Corona craziness

"Wiederstand" freedom movement in Austria, the land I spend past 4,5 years in and loved the people, at least in Styria region, where I lived, is doing everything they can to move, educate, wake up, their fellow man sleeping, but at this point, it looks like Shizif's work. Today former president Sebastian Kurz announced his retreat from politics. Just wonder which island he is gonna retread to, Eppsteins?


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A satirical comment on a German article :lol:

Eitorf - breaking news: The badly shaken fireworks manufacturer weco was able to avert the threat of insolvency. The rescue came by the sale of a license for the names of the company-owned fireworks to the Federal Ministry of Health. According to information from usually ill-informed circles, the names are to be used for the next vaccinations as follows:

3rd vaccination: Booster
4th vaccination: Rapid Strike
5th vaccination: Cannonballs
6th vaccination: Magic Hour
7th vaccination: Rheingold
8th vaccination: Wonderland
9th vaccination: Silver&Gold
10th vaccination: Berserk
11th vaccination: Para World
12th vaccination: Midnight Power
13th vaccination: Unique
14th vaccination: Wisps
15th vaccination: Triumph
16th vaccination: Hexagon
17th inoculation: Devil's Storm
18th inoculation: Box Devil
19th inoculation: Tears of Fire

For the 20th vaccination weco suggests "Unicorn Poop", but here the Ministry of Health reserves the right to finally end the pandemic with the vaccination "Wunderwaffe V1". The name "Final Victory", which has also been rumored, has probably been discarded according to as yet unconfirmed rumors.
🇩🇰 Seriously Denmark ?!

How about everyone can perform a jab on others ? That is literally the essence of craziness. Boah - I am getting a serious kick-in-da-butt-for-everyone (of those people) reaction…

Can you imagine how twisted this gets juridically when the tide turns ?

Danish Regions: Everyone can help vaccinate

All Danes are now urged to help in the vaccination effort against covid-19. No special training is needed, the collaboration announces Danish Regions.
- I appeal to a very broad part of the population, says Erik Jylling, head of health in the Copenhagen region.
Søren Brostrøm, head of the authority Sundhedsstyrelsen, emphasizes that all vaccinations take place under the supervision of a doctor. Thus, you can feel safe even if the stitch itself is performed by someone else, says Brostrøm.
Source: corona news ticker at, 13 Dec 2021
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