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After attendees receive their first dose of COVID-19 vaccine, they can commemorate the moment by strolling down a red carpet and posing for a picture at a selfie station, said Fraser Health, in a news release Friday.

Yes that sounds fun. Well worth commemorating a completely unnecessary and possibly lethal jab which will affect the very core of your humanity in a negative way. Who would not want to commemorate such an auspicious event in their life...🤮.....with a selfie???
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At least 8 killed, 9 missing after hotel building collapses near Shanghai in China (VIDEO)

An investigation has been launched, with preliminary data suggesting unauthorized renovation works might have caused the accident. A load-bearing wall inside the building might have been demolished or otherwise modified, Xinhua news agency is reporting citing local authorities.

The budget hotel had 54 rooms and was relatively new, having opened in 2018.

Are we heading into Idiocracy? With attempts to hold half-collapsed skyscapers together with thick ropes?
I was pondering, was the cause of this accident a vaccine injury to the brain of whoever site supervisor / chief engineer ordered this renovation, making a fatal error in the process that would have not been made with a healthy brain pre-plandemic? Why the heck renovate a 2018 hotel? Well, it was a budget hotel and Made in China..
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