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Some interesting developments in Ireland.

WHO warns of another Covid surge in Ireland in matter of weeks as new variant takes hold

The World Health Organisation has warned that Ireland may see another Covid surge in a matter of weeks, as Dr. David Nabarro says hospitals will face more pressure.

The WHO's special envoy on Covid-19 said hospitals will likely face “a lot of illness” as case numbers begin to increase again.

Predictions of summer Covid surge are ‘a bit disturbing’, says Luke O’Neill

Predictions from the World Health Organisation (WHO) that Ireland will face another surge in Covid-19 cases as the summer arrives are “a bit disturbing,” Professor Luke O’Neill has said.

The WHO's special envoy on Covid-19, Dr David Nabarro, warned on Wednesday that Ireland will see another surge in four to six weeks.

The Department of Health today reported 2,370 cases of Covid-19. Of these, 1,149 were PCR-confirmed while 1,221 people registered a positive antigen test through the HSE portal.

The number of Covid-19 patients in Irish hospitals fell to the lowest point of the year this morning.

There are 412 people currently hospitalised, compared to over 1,600 on the same day last month.

Of these, 36 are being treated in intensive care.

The latest wave of the virus – likely the largest to date due to the lifting of all restrictions and the scaling-back of the test and trace system – only receded this month, with hospitalisations falling to the lowest level of the year this morning.

However, Prof O’Neill, who is a professor of biochemistry at Trinity College Dublin and a member of the new Covid-19 Advisory Group replacing the National Public Health Emergency Team (Nphet), said he also believes the situation will worsen once again.

“The trajectory of the virus would suggest we’re going to get a surge,” he told Newstalk radio.

“Now, we’d be pretty confident there’ll be one in September because as we head back into the autumn and the winter and so on, the case numbers should go up.

“But it’s a bit disturbing it’s in three months in a way, because that’s the thick of summer. I’m not quite sure how they’ve got that, but I suspect it’s these graphs they draw and they see the trajectory and they can predict the surge.”

The WHO’s Dr Nabarro earlier told Newstalk that Ireland can expect a new surge every three to four months for the foreseeable future, but the size of the wave will remain unpredictable.

“It does seem to be about four months, the frequency, but the size of the surge is hard to predict,” he said.

“It’s partly to do with the number of people in the community that are susceptible, and it’s partly to do with the virus itself – has it developed a new ferocity.”

Dr Nabarro said surges will come as immunity to the virus, either through vaccination or infection, wanes over time.

Now looking at the above nonsense, one can't help but add to this - being merely a coincidence of course - taking place over the next '4-6 weeks':

1. Unlimited numbers of Ukrainian refuges (and we know 'unlimited' means no cap on numbers above 200,000) arriving in Ireland this summer - that's a plan to inject a 5% population increase in a single year. We might also assume none of these will be Covid tested on arrival nor the vast majority will be injected (as if that matters anyway) let alone background checks (and didnt Ukraine empty all its jails?).

2. Then we add the engineered housing crisis whereby large numbers of these will be temporarily housed in specially built/commandeered camps with high levels of crowding ahead of being housed in non existent housing. So we have large numbers of unvetted people escaping a highly stressful war zone being carriers of god knows what, cooped up together before being dispersed across the country.

3. And of course the already tiny, under resourced Irish health service will be fully prepared to take on potentially tens of thousands of new patients.

4. Then we include the mounting pressure - that will soon 'regrettably' likely include force say the government - to house many in people's private homes alongside Irish families.

5. Not forgetting the underlying plan to remove people's private property rights (problem, reaction, solution) with the proposed change to the Irish constitution to dilute property rights for 'the greater' good'. So the means to apply pressure on the electorate is being created just in time for a referendum.

6. And finally add in god knows what smuggled in as a fall out from the ring of biolabs in Ukraine.

And you have the makings of one hell of a horror story waiting to coalesce come the autumn/winter.

Makes me think of the line in V for Vendetta where it suggests the population of Ireland was effectively wiped out due to a terrifying outbreak.

Food for thought.

Anyone got a spare room for a family seeking refuge from war zone Ireland!? :cry:;-)


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The negative repercussions becoming known:

Children’s Risk of Death Increases by 5100% Following COVID-19 Vaccination Compared to Unvaccinated Children According to Official ONS Data

The Office for National Statistics has revealed without realising it that children are up to 52 times more likely to die following Covid-19 vaccination than children who have not had the Covid-19 vaccine.


Back on 20th Dec 21, the Office for National Statistics (ONS) published a dataset containing details on ‘deaths by vaccination status in England’ between 1st Jan and 31st Oct 21.

The dataset contains various tables showing details such as, ‘Monthly age-standardised mortality rates by vaccination status for deaths involving COVID-19’, and ‘Monthly age-standardised mortality rates by vaccination status for non-COVID-19 deaths’.

What the dataset also includes is ‘age-standardised mortality rates by age-group and vaccination status for all deaths’, however they have conveniently left out the data for children, and only included data on age groups over the age of 18.

"These Are Massive Crimes" - Dr. Naomi Wolf Breaks Down the Upsetting Statistics on Pregnant Women

"In this [DOD] database... the rise in congenital malformations increased dramatically, from a baseline rate of 10,906 cases per year in 2021... to 18,951 congenital malformations for [just] part of the year of 2021. For part of the year of 2021, [congenital malformations] nearly doubled in the fetuses of our brave women... who submitted to what our President said they had to do. As the Commander-in-Chief [forced] this experimental vaccine, their babies suffered! Their babies suffered!"

Full Episode: Episode 1,820 - Naomi Wolf: The Untold Dangers Of The Covid Vaccine For Pregnant Women


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And the Dutch state tries to keep the lid on:
Released FOIA documents that have not been blacked-out show that the central government has hired no less than 50 extra lawyers who are mainly involved in blackouting documents. Additional costs: 10 million euros per year, discovered data analyst Wouter Aukema. "That's 200,000 euros per lawyer. To blackout and keep civil servants out of the wind."

On July 9, 2021, a letter came from the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport stating, "You are advised to agree to the measures to improve and speed up the process of handling Corona-FOIA requests such as hiring at least 50 additional lawyers."


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Found an interesting article on Substack (full disclosure, I may know the author):

It discusses how the postmodern dogma that 'truth doesn't exist' was a crucial enabling factor in the scamdemic:
Most crucially of all, the academy no longer serves as an arena for the determination of truth. Many, perhaps most, academics no longer believe in the ontological existence of 'truth', per se; to them there are only models, language games, power dynamics, an abstract hyper-reality in which the signifier points only to the signifier, the signified having been long since forgotten.
Instead of truth, there is rigid dogma enforced on a myriad of topics, deviation from which will not be tolerated. Academics compete not in their ability to determine a more profound, more subtle, or more unifying attempt at the truth, but rather in the enthusiasm with which they enforce and elaborate whatever dogma their particular discipline has been tasked with advancing. It is not better in those few disciplines which do not yet have primary responsibility for upholding a politically important component of the Great Narrative; far from being free to do as they will in an atmosphere of benign neglect, they are expected to be jacks of all trades, advancing not one dogma but all of them. Thus a geophysicist whose nominal field of study is the seismological tomography of Earth's mantle plumes, a subject having nothing to do with gender, feminism, climate change, or the coronavirus, is also expected to be a vigorous advocate of feminism, anti-racism, climate justice, and sustainability, an ally to the PLGBT community1, a crusader against the dread coronavirus and an enthusiastic promoter of mRNA transfection, and most recently a steely-eyed opponent of Vladimir Putin2.
A functioning academy would have pointed to the objections against PCR testing raised by the Nobel laureate Kary Mullis, who was awarded the prize for his invention of polymerase chain reaction genetic sequencing technology. Mullis had long insisted that PCR was too sensitive to be a useful diagnostic test, since it can tell whether a given genetic sequence is present but says nothing whatsoever about viral load ... the key factor in whether a given individual is infectious. A functioning academy would have asked why these tests, with their known flaws, were being used, and whether the 'case' numbers reported on the basis of such tests were meaningful. A functioning academia would have asked why 'case' had suddenly been redefined to mean 'a positive PCR test', rather than its long-standing meaning of 'a symptomatic patient'. For that matter, a functioning academia would have earlier asked why 'pandemic' had been redefined, conveniently, just before the pandemic was announced ... but then, a functioning academia would not have allowed itself to becoming accustomed to the regular redefinition of words in the first place.


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More nails in the vaccine coffin

Short summary - the lady in question is a professor in Denmark who has been studying non specific effects of vaccines for 30 years. This is studying the impact vaccination has on "all cause mortality" - that is to say, what impact does it have on your immune system's ability to fight other pathogens (not the pathogen that is subject to the vaccination). The findings are and have always been that vaccinations do have non specific effects and these are poorly understood and certainly not included as part of the vaccine trials. She does say some vaccines have been found to have a positive effect whilst others a negative. WHO does not take this information on-board.

On the subject of covid vaccines, her study indicates a high degree on negative non specific effects on the mRNA jab and perhaps not so bad non specific effects on the adenovirus vaccines.

She acknowledges that the study is not perfect as clean data is hard to come by. She is also very careful with her words because #fear of retribution.

She says she wouldn't give the covid vaccination to her adult kids (any of them). She says healthy people under 50 shouldn't take any of these poison (my word). In fact she only said she'd give it to someone over 75 presumably because they've already lived a long life so the risk is not so bad for them to bear.

She refused to answer whether she took the poison jab - don't blame her.


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I just watched the latest video of Hugo Talks.
This video takes a closer look at some of the doctors that are presented to us non-stop via alternative news outlets during the plandemic.
These anti-jab doctors, lawyers and influencers seem to be in some ways or another connected to the UN's Lucis Trust with its new age agenda.
They might be unknowingly playing into the hands of tptb but there obviously is a connection and the video shows some interesting 'coincidences' and some obvious contradictions.

The Aquarian LUCIFERIAN Agenda / New Age Doctor Network Part 2 / Hugo Talks

Sorry...the link is not working and my internet is making trouble. I'll try to fix it but can't promise.
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Serbia has broken a negative record these days. This time, it is not by the number of new cases, nor by the price of energy, but by the number of newly HIV infected people.

Last week, there were more positive results on the HIV test than the previous ones, and last month was a record when it comes to the number of newly infected HIV people.

"We have noticed that the number has increased significantly in the last few months. This is alarming, but not unexpected, because a much smaller number of people were tested during the coronavirus pandemic in 2020 and 2021. We noticed that the trend of a jump in the number of infected people lasts for several months. The corona itself has affected us in a way that causes us stress. "Many people have become more prone to alcohol and narcotics, so under the influence of these substances, they have entered into sexual relations," says Jelena Javtović from "Potent".



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The committee were probably taking a percentage of deliveries to try to resell on the black market, but failed.

I also hear that distribution of rations, even at the neighborhood committee level, is not equitable, meaning that they are not adjusting distributions for the number of people that live in each unit.
Update: solutions are being introduced for these problems to quell complaints. Now being posted physically and online are lists (with graphic images) of items to expect in each ration delivery, and delivery date windows. This way, everyone knows what they'll get and when. Before, the timing and contents of ration deliveries was a mystery. The rations are also given "package" names, such as fresh food package, dry food package, instant food package, cleaning package, flavorings package, etc. I have seen examples online. Also, senior citizens only are getting an additional ration sometimes.

The frightening thing about all of this is that it's been so long, with no end in sight, the system is improving, so, the captivity is almost becoming normal. I suppose gov't welfare programs and universal basic income programs achieve similar, dependency-building results. For the largest city in the world, how is this sustainable? I dislike using that UN buzzword, but it fits in this case.


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Lockdowns spreading.
Zhengzhou's 12.5 million residents were given forewarning of impending seven-day lockdown, upon which supermarkets were stripped bare of fresh foods. Someone posted a great picture of a Zhengzhou produce section with nothing but a few inedible leaves on the displays and floor. This was quickly taken down.
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