Connecting the dots on Trudeau and others in charge when they seemingly capitulate or back off covid mandates.

Nothing citizens did in past couple of years to express their general unhappiness or refusal had any impact on decisions these psychopats made and were forcing in.

This whole situation situation stinks. Usually such thing happens for one of the two purposes
1. the goal which was set earlier on was met (vaccination rates, business disruptions, food and energy scrambles, overall unhappiness bordering to revolt, money schemes, you name it)
2. there is something better ready to be used, so the original plan can be closed or abandoned

Which is it is yet to be seen.

Trudeau Capitulates: Canada to Drop Vaccine Mandate at its Border

Perhaps in response to the threat of growing populist sentiment forging a political apparatus to challenge the iron-fisted grip of tin pot dictator Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Canada has declared it will end its policy requiring travelers into the country to provide their vaccine passports. The program, dubbed ArriveCAN, long-required non-citizen visitors to the nation to provide their vaccine status.

On top of scrapping that requirement, the Canadian government will also no longer mandate that visitors must provide a negative test and self-report any potential symptoms of COVID-19 upon entry as well as the enforcement of previously existing quarantine protocols. The scope of the pivot in policy extends beyond air travel and also applies to visitors entering Canada by automobile or cruise ship. These changes will take effect on September 30th, when the cabinet order enforcing the requirements will expire. The Trudeau government attested to this by ensuring that it will not seek the order's renewal.
In response to the shift in policy, the CDC continues to go for the jugular by emphasizing that travel to Canada poses a "high risk" presented by COVID-19 despite a tacit admission of the country to the contrary. Unlike Canada, the US continues to require non-citizen visitors to the nation who legally enter the country to be either fully vaccinated in lieu of rare exceptions. Despite Canada's apparent capitulation, the US continues to enforce that and other vaccine mandates which namely effect the military and health care sectors. Precious attempts to broaden the scale of mandates including requiring private sector employees along with federal employees and contractors were each rejected by federal courts.
"...the US continues to require non-citizen visitors to the nation who legally enter the country to be either fully vaccinated in lieu of rare exceptions."

I rather like the "legally" part.

Fwiw: in our experience this is actally not the case. We are not all u.s citizens and have never been asked for proof of jab or negative test when entering.
Is knowledge acquired true suffering? It seems so.

Bluegazer, thank you for posting this fantastic film!

They make some great points - easy to understand and see the bigger picture' (at least with Covid).

If only people knew the truth about:
- how few people really died 'with Covid'
how over inflated the numbers were,
- the truth about the appalling 'treatment' that made people worse / killed them / severely injured them
- how many people really died from vax related issues
- how under reported vax deaths/injuries have been all along, and still are.

... and then of course all the trillions of dollars that have been pumped into this 'campaign' and how many lives and businesses have been destroyed by it.

If nothing else, this film may ensure at least some children are not vaccinated - the message is very clear regarding this.
My heart goes out to those who have been so terribly afflicted and for those who still have yet to discover the consequences of their choices. :-/
Some people cannot be saved. Still advocating the vaccine 😩

She says she still advocates people having the vax but then says "I don't know why I'm making this video."

Looks like a case of 'objective reality' coming from her higher consciousness trying to support her to experience a 'shift',
but even when it is staring her in the face - literally, she still cannot 'see'.

Too frightening to admit the agonising folly of ones' own uninformed choices, or wake up and take action to further protect herself/share knowledge in an empowered way with others who are asking questions/seeking answers.

"Knowledge Protects..." but there are clearly many unwilling to seek real knowledge, or even have the capacity to ask questions.
I am guessing this is related to programming - not just the overt, highly coercive propaganda blasted into the consciousness from every device and platform 24/7, I feel this is something seeded long ago, in many beings, as if it is in their DNA.
FWIW, Just after my last post I was searching something relating to entropic energy and the first thing I found was this (which kinda relates to what I was mulling over regarding DNA at the end of the post):

Session 28 May 2013 (first part relates to questions from Session

Q: (Belibaste) So this guy we were talking about then, he got lightning struck seven times. He was really afraid of thunder. And his wife was struck once when he was next to her. What is specific in this guy because nobody gets struck by lightning seven times! What is specific in this guy?

A: His inner connections.

Q: (Belibaste) Inner connections are just... (Perceval) Genetic?

A: Can be.

Q: (Belibaste) Inner connections,
it means the inner connections are faulty because it's a kind of disintegration that was mentioned before? What kind of connections are we talking about?

A: Triple cycle veil of consciousness bodies.

Q: (Perceval) You asked! (L) I ain't openin' that can of worms! I've got other questions to ask. (Belibaste) There are three bodies? What are they? (Perceval) Triple cycle... (L) Triple cycle of what? (Belibaste) What are the three bodies?

A: Psychic/consciousness, genetic, high soul family.

Q: (Athena) That makes it so much clearer! (Belibaste) If it's not correctly connected... (L) Once they said something like hypnosis was opening a door to the unconscious. So I would say then the unconscious is connected to the superconscious, and then the superconscious is connected to other superconsciousnesses at some other level. But an individual must have... (Perceval) It seems like it's an anomaly with this guy. There's something about his makeup that is different. Otherwise he would not be hit by lightning seven times. (Athena) He just really needed a shock. (Ailen) And they're talking about a veil of consciousness. (L) I don't wanna go in that direction. If we start going there, we'll never get all of our other questions in! But I think I remember them saying something about some kind of triple body. And they were talking about tears in some kind of veil, tears in the ethereal body. That's what they were talking about.

{The reference is to session 7 Oct 1995:}

Q: (L) Well, if that is the case, and the aliens are abducting people and altering their genes, can they not alter the genes so that higher level souls simply cannot come in?
A: Not incarnative process, natural biological processes.
Incarnative involves strictly ethereal at 5th density and lower, and thus is enveloped in triple cycle "veil" of transfer which is impregnable ay any means. However, any and all 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th processes can be manipulated at will and to any degree if technology is sufficient.

(L) Okay, this is kind of shooting in the dark, but... Could it be that somebody who has some kind of genetic, or even an inner consciousness connection to like a negative or entropic entity could attract that sort of thing?

A: Yes.

If I am interpreting this information correctly (please correct me if I have lost the plot) - this does not mean that everyone who chose to 'receive' the vax (becoming 'receivers') is in a form of disintegration - I am suggesting a theory relating to those who just blindly accepted it (and forced it on their children/family members) and did not need to be coerced / manipulated / forced and cannot acknowledge it even when they and so many others have been affected adversely, as opposed to those who could SEE what was going on and were questioning things. It occurred to me that it may be something in someones' DNA, so it doesn't matter how much others try to help them see... you see??

I have been struggling to comprehend the behaviour of so many people who genuinely cannot SEE what is happening - particularly as things have been building with such incredible intensity, to the point that so many are being harmed to such a massive degree and seem unable to wake up. (this also relates to Transhumanism, Green agenda, WOKE collective, Ukraine/Russia etc...)

I guess the above info is part of the reasons that the C's say "pity those who pity" because those that do pity, do not have full awareness of the reality of what is happening with some individuals. It sure explains a lot about why there are so many who see from one 'perspective', and so few the 'reality'. And those 'receivers' in their bodies that apparently have 'MAC codes' won't make it any easier to wake up - unless someone can circumvent the 'hubris', "hack the system" and download a new program, perhaps?

Well I guess we know there is a new program coming... in the form of a 'wave'
... accompanied by gobsmacking 'shock and awe' cosmic / climatic events
- and heaven only knows what else."Wait and See".

Q: (T) And we have a triple bad day coming up! Or a good day, depending on which way you look at it.

A: Bad day if you are John D. Rockefeller, good day if you are Mahatma Gandhi.

Rockefellers, does their name indicate part of the reality they are about to experience? Rock feller. Rock felled ya.
Or is that just some unevolved parts of me projecting? :-P

🔥⚡🌊🏄‍♀️🌬️🌪️🌋☄️☃️🌨️❄️... 🌱🌞🐦🌺:flowers:
Facebook finally after 2 and a half years caught up with me. I just got 3 days posting ban on Facebook for posting an article on the 30th of March 2020 about Corona! I disputed the decision and then FB said that they might not be able to review it due to the Corona pandemic. :rolleyes:.
Well at least they have moved on from the Black Death in the 14th century. :lol:
I was thinking about how i feel slightly off mentally. After the lock downs, border closures and unstable commodity prices and inflation that we have be subjected too. I have this suspicion it is to push our temperaments to the the limit so we fall out with one another and form ever smaller groups. Till no one interacts with anyone beyond a superficial level due to strong risk of conflict. Not sure it its accidental or some how an effect of the way the internet algorithms are programed.
Investigative Corona Committee, Berlin
Session 124 • "Down the Rabbit Hole" • Alexandra (Sasha) Latypova


🇺🇸🇬🇧 English

🇩🇪 German

An absolutely remarkable interview with Alexandra (Sasha) Latypova !

We just might have gotten more information in detail, explaining the possible/likely mechanisms behind why many people didn't get sick after the genetic injections, and why others died in minutes/hours afterwards. It's one of those keystone interviews which in my opinion is worth listening to, as they reveal not only bits and pieces we already have heard, but goes deeper into the connections that dwell behind the Corona Plandemic, Big Pharma, Governments and the DoD (Department of Defense). The Plandemic including all the genetic injections are in essence... a military project. Or let's spit it out plainly; Attacks which perpetrated a war against humanity.

Highly recommended !
She also speaks good english, which makes it a lot easier to listen to her

The Investigative Corona Committee writes following about Alexandra Latypova

Alexandra (Sasha) Latypova
• Former pharmaceutical industry executive
• 25 years of experience in pharmaceutical research and development, started a number of successful companies - primarily focused on creating and reviewing clinical trials.
• Born in Ukraine, moved to the United States in the 1990's.

• All safeguards and regulations that the public has relied on for years and assume to be in place for pharmaceutical products have been effectively removed for these mRNA based vaccines.
• She found the reason, how this is even possible: she obtained Department of Defense contracts for covid vaccines, therapeutics, diagnostics, and all related products.
• Pfizer and Moderna violated all rules because the products they are making are according to the contracts, manufactured under defense prototype agreements, with no accountability and no real requirements for safety or efficacy.
• The DOD contracts remove all liability as long as manufacturers and everyone involved “follow orders” under PREP Act.

Here are some snippets I am gathering from this interview, while I listen a second time. It does not cover everything, but outlines the subjects and details discussed.

🔹 Pfizer was among her clients, even an investor.
🔹 When the Plandemic started, she wasn't working in the industry anymore, but realized something that things touted were very wrong and started to investigate.
🔸 The "vaccines" are not vaccines, they are not even pharmaceuticals.

🔸 The "vaccines" and their touted safeguards, where never in place, nor are they legal - despite the claim of the opposite.

🔹 Deep collusion between the manufactures, all global regulatory agencies and the US department of Defense.
It is a military program, regulating in effect over the entire world, with deadly products (injections)

Summary of all Evidence for C-19 injections:
🔸 Toxic by design: Mechanism of injury designed into product (interfering with the genetic activity inside your body)
No safety: Horrific death injury toll
No efficacy: Questionable to clearly negative efficacy
🔸 Bad Manufacturing: highly variable production, non-compliant with GMP, toxicity pattern, no enforcement of GMP regulations (so called FDA "Good Manufacturing Practices" 21CFR210.1)
Malignant Policy: Government lies, cover-up, gaslighting of the injured = clear intent to harm though forced nonsensical mandates

🔹 Saying that a specific protein is expressed though the C-19 injections, is nonsense she says; that is not how the human body works.
🔹 No lasting protections, as there is no protection. Subjecting people to "vaccinated" every 3-6 months is ridiculous.
🔹 The injections are prototypes. They are not even pharmaceuticals. The product is completely non-conforming - and due to the underpinnings how laws are handled, it doesn't need to conform (no enforcements in the practice of manufacturing the product).

🔹 The belief that various Covid-19 "vaccines" are interchangeable - is wrong: In reality, there have never been done any tests. I remember that Dr Wolfgang Wodarg warned about this a year ago, because mixing different C-19 injections basically leads to incomprehensible consequences, difficult to trace back cause and effects, what did what.
🔹 It is a severe crime to introduce adulterated product - products who do not comply to the regulations in the US and internationally.

🔸 She shows slides and charts about historical flu vax batches vs deaths. Then compares those with the batches from the C-19 jabs, which soar beyond dramatically: they are so bad, that it should have been a red flag for ANY regulator at any level.

- - - - -

Sorry, I have to make dinner for my husband now, so I stop here. :-[ But you get the idea what the interview is about.
It's really truly interesting. !
Investigative Corona Committee, Berlin
Session 124 • "Down the Rabbit Hole" • Alexandra (Sasha) Latypova

Additional information • Part II

🔸 Interesting aspects: the official content of the Pfizer vials are supposedly containing 30 mµ RNA... but shows that not a single vial had that amount in it - instead everything from almost nothing to extreme high amounts, something like 1300-2100 mµ (!) RNA. Are we still wondering why people fall down dead within minutes/hours after injections ? (Amounts above 10 mµ are highly damaging I remember from earlier sessions)

🔸 Sequenced RNA from a Pfizer Vials showed - shown in the illustration below, that most of them do not contain the supposed sequences. Mind boggling to say the least.


🔸 DNA and impurities in the test of Vials by 26+ Teams worldwide


🔸 Alexandra Latypova also mentions the strangeness in geographic deaths due to the injections.
South Dakota has the highest amount of vax deaths.

🔸 The Big Pharma companies can not make the injections to their own specification. They are unstable and highly variable. The "good" aspect is, that many vials contain broken and degraded artificial RNA, due to temperatures or even something so simple as shaking the vial, increases the break up of nano lipid surrounded artificial RNA. Alexandra Latypova shows that compromised vials show less amount of adverse effects.


🔸 The way these "vaccines" are manufactured, is highly unstable with no uniform solutions (200, 300 up to 900 liter tanks), and then when put into the vials with 0.45 ml The larger the artificial mRNA molecule chain is (which they are in latter production ?), the more unstable (breaks more easily)
Rainer Fuellmich released a video statement on the 28th of September on Telegram regarding accusations:
Dear friends,

Now that I have regained control over my Telegram channels, it is time for a short message to those who are confused because of the recent rumors surrounding the Berlin Corona Investigative Committee.

In a long interview with the Swiss alternative media channel, which was interrupted by a disturbing statement of the cofounder of the Corona Investigative Committee, I have already said what I have to say.

The allegations of this cofounder of the Corona Investigative Committee are completely fabricated and false.

Accordingly, the German mainstream media just reported that the Berlin DA's office explicitly stated that there is no cause for a criminal investigation. So trust your instincts and look at the facts that are available.

Also, I will continue the work of the Committee with my own version of it, a much more professional one. This continuation of the Committee's work will broaden the scope of the investigation, and it will show concepts for overcoming the corrupt, collapsing system. Its new name will be International Crimes Investigative Committee, ICIC (I See, I See!).

However, there are three things that I believe need extra emphasis in this ongoing fight for humanity. Number one, despite the fact that working on the Corona Investigative Committee has always been very difficult, we have, I believe, done a pretty good job of getting to the truth about Corona. It is not a pandemic, but rather a plandemic. It is driven by intentional panic mongering and the misuse of the PCR test to create cases that never existed.

This pandemic is only one tool out of the toolbox of those who are behind this. And behind this are a few superrich people, megalomaniac psychopaths, as the experts on psychology and psychiatry whom we interviewed have explained to us.

They have used and are using global corporations and global NGOs who meet once a year in Davos on the platform of the World Economic Forum as a means to complete a hostile takeover of our politicians and public agencies under the guise of the nice sounding term of private public partnerships.

The other side, as I call them, or Mr. Global, as Catherine Austin Fitz calls them, know that many people do not believe the dangerous virus story anymore. And Monkey pox has turned out to be a complete failure, a nonstarter. They are on the defensive. But they have more in their toolbox to keep us in panic mode - that is, in a mental condition that will make many of us follow any order they're given. The Ukraine crisis, global warming, food shortages and energy shortages are only the best known of their panic mongering tools.

The ultimate goal of these psychopathic megalomaniacs is to gain full control over all of us by reducing the population and enslaving the survivors through the introduction of a One World Government and a One World digital currency, both under their control, of course.

The above mentioned are the topics we should worry about and that need to be exposed, so that even those who have initially fallen victim to their psychological terrorism are now beginning to ask questions. We'll get answers and we'll get help, if that becomes necessary.

Let us not be distracted by irrelevant sideshows, especially when it's just another, albeit carefully created, illusion without any substance whatsoever.

And finally, of course, we will win this war that is being waged against all humanity. There's no doubt in my mind that those who are trying to destroy humanity and are trying to play God are doomed.

But there's no single person or single institution that will be able to single- handedly put an end to this. This time, we - all of us humans together - are going to have to be the cavalry. And there are only two things that really matter. The first one is that we need to understand that this is not the Russians against the Americans, the French against the Germans, black against white, women against men, or the vaccinated against the unvaccinated.

Instead, it is all of us humans against the monstrous criminals that are doing everything they can to drive us against each other so that our attention is distracted from their evil doings.

The second thing that matters, I believe, is that we're really close to a tipping point, and that we may even have already won the war. That is why the other side, Mr. Global, is now out of control - literally running amok.

But we need to be clear about this: the other side cannot and will not give up, as there are two creditors demanding payment for their crimes against humanity. One of the two creditors is us and our judiciary, which, if it becomes necessary, will be of our own - that is, the people's own - creation outside of their corrupt system.

The other creditor is what I call the higher spiritual powers. Others call it God. It's probably the same. And those who play God have never gone unpunished, if I remember correctly.

Oh, and just one more thing, as Colombo used to say. This past weekend, professor Sucharit Bhakdi and I had the privilege and honor to be invited to Athens, the cradle of democracy, by the Greek healthcare workers who refused to participate in these crimes against humanity and lost their jobs as a result. Professor Bhakdi explained in great detail how very grave the situation is - that this is a matter of life and death and serious changes in our personalities, in particular with respect to the effects of the mRNA shots. I summarized the findings of the Corona Investigative Committee and how the legal efforts of a growing number of combative attorneys are now, in some parts of the world, becoming more and more successful.

I ended my presentation with the same words I'm using here:

Some people crack under pressure. I do not and I will not.

And I'd like to add, the same is true for the Greek healthcare workers, and the same is true for each and every one of you.

Trust your instincts. Look at the facts and you'll see through all of this, throughout each and every mask.

Dr. Reiner Fuellmich
International Crimes Investigative Committee

I don't know what to think about it. There's also a Twitter thread about Fuellmich's connections with Open Society, but I don't quite buy it either:
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