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This is... sad and ironic

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The AIDS pandemic... But he didn't see Fauci's extreme lethal drug AZT and similar variants being distributed like candy. Then PREP for the gays, who really pop that stuff like candy - again - made by Gilead, and it happens to be a great way to very slowly destroy your kidneys...

And then he is über-proud to take not one, but two jabs - while telling the rest of the world to shut the mouth and take that damn "vaccine" (Oh hi... didn't see you standing there, Mr Jordan Peterson).

Three times he could have listened. Three times, he could have dug deeper. Three times he chose not to.

And then the guy just goes and dies.
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This may have been shared before, it's from January 2021, but I just saw it, hahah..

The bit that got me was the observation, which I'd somehow never connected, that the official advice here was: if you need to cough or sneeze, do it into your elbow. And ALSO, don't shake hands with people.........instead, use your elbow.


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Just when you think you've seen it all .....WTF

Those who are taking model infection control measures

The 52-year-old director of the Tainan City's 鯤 鯓 camp, who was healthy without any chronic illness, became ill for several days after receiving the AstraZeneca vaccine and became severely ill. Suspected of having cerebral infarction. Although it was reported as a side reaction according to family intentions, the relationship between the vaccine and brain abnormalities will be investigated

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