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Well, while I found this amusing as to the purported efficacy of 'testing' earlier in the year;

Only belatedly stumbled across this abomination;


Mink are close relatives of ferrets and ferrets are the lab animal of choice for human respiratory infections.

Figure with a bit of luck, after a few cycles of endless lock-downs and vaccination programs for annual Covid variations - hopefully the PTB will mandate destroying all edible vegetation and animal life.

Then we should be good to go...


Are the masks beginning to slip? The Hero of Red October finds a surprise house guest? Camp Hero at Montauk is apparently the go to place for fake Spanish weddings. One ping only Hilaria, we can't handle too many at one time.

Alec Baldwin, love of my life, obsession of my soul. My super-size, gelatinous hunk of Soft Serve non-dairy product. Failed impersonator of President Donald J. Trump. Duped husband of an agile and flexible Spanish impersonator.

Finally, Hillary Baldwin outed herself. What a relief!

The bio posted on her speakers agency website claiming she was born in Mallorca, Spain, and moved to the United States at age 19 to attend New York University? The printed profile that stated the same?

It was all pure fiction.

In reality, she admitted, she was born in Boston. Her official name was Hillary Hayward-Thomas.
So Hillary-gate ends with an explosion. Oh, Alec. What else has the woman who sleeps beside you been faking?

When Alec proposed just three months earlier in the Hamptons, Hilaria told Extra TV that he chose Montauk because it was ‘as close as he could get to Spain, to my family.’

Montauk, New York, isn't even a town. It's technically a hamlet (which is a community that's smaller than a village, or that doesn't have a church) with a population of 3,326 as of 2010. It's the perfect place for Camp Hero, which would supposedly house a secret military installation which would delve into time travel, teleportation, psychic warfare, and object creation research.

The most recognizable piece of the 278-acre site is the SAGE radar tower, a 120-foot, 70-ton “dish” which has fallen into disrepair since the area was donated to the state of New York as a federal park. The dish was believed to transmit radio signals in the 425 to 450 Megahertz range in order to penetrate human consciousness, making a person susceptible to mind control. If that's the kind of thing you were working on, wouldn't you want to house your research station somewhere out of the way?


I wonder if all the references to ice cream are code for something?

The enzyme lactase that is located in the villus enterocytes of the small intestine is responsible for digestion of lactose in milk. Lactase activity is high and vital during infancy, but in most mammals, including most humans, lactase activity declines after the weaning phase. In other healthy humans, lactase activity persists at a high level throughout adult life, enabling them to digest lactose as adults. This dominantly inherited genetic trait is known as lactase persistence.

Among people of European descent, the ability to digest lactose into adulthood arose via strong positive selection of a highly advantageous allele encompassing the lactase gene. Lactose-tolerant and intolerant individuals may have different disease risks due to the shared genetics of their haplotype block.


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I have watched several of Kaitlin Bennetts videos over the past couple of years.
There are a lot of videos of her going onto campuses and into public areas in the U.S.
She has interviewed students regarding the "Issues du jour", Transgender, freedom of speech, abortion and the election,etc.
This one is touchy, as it zeros in on Health Care, and the Bubonic Plague, which I have a bit of info to add, in another post, as well!
She touches on several points in this video, which we have discussed here on the forum.

She sharply points out how the Democratic Left is attempting, over and over again, the mind numbing manipulation of public option, attempting to instill more "Hero Worship" for the Front line Medical Staff.
Pointing to the illusion that "The Nurses/Doctors/Interns are the REAL Victims, but, LOOK, they are dancing for all of US, in spite of all the horror!"

At the end of her commentary, she rightly acknowledges and apologizes to the compassionate, committed, caring Health Care Workers who ARE giving their ALL.
As do I.
I can do nothing as I witness my long time friends and acquaintances, committed workers in the Medical Field, burning out from fear and worry, double shifts and the futility and inability to truly Heal people.

I grieve for them, as they are giving their energy and life force, their BELIEF to the Biggest of lies.
Or, so I think.

Kaitlin Bennett Vs. TikTok Nurses​

"Imagine if during the bubonic plague, doctors started dancing. Or if during a funeral, pallbearers started doing the stanky leg. That's what TikTok nurses look like!"



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Issued on: 03/01/2021 - 08:51 Snips
French police booked hundreds of New Year revellers Saturday for flouting anti-Covid measures at an illegal rave.

In Bangkok, the city's nightlife shut down following a ban on bars, nightclubs and restaurant alcohol sales, among a raft of restrictions aimed at curbing the kingdom's rising virus toll.

Public schools in the Thai capital are to close for two weeks.

An outbreak last month at a seafood market has led to a resurgence of the virus in Thailand, with infections detected in 53 of the kingdom's 77 provinces.

In Tokyo, the city's governor on Saturday asked Japan's government to declare a new state of emergency as the country battles a third wave, with record numbers of new cases.

And South Korea extended its anti-virus curbs until January 17 in the greater Seoul area, including a ban on gatherings of more than four people, which will be widened to cover the whole country.

Skipping down:

In the United States, the vaccination programme has been beset by logistical problems, while the world's worst-hit country on Friday passed 20 million cases.

The US has seen a worrying surge in coronavirus infections in recent months and on Saturday saw its highest number yet recorded in one day, with more than 277,000.

In Russia, health minister Mikhail Murashko said more than 800,000 people had received the domestically produced Sputnik V vaccine and that 1.5 million doses had been distributed throughout the country of around 147 million.

The Kremlin has held back on imposing nationwide virus restrictions, instead placing its hopes on the mass vaccination drive to end the pandemic and save its struggling economy.

The French government, facing the threat of a new wave of Covid-19 infections, lengthened an overnight curfew by two hours in parts of the country to help combat the virus.


The new French restrictions came as police booked more than 1,200 revellers Saturday when an illegal rave in northwestern France finally ended after more than two days of partying that saw clashes with police.

Around 800 of them were booked for flouting anti-virus measures, and the regional health authority in Brittany noted a "high risk of the spread of Covid-19" at the event.

"We knew what we were risking... we had to party, for a year everything has been stuck," said a 20-year-old waitress.

Spanish police broke up another gathering Saturday near Barcelona, where 300 people had been partying for more than 40 hours.

And footballers were also among those caught breaking the rules, with Tottenham's Erik Lamela, Sergio Reguilon and Giovani Lo Celso to be disciplined after a picture emerged of them attending a large party.



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Israel registers 8,308 coronavirus cases in 24 hours, test positive ratio climbs to 7.6%
i24NEWS January 05, 2021, 7:44 AM

People Arriving At LAX Must Fill Out Form, Quarantine For 10 Days
Jan 5, 2021 Los Angeles Video

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- It's a health-care nightmare right now in Los Angeles County.

For the last few weeks during the COVID-19 surge, the region's ICUs have had 0% capacity available. When there's no space at hospitals, ambulances have to handle the overflow.

This has resulted in some changes to how the region handles emergencies:
  • The public is being discouraged from calling 911 unless it's an absolute emergency
  • Ambulances are being told not to transport trauma patients - victims of heart attacks, gunshot wounds, car crashes - to the hospital if they can't be resuscitated in the field.
  • Patients who aren't facing a life-threatening emergency are waiting 12-18 hours in waiting rooms just to be seen in the ER.
  • Ambulances are waiting for hours just to offload patients at hospitals.
  • Hospitals are running out of oxygen.
  • Hospitals are setting up cots in parking lots to take in patients.
"We're trying to encourage people to not call 911 unless they really need to," Dr. Marc Eckstein explained.

He's the medical director and commander of the LA city Fire Department EMS Bureau. He said over the last few weeks at hard-hit hospitals, there have been lines of ambulances waiting for several hours to transfer patients.

During the week of Christmas, he said one hospital had 19 ambulances all waiting to offload at the same time.

"So you can imagine how many hours that kept our ambulances out of service. That keeps a large area uncovered."

When EMTs and paramedics can't transfer care, they can't respond to the next 911 call - which means there may be delays getting to an incident.

They also can't go to hospitals outside the county. The entire region is similarly impacted right now - so there's nowhere else to go.

"Those ambulances have to offload somewhere. They don't have a choice about offloading," said Dr. Christina Ghaly, director of the Los Angeles County Department of Health Services.

The county memo ordering ambulances not to transport patients who can't be resuscitated in the field is available here.

Starting next week, LAFD paramedics and EMTs will be staging in cots outside of hospitals, so ambulances can get back into service. That still leaves the patient sitting in a parking lot - but this way other patients can get care.

"Even if you're the lowest risk to get seriously ill from COVID, if you need emergency medical services through 911, or leave your emergency department right now, your care may be compromised or significantly delayed," said Dr. Eckstein.

What is the current situation right now in LA County?

Patients are being treated based upon acuity, meaning the triage systems are working as best they can. We're trying to encourage people to not call 911 unless they really need to. So if they just have flu symptoms, which is likely due to COVID, but they're not experiencing severe chest pain, they're not experiencing shortness of breath, they're able to keep down liquids, then the best treatment is to call your doctor or stay home. Not call 911 and not go to emergency department.

One of our biggest challenges right now is getting our ambulances out of the emergency department. When our paramedics and EMTs transport a patient to an emergency department, there's a transfer of care that has to take place. Patients who are unstable or unable to be safely transferred to the waiting room or to a chair, need a bed in the emergency department to be transferred to. And those beds are lacking right now. During peak periods, over the last few weeks, it's gotten to a point where we are waiting for several hours just to offload patients and transfer care. If they're waiting to transfer care, they can't respond to the next 911 call, which means we may have delays getting an ambulance to an incident. We're fortunate in that we have fire companies staffed by firefighter, EMT and paramedics to respond. But in terms of the response time for ambulances, there may be delays if our ambulances are still watching patients at the emergency department and can't get released to be sent back into the system.

I think this next four-to-six week period is going to be critical with our system being taxed. We're now seeing patients who are younger, who are less likely to have the usual risk factors to get severe COVID symptoms, coming in with profound hypoxia where their blood oxygen saturation levels are life-threatening. They have drastic changes to their chest X-rays, they're in severe respiratory failure. Some of the hospitals are actually running out of oxygen. So the system is really being taxed right now. People go into emergency departments without life-threatening problems, are waiting often 12 to 18 hours in the waiting room just to get seen.

What kind of wait times are patients currently experiencing?

So we've had some extreme examples. We had one area hospital during Christmas week that had 19 ambulances all waiting to offload at the same time. So you can imagine how many hours that kept those ambulances out of service, which kept some large areas uncovered. Another extreme example - a wait time of up to eight hours to transfer care. These were for COVID patients who required oxygen, so they couldn't go to the waiting room. And the hospital was literally exceeding their capacity and had no available open beds, nurses or other health-care providers to facilitate taking care of those patients. Having ambulances parked at the emergency departments for hours on end is not sustainable and has the potential to compromise public safety.

Why not take patients to other hospitals in other counties?

The reality is the entire region is severely impacted right now. So there's really nowhere to go. All the surrounding counties are equally impacted. Orange County and Ventura County, they're all experiencing the same surge right now. This is not hyperbole. This is not overstating the situation. We know we're going to be encountering probably the brunt of the surge within the next few weeks. It's not just people who have known or suspected COVID. If you are sick or injured or having a heart attack or get into a traffic accident or have a stroke, your ability to get timely care through the EMS system or the emergency healthcare system may be significantly compromised.

Even if the 911 system is there for you and we're doing everything we can to make sure it is, and we're able to get you evaluated and transported as quickly as possible, there's a pretty high likelihood that because there's no open ICU beds, you may be kept down in the emergency department for hours or days on end, which obviously is suboptimal to being in a critical care setting. So this is not just for COVID patients or so people who think, 'I'm healthy, I'm young, I don't have any risk factors for COVID. This doesn't affect me.' This can affect you when you least expect it. So we all really need to do our part right now to get through this surge.

Are you no longer helping dying patients because of lack of space? Is it to the point where you're deciding the fate of people's lives?

No, thank goodness. We're not at that point. So I want people to rest assured if you are unfortunate enough to have a life-threatening medical emergency or traumatic injury, like a gunshot wound, we will have risk first responders, EMT, and paramedics respond in a timely manner and get you to the right facility. The challenge is the right facility may be at a longer distance than otherwise because the closest facility may be completely closed to ambulance traffic, because they have no more room and the specialists may not be available. Most likely, the ICU beds may not be available, but we are not at the point where we're not responding, or treating life-threatening calls, but we're having to drive further to find our open hospital.

We are practicing compassionate withdrawal and comfort care, as opposed to the mantra where we do everything we possibly can and exhaust a lot of scarce resources at the expense of patients who have a lot higher chance of survival. We are enacting policies with our partners at the county level, whereby if someone experiences a cardiac arrest in the field, which is not the same as a heart attack, but if someone's heart stops, our dispatchers provide instructions for CPR. We'll have an engine company respond, we'll have paramedics respond with an ambulance, and we do everything we can on scene to resuscitate you. But if our paramedics and cannot get your heart beating again on scene, we no longer will be transporting those patients because we know by the literature, those patients have virtually zero chance of survival. If we don't do our job in the field to get their heart going again, we don't want to transport those patients to the emergency department, so they can provide care for patients who are viable.

We're also looking at the same policy for victims of severe trauma, car accidents, shootings, stabbings, and so forth. We're not going to be transporting those patients either. If we can't get their hearts going again, if we can't get them resuscitated on scene.

So again, if you're having a heart attack, you'll get a robust response. We'll take you to the nearest appropriate hospital, which may be further than you're accustomed to if the nearest appropriate hospital's full. But if someone is in an unfortunate enough situation where the heart stops and they're in cardiac arrest, you will not be transported with very rare exception unless we can get them initially resuscitated in the field.

Likewise, for people who are in extended care facilities, like a hospice or nursing homes, and they have advanced directives or comfort care only, we were not going to transport those patients either because it's going to tax hospitals that don't have the capacity. And also it's not the right thing to do for those individuals, that want to be kept comfortable, to take them to an emergency department where they can't get to a bed, they're in the hustle and bustle of a chaotic emergency department, and also they can't see their family members because of the COVID restrictions.

What changes are you making over the following weeks?

Next week we're deploying some EMTs and paramedics at the most severely impacted hospitals with cots. So they will be able to monitor patients off ambulances in the disaster tents that most hospitals have constructed in their ambulance bays outside the emergency department. That will get ambulances back in the field. We'll have to only deal with this, during the brunt of this crisis for another four to six weeks. Hopefully things will get better, but make no mistake right now, the system has really been challenged, like it has never been challenged before. And it's incumbent on all of your viewers to do their part.

Even if you're the lowest risk to get seriously ill from COVID, if you need emergency medical services through 911, your care may be compromised or significantly delayed. So this is not the right time to have gatherings and be traveling.



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Unsure whether to laugh or cry - damn my vivid imagination... 😬

NSW Government Says Avoid Sex During COVID, Instead Masturbate in Front of Your Partner While Social Distancing, Wear a Mask.



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So the trail runs begin.....🍿🍿🍿

Wednesday, Jan 06, 2021 by Tyler Durden 5-6 minute Read - 7:30 / Snip:
  • EU Commission approves Moderna vaccine
  • Hebei on lockdown
  • EU regulator approves Moderna vaccine
  • China sees biggest outbreak since June
  • 63 new cases found in Hebei
  • Tokyo reports new record
  • Japan state of emergency coming
  • Serbia starts giving "Sputnik V"
  • Iran records 82 deaths
  • Israel tightens lockdown
Update (1200ET): The European Commission has approved the Moderna vaccine for use in the bloc. However, Europe's largest nations are taking longer to administer the vaccines than expected.

Just as the American press (including, notably, the NYT) was praising China's heavy handed response to the original outbreak of SARS-CoV-2, public health officials in Hebei, a province in northern China near Beijing, have imposed the first lockdown there since the summer after 60+ new cases were confirmed in a single day.

Authorities in the northern province of Hebei confirmed 63 new local infections on Tuesday, the highest daily tally in months. It prompted China's CDC to raise the alarm warning about a new outbreak. Among the confirmed cases, 19 were reported in the provincial capital of Shijiazhuang and one was found in the city of Xingtai, both about 300 kilomryrtd (or 186 miles) southwest of Beijing.

Of those cases, Hebei confirmed that 20 were locally transmitted while 43 were asymptomatic. The province hasn't recorded any locally transmitted infections since June. ....


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I am not sure if this is the right thread. So if one of the adminstrators wants to put it on another place?

Since a few days I am really surprised what's going on in Austria. There are so many demonstrations against this government and the corona-policy and the lock-down! Not only in the big cities but even in smaller cities are people gathering and the slogan in general is peace, liberty and no dictatorship! Until now all is very peaceful, besides sometimes there are a few provocateurs, but very very rare!

And I think we will have elections in 2021, although there were elections in 2019 and the government should last 5 years. There are small groups coming up trying to make a different kind of policy. I don't know what this all will be, but nevertheless it is exciting and astonishing.

Also there is a movement to open up shops and pubs on January 11, which is long before the lockdown is planned to end. People are getting very angry!! Not all, of course, but they are here and are heard by those who want to hear.
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