Corona craziness

An advertisement from a mexican public health institution for state workers indicates that if you wear a mask correctly you become a responsible VARIANT.

This in allusion to the streaming series "LOKI"

There is no doubt that the publicist is a very fan of the series or in the worst case he thinks that people are very stupid.

A listener/watcher of the Dutch Jensen show (where Jensen, a former Dutch TV host, criticizes the whole corona business etc.) wrote him a letter saying:

Your last show has done me a lot of good. I am also transvaxual. Finally a group I can join and feel comfortable with.

Because I find it difficult to explain exactly how I feel, I have incorporated it into a song
Jensen then shows the song they received, it's quite funny! It's in Dutch, but here are the lyrics in English:

Oh today I finally make it official
Dear people I am transvaxual

Am not vaccinated
But I feel that I am
I am myself and I am transvaxual

Oh today I finally come out of the closet
I didn't really know who I was all this time

I didn't know what I meant
Or what exactly I felt
But I know now, I'm transvaxual

You can listen/see the song and videoclip of it in the tweet above. Starts around 0:17. (His tweet in English: "This week I came out: I am TRANSVAXUAL! These are people who are not vaccinated but DO feel that way. And thus are vaccinated!!! And society has to accept that. We ARE vaccinated! You must not discriminate against us! That's just how it is!!!")

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Here is just strange and, if I may, a little bit of tragicomedy-like situation: In Montenegro man has been given wrong second dose of vaccine.
Instead of Pfizer, he received Sinofarm.

Link (in Serbian) :
Health Institution pointed out that it does not affect the man negatively, but only requires regular monitoring, like with any other vaccine.
They also justify it in a way that internationally Pfizer is recommended now as a third dose jab for those who had previously received Sinofarm, but still do not have high amount of antibodies.

This is more funny when you live here and know how much the medical staff is lazy and many of them corrupted or unprofessional.
I just received this email from the president of the university I attend here in Houston, Texas. To understand the situation here, public universities are not allowed to force mask mandates, go back online, or force vaccination as per Governor Abbot's orders. But our county officials are doing their best to look for loopholes to defy the governor.

Essentially, we have the state government telling us covid is over, and the local governments doing their best to keep it going. This is the result. There are so many levels at play here... Corona Craziness indeed. See if you can catch all the doublespeak in this email.
Dear Students,

Welcome to the University of Houston’s Fall Semester! We are delighted to have you as a member of our Cougar family and even more delighted that you have chosen us to be a part of your educational journey.

As you prepare to begin the academic year on August 23, I am sure you are both excited and anxious. To be honest, I feel the same. While I trust that we all will take personal responsibility and safeguard ourselves from the virus, I also know that some institutional decisions regarding vaccinations, masks, testing and instructional formats are necessary to keep our community safe. I write to you today to present these decisions.

Fall Classes
Seventy-eight percent of fall classes are scheduled to be offered in the face-to-face setting. We understand the important of the face-to-face experience; however, we also understand the anxiety that some of you may feel regarding safety in the classroom. Let me assure you of the following safety measures:

  1. All buildings and classrooms are now equipped with safe air filtration systems.
  2. All buildings have sanitization stations and strict cleaning protocols.
  3. All classrooms will have signage reminding people to wear a mask.
  4. Your professor may offer a soft opening to class for the first two weeks. It means that in order to reduce the classroom density, your professor may design a format that reduces the number of students physically present in the classroom while assuring that every student gets to be on campus at least once a week. Please read all emails from your professors promptly.
  5. The UH COVID-19 Response Team monitors the situation daily and is prepared to move to other alternatives, should the situation warrant it.
  6. My cabinet and I are working with our Texas colleagues and state leaders to continue to find strategies to create a safe learning environment for you.
Provost Short will follow up with another communication giving you further details about classroom instruction. If you have any questions, please ask your professor or write to the Provost.

COVID-19 Vaccination
Consider taking the vaccine: The data suggests that vaccination remains the best intervention for reliable protection. If you have already been vaccinated, thank you. If you have not, I sincerely ask that you familiarize yourself with the pertinent information, consult with your doctor and seriously consider being vaccinated.

Earn free tuition or parking: To further encourage vaccination, we are launching the Cougar Vaccination Incentive Program (VIP) for students, which will launch Wednesday, August 11. Each Cougar VIP will receive $50 in ShastaBUCKS, accessible through your Cougar Card for use at on-campus dining locations, the UH Campus Book Store, vending machines, and select off-campus merchants. You may also be eligible for additional incentives including free tuition and parking. Vice President Richard Walker will follow up with a detailed letter tomorrow to help you participate.

Keep it convenient: We will be holding a special vaccination clinic on campus August 16. Please register online and take advantage of this opportunity. In addition, vaccinations are widely available at no cost throughout our area.

Face Coverings
According to the CDC, face coverings are an effective deterrent, and it can help prevent infections. The University of Houston strongly encourages everyone - vaccinated or not - to wear masks in all public indoor settings.

COVID-19 Testing

As another layer of protection, we are asking that unvaccinated people get tested at least once a week. To make it easy and convenient, we offer free testing on campus. We continue to provide $2 in ShastaBUCKS per test to any student who undergoes testing at the Curative kiosk.

Additional free testing resources in Houston may be found on the Houston Emergency Operation Center COVID-19 Testing page.

If you are vaccinated but have concerns or show possible symptoms, we encourage you to get tested as well.

Reporting Requirements

Transparency of data and information on infection are critical in combating COVID-19 spread. We ask that anyone testing positive should follow the University guidelines and inform the UH COVID Coordinator immediately. All reported incidences of COVID-19 are confidentially handled by the coordinator, but they are essential in our effort to provide necessary cleaning and contact tracing when appropriate. They are also essential in sharing aggregate data with the campus.

We are cautious but optimistic that if we all take safety precautions and make it our personal responsibility, we can overcome the COVID challenge. We are committed to providing you a Tier One education in the safest possible environment possible. You have shown remarkable resiliency and creativity over the past 18 months. I have no doubt that you will continue to do so this semester. We are here to help you get a great education along with a memorable experience.

I look forward to seeing you around campus. Please stay safe. Go Coogs!
[ShastaBUCKS is 'money' that can only be spent on campus]
I just received this email from the president of the university I attend here in Houston, Texas. To understand the situation here, public universities are not allowed to force mask mandates, go back online, or force vaccination as per Governor Abbot's orders. But our county officials are doing their best to look for loopholes to defy the governor.

Essentially, we have the state government telling us covid is over, and the local governments doing their best to keep it going. This is the result. There are so many levels at play here... Corona Craziness indeed. See if you can catch all the doublespeak in this email.
[ShastaBUCKS is 'money' that can only be spent on campus]

Uggg. The hopeful part of me is that the University is merely playing Covid and has no sincere interest in enforcing anything Draconian. Then again, it is entirely possible that 'higher education' could be the flash point of whatever zany revolution the PTB are trying to accomplish.

The Cultural Revolution commenced in spirit when Mao published a letter indicting a number of Party leaders on May 16, 1966. But it was a seemingly minor event nine days later that ignited the revolution in effect: a young philosophy professor at Peking University named Nie Yuanzi placed a "big-character poster" (a handwritten propaganda sheet featuring large Chinese characters) on a public bulletin board denouncing the university president and others in the administration as bourgeois revisionists. Mao immediately endorsed her protest, which set off a chain reaction of student revolt that swept through China.

That chain reaction was accelerated by "working groups" of ideologues sent to administer schools. Under their tenure, schools became centers of activism rather than learning. Students were encouraged to create big-character posters exposing their own teachers, officials, and even parents. The accused were humiliated in daily "struggle sessions" in which their students and colleagues interrogated them and demanded confessions. The viciousness of these sessions rapidly intensified. Students beat, spat upon, and tortured — in horrifically creative ways — their often elderly teachers and professors. In one case, students demanded their biology professor stare at the sun with wide open eyes. If he blinked or looked away, they beat him. Even middle and elementary school students participated in the struggle sessions, sometimes beating their teachers to death with sticks and belt buckles.
Little Red Soldier

"Little Red Soldier" (Hong Xiao Bing) by Huang Jinzeng. The text reads "Position of Serious Criticism" (from the Helen May Schneider collection)
Students were also encouraged to turn on their classmates. As the sins of one generation passed to the next, a new hierarchy was born: the children of revolutionaries on top and the children of "landlords," "capitalists," and "rightists" at the bottom. These students were labeled "rotten eggs" and were fair game for the same treatment meted out to their parents. The current president of the People's Republic of China, Xi Jinping, endured this fate. He was only 15 years old when his father, a loyal Maoist and one-time propaganda chief, was purged, his sister executed, and his own mother forced to denounced Xi as a reactionary. Amid the hysteria, teachers, professors, and intellectuals did not dare to stand up to the students or defend their colleagues lest they suffer similar fates. But they could not escape by being bystanders. With every word and action becoming potential evidence of capitalist sympathy, teachers and intellectuals enthusiastically joined their students in the struggle sessions and screaming rallies.

Then again, you're in Texas. Your revolution might be fun! Remember the Alamo!

(Joe) In the US, there are certain states - notably Florida and Texas - which have been exemplary in their pushback against this Covid nonsense. They didn't lock down, they opened and returned to normal more quickly, etc. That's kind of strange in a sense because you wouldn't expect that to come from the US - or at least we wouldn't. My point is that right now and over the past year, Florida and Texas were good places to live given what people in most places in the Western world were subjected to. So my question is: What's the prognosis for places like Florida and Texas?

A: Suppression will be attempted...

Q: (L) Alright, I think we've covered what we had to cover, right?

(Joe) "Suppression will be attempted..."

(Andromeda) But not necessarily successful.

(Joe) Revolution?

A: Exactly. Remember the Alamo!!

Q: (Joe) I hope so. I wanna see SOMEBODY do something. If it's gonna happen anywhere, it's gonna happen in America.

(Niall) Trump's coming back!

(Joe) 1776 will rise again!... [laughter]
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