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I agree with this article on SOTT. I had similar feelings while watching it. The clips and images of bigfoot, moon landing etc. in the intro were a completely unnecessary distraction, and I think there's a big chance that those were put there intentionally to 'tar the baby'. The question is, which of the producers wanted those thrown in there. Was it Peters or some of the other ones?

Peters' track record is poor and I have no trust in this guy. He might be controlled opposition but my take is that he's more like one of those guys who acts before he thinks, 'running' with things without checking, 'thinking' with his emotions believing that he's doing a great service to humanity, and also enjoying the attention and fame. Basically, an ignorant individual who's probalby being played by smarter shenaningans.

Having said that, I agree that those close-ups of pulling those yucky things out of the arteries were shocking and 'effective'.

All in all, this documentary is a mixed bag in which various players have probably inserted their own little manipulations.
Robert Malone chimed in with basically the same take:

At the moment, there is a very active discussion regarding the increasingly viral video “Died Suddenly”. Other commentators (for example “The Daily Skeptic” and Josh Guetzkow) have appropriately noted that the (generally well funded and produced) video includes segments which are misleading at best, falsely imply one or more cause-effect relationship between a sudden death event and vaccine administration, or otherwise employ cinematic license to stoke outrage. I have previously written regarding the business model of Stoking Rage for the up and coming podcaster, and in my opinion this strategy is fundamentally the same as the “fearporn” business model of corporate media - and in particular CNN.

For what its worth, I hold “our side” to higher standards than I have come to expect from corporate (broadcast and published) media. I reject the assertion that, on the battlefield of the current 21st century unrestricted media and information war which we are immersed in, it is acceptable to employ the tactics of our opponents. I have heard others in the medical resistance community advocate the schoolyard “logic” of “they are doing it to us, and so we have to do it to them”. I firmly reject this. Any “win” on the information war battlefield which is based on this type of rationale will be transitory and self defeating. It is not a win if we become one with the ethics of our opponents.

This is not just an information war, it is a battle over what is right and good versus what is fundamentally evil. Our opponents clearly believe that the ends justify the means, and that ethics - right and wrong- are completely situational and subject to the same logic widely accepted by the “Virtuals” caste; that there is no objective truth or reality, and reality and ethics are whatever one believes it to be. The ultimate derivative of the logic of “cultural relativity”. The logic from which springs the transsexual movement denialism of the genetic/biologic basis of gender.

As I have said so many times, in so many lectures, our opponents in this information war, this war on truth and integrity, have no ethical guardrails. Ethics are entirely situational in their world. [cont'd]


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Sanity from Malone. One question that “Died” did not address (and should have) is: why are the clots apparently randomized and scattered? The clotting does not seem to be a universal outcome. Is it a matter of certain batches being bad? Or certain human gene types that are susceptible? Or? I think this is a major open question.


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Former Vice President of Pfizer Dr. Mike Yeadon calls out his former colleagues for crimes against humanity, they're now resigning and trying to hide.

The video clip is from Children’s Health Defense. I don't know how to find it.


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Fresno California.

The coronavirus pandemic conferred enormous power on certain government officials. They have no intention of giving it up.
In the space of a few weeks in early 2020, Americans witnessed the imposition of previously unimagined social controls by the biomedical security state—the unelected technocrats who suddenly enjoyed nearly absolute power to incarcerate, isolate, and medicate the entire population. In this chilling new book, a dissident scientist reveals
  • the people and organizations that form the biomedical security state
  • its role in the origin of the pandemic and shaping the government response
  • why it is a threat to science, public health, and individual freedom
  • what can be done to confront and defeat this new Leviathan
When covid-19 broke out, Dr. Aaron Kheriaty’s work put him on the front lines. Realizing that the mental, physical, and economic toll of lockdowns was catastrophic, he began to protest that the cure was worse than the disease—an intolerable heresy. When he refused vaccination because he had natural immunity from a previous infection, the University of California, Irvine, medical school fired him. He fought back, in the courts and in the media, and has become a reliable source of truth amid official obfuscation and censorship.

Now it’s time for all of us to fight back. The deadly and arrogant misrule of the biomedical security state must not become the "new normal."



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The new narrative in the West Medias towards China Covid Zero Policy, is that China didn't reach global immunization because they didn't use the mRNA solutions.
Such an objective assessment, when looking at the situation in the whole world (as depicted for instance in the previous post from c.a) !
And what about the African continent ? Not even 6% of the population has been vaxxed and there are no epidemic problems AFAIK, etc.


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Lisa Boothe on Fox News. 7-minute video

Is America's reaction so different from what China is doing?

We are living under a Tyranny.

They want to put me, an “unvaccinated” into a camp.



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Came across Reiner Fullmich's first interview in his new solo format. Naomi Wolfe and psychiatrist Peter Breggin. He has a short clip of a Sucharit Bhakdi. The focus is on the changes in peoples' behaviour post-jab, in comparison to the similar effects of lobotomies, historical comparisons with various Nazi experiments and much more. 1h 4m but found it worth listening to.



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ICIC • International Crimes Investigative Committee
Session No 3 • "Self assembly structures in mRNA injections"

It's a pretty lively discussion, which may be a little bit "chaotic" in the beginning, but then begins to settle down and give room to far more worrisome insights revolving the many appearances found in the injections. (shown in many images and samples) What's perhaps unique is, that they got hold to a vials which where all sealed and stored in ice cold conditions through out the entire chain - in order to see what is happening, as they start to thaw... (while most other samples we have seen and heard about in the past 12 month, always been room temperature stored vials, or small rests of vials in room temperature).

One things is clear: physical ingredients like that, and growing stuff like shown in the video to not so small sizes (up to 0.2 mm) - have absolutely nothing to do in any pharmaceutical products, injections or "vaccines" - nor should they be present in jabbed people's blood.

🇬🇧 English

🇩🇪 Deutsch

In this episode of ICIC, Dr Reiner Fuellmich and co-host Dr Mike Yeadon have an insightful conversation with four experts on this explosive topic.

Using dark-field microscopy, Dr David Nixon examines blood samples from people who have been injected with mRNA-based substances and explains the results with corresponding images. Crystalline, unnatural structures are revealed, which change in further observation and show characteristics of a kind of nano- or micro-technology.

Dr. Ana Maria Mihalcea is intensively involved with the ingredients of the Covid mRNA substances. In particular, also with the so-called "shedding effect" of which it is assumed that harmful excretions can be transferred from "vaccinated" to "unvaccinated".

Karen Kingston, whose research interests include toxicology and the analysis of clinical data as well as the ingredients of the covid mRNA substances, complains that all measures regarding a functioning quality assurance management in the administration of a so-called novel "vaccination" to billions of people worldwide have failed and are still not being implemented after the already poor data situation.

For electrical engineer Shimon Yanowitz, the results of his research have shown that it is a kind of micro-technology, as the injected substances change strangely in the human body and have characteristics of electronic circuits. It is also disturbing that the lipid nanoparticles found in the substances have been approved as "technical devices", as Karen Kingston reports.
Came across Reiner Fullmich's first interview in his new solo format. Naomi Wolfe and psychiatrist Peter Breggin. He has a short clip of a Sucharit Bhakdi. The focus is on the changes in peoples' behaviour post-jab, in comparison to the similar effects of lobotomies, historical comparisons with various Nazi experiments and much more. 1h 4m but found it worth listening to.

It seems to me that we have seen right here. The real and only target is the brain. And the prefrontal cortex, both in terms of sars cov 2 and vaccine.


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Pathologist Dr. Ryan Cole, MD, explains why many vaccinated were lucky not to get injured by the dangerous Covid-19 mRNA shots during a panel discussion at the Better Way Conference in Vienna, Austria, September 17, 2022.
Which reminds me of what the C's said in the December 18, 2021 session:
LQB) VAERS vax injury database indicates that some vaccine batches are much more toxic than others from the same manufacturer. Is this intentional?

A: Partly, but mainly due to gross incompetence and negligence.

Q: (L) Okay, that answers his second question, which is: "If not, why the great variation in apparent toxicity?"
For the French, the video with subtitles is available here on vk.
(LQB) La base de données VAERS sur les dommages liés aux vaccins indique que certains lots de vaccins provenant du même fabricant sont beaucoup plus toxiques que d’autres. Est-ce intentionnel ?

R : En partie, mais surtout dû à une incompétence et une négligence crasses.

Q : (L) OK, ça répond à sa deuxième question, qui est : « Sinon, pourquoi cette grande variation dans la toxicité apparente ? »
Sorry if this information has already been released !


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I'm not sure if this belongs here, or maybe just related.
It's about "respiratory syncytial virus or RSV", in my family we are not vaccinated- COVID, and not exempt from the flu either, my little baby was born in Florida and fortunately the hospitals were respectful in not bothering me or pressuring me for the covid vaccine, and at home my husband, my other daughter and I were sick with flu even before delivery and after my daughter was born we were also sick with flu, my most terrible thought was that my little newborn baby would get sick with some variable of covid, but fortunately it was just a little nasal congestion and cough, I was breastfeeding I guess that helped transfer immunity to my baby because prior to delivery and all that year during pregnancy I was sick several times.

I certainly don't know, but if you are in stable health, it could not be that deadly for a newborn to be exposed to the environment. When I went to the pediatrician to consult about this flu in my newborn, he mentioned very often the seriousness of this RSV condition. And the way I link it to this thread is because it makes me think that pregnant women who were vaccinated - covid, maybe they could be the ones who present all these serious conditions in their newborn babies, I am not sure, but it could be a possibility.

Here an article about: Doctors ask Biden to declare emergency over RSV surge among children
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