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Please listen to the audio part (not video) at the bottom of the following page :

It's in french, so I'm sorry for those who don't speak it, but you could still be able to appreciate it with a little context. Someone acts a parody of an official governmental statement relative to the coronavirus. He says that he had gathered multiple experts to come up with a strategy to fight it, and that the most convincing measure was proposed by linguists. They indeed claimed that the main way the virus spreads was through splutters, and therefore something was to be done about consonants (for vowels don't produce splutters). So all along the speaking, the speaker specifies the progressive measures that will be taken against consonant sounds, and as he states them he starts to implement them within his own speech. The first week, the 'p' and 'b' sounds go away, replaced by the 'm' sound, during second week 'd' and 't' are replaced by 'n', and so on. The speech slowly decays into the most ridiculous double Dutch (I just found out about this expression, it's really funny, in french we say 'gloubi-boulga', you'd prononce it 'glubi-bulga'), just like should liquefy the self-esteem of such a speaker, back to reality.


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I have a serious question - can anyone recommend a mask that has the maximum breathability with the appearance of actually being a mask?


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I have a serious question - can anyone recommend a mask that has the maximum breathability with the appearance of actually being a mask?
Another forum member posted this on masks, that might be helpful:
I have to wear a mask all day at work, and at the beginning I was absolutly furious. I was also scared that I was going to die because of lack of oxygen and brain damage. Having to wear a mask is what put me face to face with the fear of dying.

After a few weeks I calmed down and instead of freaking out, I started to look for ways to deal with it with the less damage possible. Masks in plastic and visors are not allowed at my work, so I bought masks made out of pure silk. It's expensive, but it allows me to breathe almost normally. I am not dumbed down at the end of the day anymore, which is a relief, because I have to drive almost an hour to get back home
Here is the link to the full post:

I am going to have to "bend the Knee" to this BS as well.
Have avoided being masked to this point, but the British Columbia, Health Canada rules changed today.
As of midnight, masks are mandatory in all retail stores and public places, and no one is allowed to visit other households. Stores are now limited to selling "Needful things" only.


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TheGearJunkie · Nov 20
Emerging Gear: Glowing Solar Jacket, Bluetooth Mask, and More MConnect Bluetooth Phone Mask

We’ve all been wearing masks over our faces for the past 8 months, so it should be no surprise that one company has found a solution for muffled conversations. The Mconnect Bluetooth Mask (now $59 on Kickstarter) is a patent-pending face mask with Bluetooth and microphone capabilities. It can connect to any Bluetooth-equipped device (either your phone or computer), and can fuel up to 12 hours of talking time.
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It's funny! This is capitalism at its best, solves a problem that stupid dumped on us.

A Techno lobotomy with questionable timing.



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I have noticed for decades that the governments add council advertisements and service announcements are always very condescending. They always treat the public and 7 yr old morons. To think that those that produce this crap actually get paid is even more maddening.
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