Corona craziness

This is not about craziness, but about sadness. I have this in my mind since Sunday when I first read it. It makes me really sad. And I hear from friends that the suicidal rate of young people is going up, children are despaired. It is so touching. that it is not so easy to sit back and relax . . . . . .

The text is:
I want to be dead! Then I am in heaven. And there is no Corona,
Lina, 4 years old.
Of course it might be a fake since there is no origin mentioned, but I intend to believe it as real.

zeitungsmeldung kind.jpeg
We all have a different sense of humor so I'm not sure how most will react to this one.
But for me , This Is A Joke on the Joker.

While checking some favorite "goto twitters" I came across this one.

What got my attention was the ladies dissatisfaction with
TWO years into this pandemic is so enraging & such a complete and colossal failure by politicians.
I thought to myself, "Oh yeh, those dumb politicians. They are so confused. Poor lady will need to home school." . My next thought was "Who is this Canadian ?"
And here the fun begins. To keep the suspense I placed a dash in front of the link address. :rotfl:

Finding this tweet was like finding a diamond in the junkyard. I had a long laugh as I didn't think I'd find someone from that meeting reacting like this about the Con-19 Circus !!!! Unless she is play acting.

Looks to me like she must be low on the pyramid of power. Just another useful V-Column fool thinking they matter.

PS: Do read the comments to her tweet. You get a taste of her kind of friend's mentality.
This is An absolutely hilarious Thought. Very early on I would imagine a SNL sketch with Bill Murray staggering around sneezing and hacking with a squeeze bulb gimmick spraying water all over people, wiping his nose on people’s scarves and sleeves as all look on in utter horror. I would giggle to myself as I imagined this scenario. The above captures the same idea quite nicely.
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