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I saw this snarky answer to a question about C-19 on Quora today. I needed a good laugh.

How did Joe Biden save the world from most of the devastation of the Corona virus?

Scott Lowden
International Trade Lawyer, Author
Answered August 15
Joseph Biden invented the Moderna and Pfizer Vaccines. He did it modestly during last year’s routine presidential campaign in which he easily defeated all primary contenders. Donald Trump called Joe up on April 1, 2020 when he saw the inevitability of his defeat in November. He said “Joe, we have a crisis with this confounded corona virus. What can we do?
Joe went to his son, Hunter, the smartest person in the world, whether it be science or art and said “what can we do to save the world from this awful virus that our troops brought to China during military games in Wuhan?

Hunter, who knows a lot about chemistry and chemical substances, gave it a few minutes and said “Go to Pfizer and Moderna and give them this Mrna formula. I worked it out last night with my associates in Las Vegas”.
Joe instantly got on the phone to these companies and gave them the formula. He then went to the FDA and said “Move these along at warp speed!”
Trump cowered in the background and let the Bidens save the world. Then, the world saved, Trump stepped out and took credit for the Biden success.
If you don’t believe this wait for the Monday morning reports on CNN and MSNBC. Snopes has fact checked it so it is truth.


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I always have Australia in my mind, I think we should pray for them, never forget them. The question is: why this is happening in Australia? Is it a lab for the future of the rest of humanity? Is it because it is a very far country? It is a country that is a forgotten country, nobody talks about Australia. How sad and also scary is their situation!


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This is completely INSANE. Looks like in Vietnam there are very stupid people in top positions. Very very stupid.

They look like a sea of women wearing indigo burkas in Afghanistan. Hold that thought. Looks like they are wearing some of that non-woven, fluid-resistant stuff. Imagine how comfortable that must be in a hot, humid climate. I have to wear this at work. I'm kind of intolerant of A/C, always cold indoor in summer, wear a sweater, etc. This stuff keeps me plenty warm at work.
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I always have Australia in my mind, I think we should pray for them, never forget them. The question is: why this is happening in Australia? Is it a lab for the future of the rest of humanity? Is it because it is a very far country? It is a country that is a forgotten country, nobody talks about Australia. How sad and also scary is their situation!
Don't write them down easily. Hard times create strong men: they already organizing their multi-vector Resistance:

Australia, Police officer reports 2 kids killed by the jab

Video thanks to XPan!


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Some vaccination centers are only accessible to people with a health pass

The application of the directives relating to the health pass causes ubiquitous situations in certain vaccination centers, located in shopping malls.

An incongruity that borders on the absurd. In the procession of measures that have accompanied the deployment of the health pass in France for several weeks, some of them are causing consequences that are regrettable, to say the least.
"The whole point, for our customers, was to be able to go and get vaccinated without an appointment".

Thus, since the beginning of August, several shopping centers of more than 20,000 m² have had to introduce this famous health pass, in accordance with government recommendations. The problem, as noted by Le Figaro, is that some of these shopping centers host ... vaccination centers.

The whole point, for our customers, was to be able to go and get vaccinated without an appointment, on their way to do their shopping," said Anne-Sophie Sancerre, director of operations in Southern Europe for the commercial real estate giant Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield, quoted by Le Figaro. It was a big asset to reach a less connected and more popular population." Beyond the drop in attendance caused by the implementation of the health pass, these vaccination sites are therefore now considerably less accessible to those who wish to take advantage of them.
Getting tested to get vaccinated

The solution for the latter seems to be... to get tested in order to be vaccinated. "When people who want to be vaccinated have not been tested, we still let them in if the vaccination center is located next to the entrance, or we have them accompanied by a security guard, but this will no longer be possible when attendance increases again, at the beginning of the school year," warns Anne-Sophie Sancerre.

The application of the health pass in the shopping centers concerned has already had an impact on the number of people vaccinated in these places. Le Figaro mentions the example of the Rosny 2 shopping center, where "the daily rate has dropped from 930 people vaccinated per day to 500".

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Given the recent high level of recreational traffic in this region, it may have experienced some very low levels of cogitation from the pro-vaxed crowd, while they visited markets and the restaurants. Including camp grounds and chain markets.

Alas the numbers are still small (comparatively speaking), within the chain of mountain county's on long the southern borders of France.

Covid. Tarbes: a hospital surgeon qualifies vaccination as "genocide", controversy and chain reactions


Posted on August 25, 2021 at 7:17 p.m.
A new death is to be deplored, because of the coronavirus, in the Pyrénées-Atlantiques, these last 24 hours.

According to data published this Wednesday evening by Public Health France, a new death is to be deplored in the Pyrénées-Atlantiques due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

This brings the total balance sheet of the latter, since March 2020, in the 64, to 492 dead. In detail, the number of hospitalizations, which has been steadily increasing in recent days, is finally falling: from 124 to 115 this Wednesday evening. There are now 18 critical care patients (-1). The incidence rate continues to decline.

As of August 22, it stood at 221.9 (positive cases per 100,000 inhabitants), compared to 222.2 the day before. The positivity rate also decreased, falling, again on the same date, to 3.2%. Finally, 97.3% of the positive cases detected are linked to the Delta variant.

On @CNEWS@BrigitteMilhau : the viral load of vaccinated people is identical to that of unvaccinated people. recent studies show that natural immunity is stronger than https vaccine immunity ://


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This is people at Madrid at 10 pm, waiting what? waiting to be vaccinated. As the girl says: we are lost. And I forget to tell: this line of people is to vaccinated kids!
Wow, very sad to see this.

Here is a different type of craziness. This happened in times when such things were classified as "crazy"

I wonder what the people in these scenes are doing today regarding the mask.


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Germany • (PCR) Expert Dr. Drosten Contradiction files...
Past vs Present :pinocchio:

GERMANY: German Fauci 'Prof'. Christian Drosten created the first PCR test for SARS-CoV-2 even before China started the PSYOP ( His scientific publication on this specific PCR test controversially bypassed the peer-review process and was eventually published in the journal "Eurosurveillance" only 24 hours after submitting it (Addendum: Peer reviewed literature and preprints covering wet-lab experiments, in silico analysis of the Corman Drosten protocol-design, meta-data analysis on and further discussion – CORMAN-DROSTEN REVIEW REPORT)

Strangely enough, Drosten is also a member of the Editorial Board of this journal and has economic bonds with PCR testing facilities and manufacturers. One day after the paper was published, it was declared "gold standard" by the WHO. Well, random events tend to cluster together. Prof. Marion Koopmans, a co-author of this scandalous paper, was a member of the WHO committee that endorsed Drosten's test

In 2014, Drosten gave an interview to the German weekly newspaper Wirtschaftswoche in which he talked about PCR testing (🇩🇪 Virologe Drosten im Gespräch 2014: „Die WHO kann nur Empfehlungen aussprechen“). His words back then are totally contradictory to his statements nowadays






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