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Next, we will be discussing Chapters 9 & 10 of the Wave Volume 1/2 on the 16th of May 2020, 10AM UTC. Hope to see you there!
Hi guys, not sure how you guys are going with this week’s reading, so far I’ve spent a fair bit of time on Ch 9, plus the Afterword beautifully summarises book 1 of the Wave, which would also be nice to discuss. Ch 10 is huge!! I’m reading it now & hope to have my points to discuss by this evening’s meeting.

How’s everyone else tracking?

Belated, belated Happy Mother’s Day also Arwenn 🌸
Thanks so much @gnosisxsophia!! 💕


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Hi guys, not sure how you guys are going with this week’s reading, so far I’ve spent a fair bit of time on Ch 9, plus the Afterword beautifully summarises book 1 of the Wave, which would also be nice to discuss. Ch 10 is huge!! I’m reading it now & hope to have my points to discuss by this evening’s meeting.

How’s everyone else tracking?
I'm still reading through Chapter 10 and taking notes whenever connections are made with previous material. It seems like a challenge to complete the whole chapter but I will do my best.


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Hi everyone, am very sorry but will have to miss the workshop tonight, wishing you all a great and interesting session. Will join next week again for sure!


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There was some very good advices related to my question of how to give information if someone doesn't ask us because he doesn't know that we can give this type of information.
Be gentle, encourage the discussion, see if the person is open to another understanding or a different point of view. Don't impose. And someone said also (sorry, I forgot who it was) that because you think that you know that doesn't mean that you actually know. And sometimes I still act like I have found a box of gems and want to show to someone like they are mine:-[.

Recently I had a discussion related to coronavirus (one of the reasons I asked the question) with my neighbor and it didn't go well. Started well, I just wanted to find out what the person thinks about the lockdown and stuff but soon as I said this all could be false, she accused me that I'm a conspiracy theorist, that I see everything in a negative way. When I asked her did she read an article on the subject, she said that she doesn't have to because she watches TV. And since the atmosphere very fast became frozen, there was no room to talk more or even fix the situation.

Clearly, I could avoid the conflict :halo: but at least I learn that with some people is best to avoid any subject that is contrary to the MSM.

Very good discussion, thank you guys.


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We had the 5th Au-Asia-Am Reading Workshop yesterday (16th May 2020), with @Aya, @Arwenn, @sid, @Rashi, @Bobo08, @Keit, @Nathancat7 and @yumi, discussing Chapters 9 & 10 of the Wave. Thank you all for attending!

Here is the link to the video of the session, and audio. Here is the link to the folder to access future sessions as well.

The following are notes from the discussion.

Chapter 9 - The Wave Chapter 9: The Beast of Gévaudan, Spring-Heeled Jack, Mothman, And Other Dimensional Window Fallers
  • Bell Witch - Electromagnetic conditions led into a breach of the dimensional curtain - Session 22 September 2018
  • "Physicality is entirely transitory and partially dependent upon the consciousness variability," related to your assumptions about reality
  • Sid: Creatures that come into this dimension from another - it becomes a 3D being
  • Trapping and killing of window fallers, Beast of Gevaudan was shot at many times but did not die
  • UFOs (presumably 4D) that crash in 3D become a 3D craft
  • Window fallers could be feeding on different energies and have different anatomies, fear gives them psychic strength
  • pg. 268, on Mothman and Wolf, phenomenon is dependent on expectations on the minds of the observer - two people may see different things, similar with UFOs and witnesses
  • Monsters taking revenge on victims, idea of wanting to kill may be triggering emotions in the creatures, feeding on fear and excitement
  • Coming from a lateral dimension. Missing flight 19, parallel realities (pg 94, 95).
    Session 18 March 1995
    A: Parallel reality, you see, when something crosses into another reality, it accesses something called, for lack of a better term, the “thought plane”, and as long as that reality is misunderstood, the window remains open, thus all perceptions of possibility may manifest concretely, though only temporarily, as thought plane material is constantly fluid.
    Q: (L) Does this mean that this was a “Flight 19” of a parallel reality that went through a window into our reality?

    A: Close.

    Q: (L) Was this part of, or connected to, the loss of our “Flight 19”? Did we exchange realities here?

    A: It is the thought patterns that affect the reality, when that window is opened, all thought can become physical reality, though only temporarily.

    Q: (L) Does this mean that the divers’ and searchers’ thoughts about this became reality?

    A: And all others.

    Q: (T) All others involved in the search?

    A: All others on the planet.

    Q: (T) Even those that did not believe that the searchers were going to find them?

    A: Yes. Researchers found what they expected to find, but when others heard the news, other things started to happen according to which thought patterns dominated.

    Q: (L) So, in other words, if somebody believed that it was Flight 19, it appeared, and if somebody did not believe it was Flight 19, it disappeared?
  • Reality is plastic, Wave is a facilitator, different groups and belief systems will manifest different realities when the Wave hits, depending on the consensus of the group.
  • If this phenomenon happened today, it could take different form, vampires, Mothman, vampire movies in the 90s shifting the perceptions of people
  • Window fallers - C's say that the phenomena repeats, they reappear.
  • Pentagon admits UFOs are real, but not a big shock for most people. Primed by media which makes people indifferent. UFO phenomena decreasing, strange atmospheric phenomena
  • Programming is complete, 50s, 60s, 70s, more sightings, to create plausible deniability and divide society into ufologists and common folks.
  • Two-pronged approach after desensitization, larger shocks required. MUFON groups could have been coopted
  • Winged being observed in Chicago International Airport November 2019
  • Laura mentions window fallers as a clue to breach of dimensional curtain, time tinkering by 4DSTS, linked to COVID-19 "pandemic"
  • The Wave creating more bleed throughs due to permeability of dimensional realm border
  • Sulphur smell representing thinning of veil, outgassing, Sulphur smell detected in North of France
  • Strange case of Elisa Lam. Mudmonster - ideal location for manifestation fed on her fear, X-files episode on Mudmonster - present when someone new comes to neighborhood and attacks them if they don't get along. Twilight Zone.
  • Hidden deception in mainstream media like X-files to put people to sleep, the Lone Gunman 2 years before 9/11 had a terrorist plot crashing plans into WTC. Positive elements of X-files - "The Truth is Out There", squelched after 9/11
  • Missing 411, weird experience hiking, no natural sounds in bush, air was dim, hairs raised, but walked backwards and came back to normality. Possible EM phenomena? Young male athletes in the city disappearing, children disappearing from closed cars. Water sources and granite.
  • Going to an area in a foggy day - sometimes no phenomena detected because conditions were not met, shamans and curses
  • Magnetic properties of granite causing changes to the EM field, Siberia, Urals Region, mysterious giant granite towers, possibly causing opening
  • Earth's EM grid, pyramids at intersection points
  • Some people are found, some are missing with clothes, bones, miles away from where they were last seen. FRV a factor in abductions, being at the wrong place, at the wrong time, wrong vibe. Disappeared people in amnesia.
  • Not fearing them, and mental blocking techniques to prevent being victimized. Dissipation and healing EM breach. In Second beast of Gevaudan was killed after prayer.
  • Pets of the 4D lizzies, maybe pets were called back home? Sasquatch or bigfoot.
  • Mothman and window fallers near the Chateau, they could be in places around us without our awareness.
  • Chernobyl - Mothman sighting before accident. Joe asked C's, Mothman was there for "awareness suppression" and "influence over minds of people"
  • Mothman commonly sighted near major disasters, bridge collapse, Chernobyl, possibly 4DSTS marker,
  • Mothman around 9/11
  • Fear and negative emotions could create a breach in the dimensional curtain which attracts window fallers like a portal
  • EM wave burst along frequency border variation
  • Ghost army with horses appearing over people in Europe, C's mentioned density bleed, and seeing more of this
  • Four horsemen over Egypt
  • Weird weather events in the recent session. ECHCC - balancing of EM energies between upper and lower atmosphere, electrical discharge, tornados, etc. EM fields created that could open doors into other dimensions. Not fully understood by scientists, cannot be explained by standard physics.
  • Russian scientists invented a method to reverse time. Time travel? Karmic regression?
  • Beetlemaniac: Big thunderstorms happen before sessions, no matter the location, "Thou shall not pass!"
  • Better not to be outside alone in the dark, danger of entities.
  • Entity that visited Laura's daughter, she did not want to know
  • Fear of darkness, better to be aware, Laura's no camping policy
  • Don't go out and look for harm, use knowledge to avoid it
  • Elongated skulls
  • Assumptions changing our experience of the wave - changing our assumptions to meet the Wave, being open to new information, letting go of sacred cows, switch from a closed system of belief to having faith, gathering knowledge and utilizing it.
  • Once you've learned lessons in this reality, assumptions change, diet is an example of changing assumptions, as on the forum we've changed diets as new information came in.
  • "Realms" - Ark asks question to C's, says our universe is like a barge , floating in space. C's say that there are similar universes to this.
  • Moving between realms, Twilight Zone episode with concept of realms.
  • Universes and dimensions, how multiple dimensions can be existent in universes
  • Realm borders - realms fluctuate and planets merely occupy realms, Wave will bring Earth into 4D progressively and realm border interaction is "crest of wave"
  • Realm border said to be dimensional boundary - but if conversion is 3D to 4D, it would be a density boundary?
    This is the Cassiopaean term for a division of reality. The use of the term is very broad. This includes the following meanings:
    • Density - the degree of development of a consciousness determines the general type of experience of space and time, manner of perceiving other entities etc.
    • STO and STS divisions of a density - Souls of different polarities may occupy distinct realms within one density.
    • Lateral divisions within a density, as in parallel universes.
    • Realms are bounded by a so-called ”frequency resonance envelope”. A realm curtain or realm border as another word for a section of such an envelope.
    • The Wave is also called a realm border.

    On one hand, realms are naturally occurring divisions of reality, on the other hand realms are influenced by their occupants. There is a sort of resonance effect which tends to lock the resident of a realm within its boundaries in terms of frequency. A realm might be compared to a radio broadcast and the being to a receiver. Nature provides a sort of automatic fine-tuning which will cause the receiving frequency of the being to snap to match that of the closest realm. There may be a small reciprocal effect from the being on the realm but this would be negligible in the individual case. A realm border could be likened to many stations broadcasting near the same frequency, so that a small change of individual tuning may cause the tuner to snap to an entirely different reality. We could say that the receiver’s mental map of reality decides which broadcast can be followed and thus mentally synchronized with. The realm border is just a circumstance which brings multiple ’bands’ of reality within close reach or in overlap with each other. Passage between realms is in principle possible anytime, in some cases with technology, in other cases by attaining a somehow total purity of thought and being, aligning one to another reality. However, such a process is problematic if one has no notion of what is possible or where one may be headed, not to mention the near invincible inertia of the human condition. A realm is neither a completely physical nor a completely consciousness based concept. We could say that a realm is a set of partitions, a bit like a sandbox where a particular type of consciousness may experience interaction with reality. These move with respect to each other according to some cyclicity and the consciousness itself moves between realms for example through reincarnation. The incarnate and disincarnate states occupy different but joined realms. Phenomena taking place at the border between realms can according to the Cassiopaeans be technologically manipulated, which is the manner in which 4D STS beings keep a sort of net of control over the Earth and enforced changes on humanity in the context of the mythical Fall. We cannot describe these processes in scientifically precise terms, hence we have to use words like frequency and resonance in a somewhat allegoric meaning.
  • Knowledge coupled with will can allow us to transmodify density boundaries
  • Density relates to level of awareness, multiple dimensions can be present in one particular density
  • This time is a decision point to raise the level of awareness to move to a higher density
  • Hoang: Not too concerned about learning 4D concepts as to simple karmic understanding - key component to growth. Learning 4D concepts are purely speculation at this point
  • False dimensions? Bubbles - there could be multiple dimensions with attractors, like bubbles of various sizes, true dimension being the biggest bubble. Analogy of the tree and the true dimension being the trunk of the tree and false dimensions being ancillary branches. Bringing one either closer to reality or further away.
  • Atom with electrons, many points of focus but where we choose to put our awareness is our dimension/locator. Many probabilities/possibilities and potential for different realities are infinite.
  • Manifesting a different reality, mutually growing a branch on a tree, working on our FRV to match, getting it as close to true reality and moving into it.
  • Tree of Life post by Chu. Life is like growing a tree, and to grow in only one direction can cause the tree fall under the weight of imbalance. Focusing on multiple areas of life, work, group, family, creativity, on a daily basis to grow a healthy and balanced vessel to transcend.
  • Being true to yourself and following your own destiny can keep is within our true dimension.
  • C's say you'll need to create alternate universes, but what about Free Will and karma? 4D STS and their tweaking of timelines
  • Contemplation zone for deciding on where to reincarnate for further lessons, there was an agreement by the race on 4DSTS manipulation
  • 4D STS uses their 3D minions to work on abridging our Free Will, psychopaths and agents. However, some cases of abduction and rape happen within families, direct interference. Cannot interfere at time soul arrives into body and death. Ra says STS being operate within principles of free will.
Chapter 10 - The Wave Chapter 10: The Truth Is Out There, But Trust No One!
  • Carla and avoidance of negative topics in Ra channelling, Don commits suicide, but material is still high quality
  • Frank's channeling had a high amount of verbiage
  • Bringers of the Dawn - what you fear are aspects of yourself, no avoiding of evil, parts of yourself being predatory like Candy in previous chapter. Learning how to protect yourself.
  • Laura's financial worries, and C's suggestion to focus on other things.
  • "Putting focus on negative forces does not give them power if your intent is to diminish them"
  • Don studies logos, sub-logos and so on in the question of why STS exists, long-wave vs. short-wave cycle, STS provides a duality for challenges for learning. Don Juan said we need petty tyrants. Entities were destroying Carla.
  • Static universe without suffering. Jordan Peterson and utopia/ideal society. Happiness and satisfaction is illusion that prevents growth. Totalitarian systems. Nihilism where there is nothing to strive or aim for.
  • Sid accepted the state of his reality and his anger towards universe was reduced. Keit comforted by the idea that choice was made at a different level to experience this reality, reducing feeling of desperation. C's say enjoy your learning, and you suffer until you choose NOT to suffer.
  • Suffering changes DNA and coding. Meaningful vs useless suffering, Gurdjieff. Idea of "You only live once", desperation. Monotheistic religion and materialism. Karma and reincarnation, cultural beliefs. Karma as a tool to scare people in Hindu belief, being born as an animal in next life.
  • T. Illion, Darkness over Tibet: Upward/downward spiral depending on choices.
  • Hinduism: Soul and attaining Nirvana, being as enlightened as you can and making the right choices, release attachments. 3D being Death zone where actions release us from reincarnating within the realm. Pathways to enlightenment, yogas in Hinduism. Ideas taken from Zoroastrianism, switch of deities Asuras and Daevas. India being an entrapment zone for a billion people.
  • Esoteric religion, Sufism, Esoteric Christianity, and so on. Materialism and outward aspect of religion. Heirarchies and OPs. Struggling souls have difficulties because of OPs.
  • Coopting of choices every step of the way, people are set up to fail from the start. Indian gurus and cults. OPs attracted to cults due, to depend on them for moral authority. Sadhguru, Krishna Consciousness.
  • Descernment, perspicacity and networking. There's a program for everyone. 4DSTS can manipulate our lives to make it as miserable as possible. Twin souls concept.
  • SOTT accused of being pro-Trump, pro-China. However, worldview is based on critical thought and not blind belief in all conspiracy ideas.
  • Work environment is highly STS. To play a role and not incorporating yourself. Working on people skills. Unique to individual situations. Gender difference. Playing to the tune of petty tyrants and getting into their good books, takes time. Castaneda's stalking, forebearance and timing. May have to suffer at a time.
  • Antifragile - Nassim Nicholas Taleb
  • Sid - anecdote, feud with an associate at work. Did not want to apologize for attacking him. Held on to his emotions and did not react. He had finally resigned. Challenges at work usually escalate to harder situations with time.
  • Reshma - Must be careful in work environment. Playing dumb is good strategy. Work has been very hard in past 5 years. Enjoys working with patients.
  • Wearing your heart on your sleeve vs. diplomacy and tactfulness. Lying at work, surviving and earning money. Pushing back in delegation of activities while not hurting chances of success.
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I think we had not covered chapter 10 as much as we could have due to the deviation in the discussions that took place. I'm sorry because I had also started discussing unrelated topics and I will aim to keep myself in line with our agenda in the future. It is very interesting to observe this as it relates to the C's desire to limit questions on personal topics during their sessions. It definitely brings the frequency level of the discussion down, and I think it would be good for us to aim to limit this type of discussion in the future. There was a lot more within Chapter 10, mainly from the various C's sessions regarding Knowledge, beliefs, obsession, negativity and so on. If everyone is agreeable, could I suggest that we cover a little bit more of this chapter during our next Reading Workshop? Chapters 11 & 12 are a little shorter than average, thus it might be possible to cover highlights from Chapter 10, before moving on to the new chapters. I'm sure we had a lot of notes which we did not manage to share, so we could jump right into it, first thing.

The next Reading Workshop for the Au-Asia-Am group is on the 23rd May 2020 at 10AM UTC, discussing Chapters 11 & 12 of the Wave. See you there.

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Thanks everyone for another great session on Saturday - much nourishment in hearing everyone's perspectives and take on how they are getting through this madness. Plus of course much to think about regarding extra learning that's always there from revisiting Laura's Wave series time and time again. It leaves me in awe how she managed to fill each and every page with so much of priceless value... and how repeated revisits only increases that wonder. We all owe her a debt of eternal gratitude. And as always especial thanks to logos5x5. The most gracious of ring masters!


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Hi guys, not sure how you guys are going with this week’s reading, so far I’ve spent a fair bit of time on Ch 9, plus the Afterword beautifully summarises book 1 of the Wave, which would also be nice to discuss. Ch 10 is huge!! I’m reading it now & hope to have my points to discuss by this evening’s meeting.

How’s everyone else tracking?

Thanks so much @gnosisxsophia!! 💕
Yes, happy belated mother's day!
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