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London sings stick your poison vaccine up your.....

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I was a "Mirror writer Child", had a heck of a time for my first few years, with everything "backwards" and being laterally left handed as well.
Everything I saw was reversed, and I had to learn to turn the world around in my brain to adapt and survive.
I was unable to read and write until I learned to "reverse" what I saw.
I could copy written words, but the text I wrote was all in reverse, from right to left on the page, and all the letters were backwards.
"Through the Looking Glass" stuff.
Now, I am seeing the world reversing, and not making any sense again.

So, imagine how I felt, when I saw this headline:

Smithers man arrested after refusing to wear Mask in Bank​

Posted Nov 22, 2020 4:24 pm PST

Smithers RCMP confirms officers were called to a local bank because someone was not wearing a mask,[...]

Geezus, how nuts is this?! 🤪 🤪 🤪


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I had to check this report out because it seem too ludicrous to be true - flight attendants told to wear diapers (nappies) on planes in China. (Report link below video.)

Just When You Thought Things Couldn't Get More Ridiculous... | Carl Vernon

Flight attendants in China reportedly have been urged to wear disposable diapers and avoid airplane bathrooms as part of the effort to stop the spread of COVID-19, according to new guidelines issued by the Civil Aviation Administration of China.

"It is recommended that cabin crew members wear disposable diapers and avoid using the lavatories, barring special circumstances to avoid infection risks," according to a CNN report that translated parts of the original guidelines.

The recommendation came alongside rules for other standard personal protective equipment, or PPE, like masks, gloves, and goggles. Those rules echoed those issued by the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC), which also call for flight crew to wear disposable gloves and facemasks.

The CDC guidelines including details on how to thoroughly scrub an airplane after each, and how to get rid of protective gear without spreading the virus. "After use, PPE must be carefully removed to avoid contaminating your skin or clothing," said the guidelines.

Please pardon these poo puns -

When the sh*t hits the flight plan - and not the toilet pan.

You couldn't make this sh*t up - but now with nappies you really can.
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5 hours ago
OAKLAND, Calif. (KTVU) - The entire Bay Area will be under a stay-at-home order effective at 11:59 p.m. Thursday as the region's ICU capacity has continued to fall.

The ICU capacity for the 11-county Bay Area region fell to 12.9% on Wednesday, triggering the mandatory stay-at-home order that forces restaurants to close indoor and outdoor dining rooms, tells retails stores to cut the number of shoppers allowed inside and places other restrictions on gatherings.

Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, Monterey, San Francisco, and Santa Clara counties had already opted to voluntarily impose these restrictions even before the region's intensive care units fell below the 15% threshold. But the changes are now also mandatory in Napa, San Mateo, Santa Cruz, Solano, and Sonoma counties.

As outlined by the state, the stay-at-home order will remain in effect for at least three weeks. After that period, the order will be lifted when a region’s projected ICU capacity meets or exceeds 15%. That will be assessed on a weekly basis after the initial three week period.

Non-essential businesses must close, restaurants may only do take-out or deliveries, retailers are now restricted to 20% of their indoor capacity and socializing beyond you own household is prohibited.

It's another tough turn for many businesses, who have no choice but to close. "Your heart goes out to them, but right now, we're in life saving mode. and vaccine is on the way and the actions we take today will save us," said Supervisor Canepa.

"As long as everybody keeps their distance in the shop and four customers at a time I feel OK about it," said Atlas Skateboard Co-Owner Mike Manibis. "I'm not saying it's fool proof but just follow the rules. It's like, what's the big deal? That's just how I feel," said skakeboard customer Julian Nieh.

Leading health officials have warned that the darkest days of the pandemic are still ahead.

Santa Clara County Health Officer Dr. Sara Cody said during a board of supervisors meeting on Tuesday, "Our pandemic locally is out of control and our health care system is quite stretched, not at the breaking point, but marching steadily towards that point.” She continued, "We are truly, truly in the worst place we have ever been in this pandemic, by a very large margin.”

The death rate is also increasing statewide and nationwide.

"300,000 people, and people won't wear a damn mask, they won't socially distance, they won't wash their hands, and they won't stay at home," said San Mateo County Supervisor Dave Canepa. "What's certainly driving this is the social gatherings; something that we cannot regulate," said San Mateo County Manager Mike Callagy.

Yet, another major hurdle is coming.

"We're very, very concerned about Christmas gatherings. We are extremely concerned that we'll see a surge in the middle of a surge," said County Manager Callagy.

So now, only three of California's 58 counties: Plumas, Alpine and Mariposa remain in less restricted tiers. All the rest: purple, 99.9% of the population in the state.

Crazy Anti-Masker Meltdowns Caught on Camera

Meanwhile in Switzerland.


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The recently unveiled COVID-19 stimulus bill contains a series of measures that not only have nothing to do with the coronavirus but could lead to prison time and huge fines for creators and providers of video sharing services that are accused of copyright infringement.

The controversial copyright-related amendments to the bill are listed under “TITLE II—INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY.”

The first of these amendments is “2319C. Illicit digital transmission services” which will make it illegal for a person to “willfully, and for purposes of commercial advantage or private financial gain” provide a “digital transmission service” to the public that is “primarily designed or provided for the purpose of publicly performing works protected under title 17 without the authority of the copyright owner or the law.”

Existing copyright law contains a provision for fair use that allows copyrighted material to be used without permission from the copyright holder in certain circumstances (for example, if the use is deemed to be “transformative” because it adds new expression or meaning to the original work).

However, because creators have to prove fair use in court, copyright holders often abuse the system and use copyright claims to take down content that meets the criteria for fair use.

This “Illicit digital transmission services”
amendment could open the door for similar types of abuse that are targeted at the providers of video-sharing platforms and leave them facing the threat of prison time unless they remove content that meets the criteria for fair use but has been hit with questionable copyright claims.

Another controversial amendment is the inclusion of the “Copyright Alternative in Small-Claims Enforcement Act of 2020” (the CASE Act). This amendment proposes the introduction of a Copyright Claims Board (CCB) within the US Copyright Office which makes it easier for copyright holders to file copyright claims and collect damages. The bill also proposes fines of up to $30,000 per case.

The CASE Act was first proposed last year and has faced heavy criticism. Digital rights groups the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) has warned that the bill makes it almost impossible for those accused of copyright violations to appeal and that it could bankrupt regular internet users.

Digital rights group Fight for the Future slammed the inclusion of the CASE Act in this COVID-19 stimulus bill:
“This is atrocious. We’re facing a massive eviction crisis and millions are unemployed due to the pandemic, but Congressional leaders could only muster $600 stimulus checks for COVID relief, but managed to cram in handouts for content companies like Disney? The CASE Act is a terribly written law that will threaten ordinary Internet users with huge fines for everyday online activity. It’s absurd that lawmakers included these provisions in a must-pass spending bill.”
Fight for the Future also called House and Senate leaders to “remove the copyright provisions from the Continuing Resolution and move them through regular order so we can have transparent and open debate about the right balance” and urged lawmakers to “create a fair system that protects human rights and ensures artists are fairly compensated instead of ramming through poorly crafted legislation that could punish ordinary Internet users for engaging in everyday activities like sharing memes and downloading images online.”

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Crazy Anti-Masker Meltdowns Caught on Camera

The comments under that video offer an illuminating reminder as to why the media thinks propaganda is worth the money.

My favorite comment:

"If there ever is a vaccination for covid, the anti maskers should be the last to recieve if not REFUSED and DENIED the vaccine altogether."

Sounds great. Sign me up for that initiative!


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Here is the BBC's advice on how to deal with Conspiracy theorists (the current one is coronavirus) during Christmas gatherings.

Maybe we should demand that conspiracy theorist as another gender to protect the rights to question the so-called EXPERTS. :scared:

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