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Imo, it belongs in this thread. This, the celebrity 'imagine' video doing the rounds (that's receiving equal derision) reminds me of the 'people going off', as well as the glitches with Hillary and co. Maybe it's a stretch but these people lost touch with reality long ago and no doubt have sinned against any fragment of soul they ever had, and so i wouldn't be surprised if, in these times, their issues will become all the more obvious.


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Even if it is a mock-up meme, there is so much crap data floating around, and THAT is the real Virus, IMO!

I found this article about King, he reads chapter 8, of "The Stand" on a YouTube link, fwiw.
Other fans might find it interesting.

"Back in 1978, Stephen King published his classic pandemic novel The Stand. The plot of the aforementioned text revolves around a pandemic of a weaponized strain of influenza that very nearly kills the world's population. Say it with me, folks. Apropos! In recent weeks, King's disease-focused tale of terror has become a hot item for sadistic readers the world over, and now the author himself has posted an audio book sample that shares the chapter in which he explains how a world-ending virus spreads. If you're looking to freak yourself out more than you already are, I highly recommend giving it a listen."

Direct Link to the Youtube of King reading Chapter 8 of the Audio book, in case the article link doesn't work;


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Conor McGregor, mixed martial arts champion, media star, who recently held two champion belts in two weight-classes, calls for 'full 24-hour patrol' of Irish military to enforce coronavirus lockdown

As a result of his brawling career, by now his head was hit with fists, his skull elbowed several times and he was kicked into the head so much that he has severe brain damage, has difficulty with self-control. He proved his brain-damage in 2018 by throwing a chair into a bus window carrying a team of other fighters causing injuries from smashed window-glass. Last year he went into a pub and hit an elderly man daring to disrespect him: the pensioner was probably telling him the truth.

Conor McGregor the controversial star, with by now diminished fame, had this to say about the current Covid-19 lockdown hysteria:
"Hello everyone, hello Ireland," McGregor said. "We have now entered a more substantial lockdown and I am pleased to see it. You see, if you do not enter the game you cannot win it. We have now entered this game and with strict adherence to the methods, we will win. To the Irish public: we must abide by the legislations put forth tonight by our leaders: no more than two kilometres from home, no unessential travel and full closure of all non-essential business.


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