Corona craziness


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And now Newsomes Lottery 😬

A few comments:

"Plot Twist: The taxes in the winnings is 90%."

"Congratulations Jordan Two Delta, you're going to The Island."

"Donuts, beer and lotto tickets. All the things Homer Simpson would be compelled by."

"Stern doom voice while sternly pointing finger at camera-“not until they get their second shot”

'This is something you would expect to see in the movie Hunger Games.'

'Families are struggling with rent and food our here! The budget for this could have gone to something better. I am still waiting for rental relief and PEBT assistance."

"This gives me huge "The Running Man" vibes... FIREBALL FIREBALL FIREBALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"


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Just a little story:
The mother of a colleague was a very good teacher and loved by their pupils. She also is a very vital woman and has always refused to wear masques and so on. Of course she lost her job.
She regularly goes to a MacDonald and the waitress meanwhile accepted her without the 3Gs rule. Another day this waitress was not there and the other one wanted to have an attest. She said: "Well, of course, I have a green pass!" (meaning that you are vaccinated). "I'll show you!" And on her smartphone she showed him the picture of her fathers Aryan certificate. Probably she explained a little and the waiter got very silent and told her, that of course she could stay seated without 3G and masque. An impressing action! I was thinking in the same direction using my fathers certificate . ..
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More German Madness

in which Lauterbach is one of the most bizarre and dangerous figures on the chessboard (who get's huge amounts of space in the mainstream media).

IMAGE 2021-06-16 14:53:16.jpg

Dr. Simon writes on his Telegram Channel :thup:


"Shut the f*** up, Karl Lauterbach. That guy should be arrested and put into a madhouse until the end of his miserable life. Such nasty and shameless fearmongers are responsible for the death of millions of people. Fear kills and that person only spreads fear while ignoring our immune system.

In addition, he knows about seasonality. He knows that cases naturally go up in October/November. He is a mad and dangerous person"


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(Germany again) :whistle:

In low-incidence counties: government allows mask to be worn under the nose :scared:

15 June, 2021

Berlin (dpo) - For weeks, the corona case numbers have been falling in Germany - the calls for abolishing the mask requirement are getting louder and louder. The Ministry of Health is now planning a compromise solution for the time being: with immediate effect, it will be permitted to wear the mask under the nose in counties with a 7-day incidence of less than 25.
"The infection figures now allow us to wear the masks only half-heartedly in many places," says Health Minister Jens Spahn and adds "Feels funny under the nose, well you know" :nuts:

IMAGE 2021-06-16 15:17:23.jpg


Hi, Just sharing here an insight about the roads, I'm in southeast Ohio and I have noticed at least in the last few months quite a lot crazies, two weeks ago returning from grocery shopping, a crazy driver decides to speed up a very short distance from where my husband was headed on the road, it could have been a head on collision, fortunately it was not, but this person was under the stop sign waiting his turn until the intersection was clear, but not, this crazy person decides to speed up exactly when my husband is approaching on the road in front of my car
Searching a bit on the internet I found this note of the increase of traffic accidents under covid.

Take care of yourselves from the crazy drivers
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