? It was something like a high pitched sound or something (???) coming through the entire meeting, like in the background.....? :umm:

I think that may have been noise from some people’s mics if they were recording.


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Btw, did you hear some weird sound? It was something like a high pitched sound or something (???) coming through the entire meeting, like in the background.....?

Yeah, we heard it too. Sounded the loudest when Luis Miguel was talking.


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Yes Zar and I heard it too and we were wondering a just bit about it at the end of the meeting. I think it was just someone's microphone picking up some background noise but who knows for sure. Would be hard to figure out the source among everyone's devices, if that is all it was, which I think is likely the case.


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Hm... I actually heard it loudest when no one was talking.... When Luis talked, it was fine.... :-)

Maybe if everybody mutes their mic it would be fine....

I turn off my camera as well, but that´s because of my bandwidth/internet issues.

Anyway, looking forward to next Saturday! :-)


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We had the 9th Au-Asia-Am Reading Workshop (13th June 2020), with @Keit, @Aya, @Arwenn, @sid, @Rashi, @Bobo08, and @Nathancat7. We reviewed Chapter 15. Thank you all for attending!

Here is the link to the video of the session, and audio. Here is the link to the folder to access future sessions as well.

The following are notes from the discussion.

Chapter 15 - He Hideth My Soul in The Cleft of The Rock
  • Meditation, Bobo08 wants to get back, Laura's meditation and cathartic release.
  • L's fear of thinking critically in her faith trip.
  • Programming through the education system, fluoride, lowering of IQ, message is to obey.
  • New age being alternative to religion
  • L's cathartic experience
  • L's physical issues, work on cleansing on all levels. Beginning of the process towards better health. Needed to let go of her baggage to move forward
  • L made to feel guilt in using logic and analysis
  • Objective of the Matrix system is to herd people, to create unthinking masses.
  • L's made the choice towards greater understanding, life threats
  • Learning from other's experiences, the alternative is to stay stuck in victimhood.
  • L's suffering Amazing Grace, Keit couldn't complain about her life after reading, L's writing is from the heart, Arwenn cried every time she read it as she writes from the heart, Rashi looks up to her as an example to follow, Sid understands her as a role model, not to indulge in self-pity when seeing that others suffer, her life needed tremendous spiritual strength, most effective way to learn is through suffering.
  • "Wisdom is learning from your own mistakes and genius is when you learn from others," intellectual learning vs. visceral learning
  • Judgment of others being judgement of self
  • Need to be strong enough to help self, stop falling into victim mode and expecting the universe to save you
  • Self-awareness and learning to be more discerning.
  • Manipulative behavior, be aware of people who manipulate and make decisions based on the person's behavior, not being judgmental but questioning everything.
  • Difference between judgment and perspicacity, thinking that you smell like roses while the other smells like sh*t, instead of acknowledging shadow parts within oneself, but choosing not to act them out, Jordan Peterson. Recognizing this in others and preventing someone from continuing to feed.
  • Resentment at others succeeding, compatibility with others, triggering anti-personalities within us
  • Sid: "Selective empathy", controlling the energy that you give others
  • Don Juan used to have sex with a lot of people, it's a loss of energy
  • Arwenn: Empathy is putting oneself in someone else's shoes, would this be considered a drain of energy?
  • Nathan: Boundaries and becoming a caregiver
  • Sid: Empathizing with the wrong person can trigger a shadow personality within., leading to adopting of personality, becoming a vector for energy sucking by entities around them
  • Aya: Taking a strong stand with others, but is it judgment?
  • Arwenn: Being caring can be an intellectual exercise
  • Sid: A person is in his situation as a result of his choices
  • Nathan: Getting involved with others due to being afraid of taking his own responsibility
  • Arwenn: Tends to take on too much responsibility
  • Keit: Best to put one's life in order before trying to fix other's problems. Yet STO helps self by helping others. G's obyvatel. If time is available, then use it to help others.
  • Bobo08: Sometimes helping is by not doing anything. Draining via pity.
  • Arwenn: Energy draining in caring professions. Bodywork, massage, contact with body.
  • Aya: Dynamic of the feminine vampire, mother does everything, children end up slacking.
  • Nathan: Resistance from helping someone against their will.
  • Sid: Energy leakage, being aware of energy loss and being able to replenish. STO and STS battles. Losing of energy and subsequent regrouping.
  • Arwenn: Being deliberately mechanical when you realize your giving too much. Maintaining depth of care while keeping energy levels up.
  • Keit: Women Who Love Psychopaths, Sandra Brown. Psychopaths drawn to empaths. Draining due to taking excessive responsibility - White Knight syndrome. Empathy fatigue in medical profession. Veterinarians highest suicides. Making mistakes is hard to deal with. Do no harm. Forgiving self when making mistakes IF one is willing to improve. Preventing drainage by not taking responsibility for things that are not part of your life film.
  • Rashi: Forgiving self comes before being able to forgive others.
  • Arwenn: Judging ourselves more harshly than other. At end of life we judge ourselves, not an external authority.
  • beetlemaniac: Forgiving oneself should come with taking ownership of our weaknesses.
  • Sid: Thinking highly of oneself. Assuming acting in good faith. Try to see how your interaction affects others. Letting go of past self.
  • Keit: Life review. Being embarrassed about our past actions.
  • Arwenn: Embarrassment related to self-importance
  • Keit: Hurting others through your actions.
  • Rashi: Realizing the effects of your actions.
  • Sid: You acted with the knowledge you had at the time. Allow oneself to let go.
  • Arwenn: Jordan Peterson's self authoring program. Events in the past with emotional tag. What can be done better next time. Forgiveness to self. Blaming others for past events. Hurt, pain and shame in past memory. Past, present & future - utilizing knowledge for better outcome. Healing present self altering the past.
  • Keit: Current understanding may put you on a different mode of thinking which translates into different branch of reality
  • Arwenn: Emotional tag can mean a recurring problem not yet resolved, simple understandings to be learnt, baggage.
  • Sid: Shame comes from self-importance. Compare to the heroic image we aspire to be.
  • Nathan: Shame comes from conscience.
  • Arwenn: Shame comes from perfection.
  • Keit: Guilt vs. shame. Shame arises from a negative evaluation of self. Guilt is (-)ve evaluation of one's behavior. Guilt can be resolved by taking different action. Shame is more internal, requires (+)ve disintegration.
  • Sid: Shame needs destruction of personality. Emotional bankruptcy. Need teacher ones personality is gone. Shame remains until disintegration process is complete.
  • Nathan: Takes pride about his self-work. Sid: We think highly of ourselves.
  • Laura goes away to NC. Lady complements her dress. Stone of Truth. Charged to seek out and speak only truth without latitude. Huge burden. Soul work.
  • Keit: Laura possible contact with afterlife. Made conscious choice to quest. L, G, Cs mentioned you can't turn back after process begins. After crossing second threshold is beginning of work. When you are awake you have responsibility to continue. Universe will remind you if you don't take responsibility.
  • Aya: Laura's difficulties manifested in the physical body. Huge risk to her. Each individual's issues manifest in different areas.
  • Bobo08: Once you start the work mistakes cannot be forgiven.
  • Keit: If someone started the work and makes mistake- all good previously done is cancelled.
  • Sid: Castaneda's Impeccability. Not being impeccable can invite danger.
  • Arwenn: Being impeccable means being without sin. Sinning against self/soul. Laura's karmic and simple understanding: "That which manifests as light and truth is more often not. It is a deception to folly." "Subtle and torturous." The more you grow in awareness, the more subtle deception is to entrap you. More vigilance required. COVID, Israel thread, 9/11 - but most people believe TV. Difficulties cruder for them.
  • Sid: General Law, Law of Exception. Cell analogy. Law of exception. Certain cells escape. General Law doubling down on people trying to escape. A point will arrive when cells escape which is part of grand design. In Matrix movie; arrangement reached where Zion is allowed to exist, as long as Matrix is allowed.
  • Nathan: General law manifested as physical ailments for Laura.
  • Arwenn: Darkness over Tibet. Prince of Light is Prince of Darkness. No light, no laughter, no soul in that place. Edgar Cayce: Beware the false messiah.
  • Nathan: Reverend Ruth. Person drawing symbol on L's forehead. Gets into accident.
  • Discussion on EE, zoning out, PoTS, meditation with seed.
  • Laura found EE intuitively.
  • Analogy of the full/half-filled glass as emotions in body. Emotional release with EE. Improved intuition.
  • NeurOptimal for sharpening intuition.
  • Past lives and forgetting them. Remembering lessons learnt from past lives.
  • Sid: Changing the outcome of your incarnation. Fate. Intuitions from previous incarnations
General Discussion
  • Samurai Jack animated series
  • Hero's Journey. You suffer until you choose not to suffer. Accumulating emanations, inner energy. Soul questing.
  • Perseus and Medusa
  • Sid's adventures in literature. Father's books. 40 Lies.
  • Mahabharata. Rise of Kali and Asura by Anand Neelakantan
  • Caste system in India. Organization of society. Workers as feet of god, priest as head, warriors as heart, traders, peasants. British system. Untouchables have no caste. Quota system in Indian education. Abuse of caste system by changing last name. Narendra Modi and movement towards vegetarianism due to caste.
  • Muslim - Hindu antagonism
  • Brahmin controlled religious morals. European society with king and court and priests vying for power. Unfairness of caste system.
  • Sid & Rashi's marriage. Death threats, restrictions because of marriage across caste. Abolishment of certain practices by the British.
  • Honor killings in Pakistan. Killing of unwanted girls.
  • Quotas in hiring. Unconscious bias training in workplace. Beating out racist stereotypes.
  • No racial issues in Russia. Southern, Balkan states separated since collapse of Soviet Union. Kazan as a Muslim state.
  • Russian Meetup at Sundays 9 AM UTC.
  • Protests in Japan mainly relating Korea and China. No racial issues. US allegiance on the surface.
  • No protests in Malaysia. Acceptance of measures. [Racial riots have happened here. Used as political tool.]
  • Discussion on protests in the US and leftist and liberal movements.
  • Solzhenitsyn's Gulag Archipelago. Being Russian involves adopting Russian values.
  • Nathan's connection to Alaska.
  • TV Series: Northern Exposure (link to watch). Filmed in Washington State in the 90s but set in Alaska.
  • Alfred Hitchcock movies, Spellbound (link to watch)
The next Reading Workshop for the Au-Asia-Am group is on the 20th June 2020 at 10AM UTC, discussing Chapter 16 (All There Is Is Lessons, or Laura Finds Reiki and Ends Up in the Soup… Pea Soup, That Is) and if time permits, Chapter 17 (All There Is Is Lessons, or Wandering Around in Third Density Can Be Hazardous to Your Health). See you there!


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We will be having our Au-Asia-Am Reading Workshop in 9 minutes time.

Please use the following link to join, and this is the meeting number: 830807796


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Luis, can you allow me to enter in zoom? The message I get is "wait until the host start this meeting".


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Strange, i get exactly the same ‘ waiting for host to start this meeting’.
Thanks Luis!
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