Corona craziness


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I cannot believe the amount of people on here who actually think there's a virus.
Do you mean on the planet or on the forum?

The deadly virus is what has infected the minds and beliefs of the hystericals perpetrated by the controllers and fortified by the lie-stream media.

But there's hope in all that craziness slowly reaching the tipping point...

"The collective psychosis ... just gets more and more intense. And from the dreaming point of view and what I mean when I say that is you can contemplate what's happening in the world as if it's a dream, like at night when we have a dream, we can contemplate it and understand it in a symbolic way. When darkness more and more manifests, and evil really becomes just more and more apparent, from the dreaming point of view, that's an expression that there is light that's nearby because you can't have a shadow without a light. That's the projector of the shadow."



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Man enters Welsh Tesco in underwear as clothes are deemed nonessential
I guess that's one way of getting a point across. However, in the long run, it made no difference. That's how things are nowadays, it doesn't matter what the truth is, the Predator Class will do whatever they want and their authoritarian followers will make sure that we all comply.....they wish.
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