Culture of the 4D's?


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"A: They want to rule you in 4th density."

We know who "they" is. But, by "you", who is meant?

Humanity, in general? Who comprises "humanity"? Now, certainly some people who might comprise a part of humanity are going to willingly waltz right into the 4D STS hierarchical wonderland and sign on the dotted line. But not all.

So, Is this a collective battle? A partial collective? Or is the choice/battle ultimately always on an individual basis? (mumbles: a collective of individuals?) It is said we have the possibility to network; to work together to offer our individual gifts to share knowledge with others to be prepared for this choice/battle/discernment. To learn to see and reject domination, and lies no matter how subtle and clever. To not 'go for the gold" this time.

At any rate, are "we" trying to learn to rebuff assimilation into STS as a group or as individuals in a queue? Kind of like light: "Is a 'you' a wave or a particle"?

My personal 'take' on this is that, just as at the hour of physical death, it is the individual soul unit who must act quite alone in the moment of truth and not a phalanx of comrades in arms en mass, shoulder to shoulder in some Lord of the Rings style charge against a mighty stronghold of evil ringed by a horde of humongous, salivating, satanic thugs.

So then, the question seems to me to be, what knowledge can we share to assist the lone individual who steps into a 4D fantasia and is greeted by an oily, sardonically grinning Lizard in a fine silk suit with one gold tooth twinkling in your eye as it dangles a hypnotically spinning watch on a chain while scanning you for your weakest link?


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I think the answer lies in the following points:

1-Polarity. If the soul finally reunites all the different I´s into one, and attains the real I (magnetic center) and is firmly anchored to the STO frequency, that would be the first barrier.

2-Knowledge of the environment. The 4D STO candidate should already know that in 4D time does not exist (or does not work as in 3D) and that new skills are acquired. (see through the walls, etc.)

3- Following the theme of networks, the STO network being an organic, mutable and non-rigid, makes it unpredictable. STS has a preference for the predictable in order to control the individuals that make up the STS hierarchy.

There is also something that, from the point of view of Internet networking technology, can function as protection: a VPN.

A virtual private network (VPN) is a technology that creates a safe and encrypted connection over a less secure network, such as the internet.

VPN technology was developed as a way to allow remote users and branch offices to securely access corporate applications and other resources. To ensure safety, data travels through secure tunnels, and VPN users must use authentication methods -- including passwords, tokens or other unique identification procedures -- to gain access to the VPN server.

VPNs are used by remote workers who need access to corporate resources, consumers who may want to download files and business travelers who may want to log into sites that are geographically restricted. VPN services are critical conduits through which data can be transported safely and securely.
A VPN usually, its existence is not unknown to the public. In this sense it is not very different from forming a small network of people who use their cell phones to talk, but who privately and in person deal with other issues. History has proven that those who have entered into the study of esoteric knowledge formed small groups of people.


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I think hierarchies exist everywhere, it's just the nature of the hierarchy that is different. Hierarchy is typically associated with level of authority, but it really can be levels of anything - levels of awareness, knowledge, love, service, skill, etc. Even density levels are a hierarchy - those of higher density have entirely different responsibilities and abilities, like the staff of a school, where those on lower levels are more like the students. Each has their role, and it has nothing to do with lies, manipulation, control, etc.

I think what Neil described is probably one of the most important lessons, if not THE most important, we came here to learn. Failing to understand it is largely why humans are in such a mess - that STS always sells itself as STO. Without a clear objective understanding of those concepts, we will forever be fools manipulated by anything/anyone who comes along and uses our distortions against us. And at some level everyone in the universe thinks they are "the good guys", and believes that their way of existence is justified and right and "for the best". They don't even have to be consciously lying about it when they know they don't have to be - they believe it anyway, and if their new recruit can handle that reality and the rationalizations that they use to justify themselves, then less deception is necessary - except of course the rationalizations themselves. Although even those are not always false - STS is an indispensable and vital part of the universe, they serve an important function, and very often their actions lead to a lot of lesson learning by those who suffer at their hands. All these are technically true and can easily serve to further cement their conviction. It's probably the ultimate "might makes right" philosophy - those clever/strong enough to accomplish a thing, deserve the thing, otherwise the universe wouldn't have allowed it.

I think keeping in mind the objective principles of STS and STO as described by the C's serve as a great protection from being tricked into accidentally joining some flavor of STS masquerading as "the good guys". I find that it works anywhere - politics, interpersonal relationships, business, etc. Sometimes the sales pitch is awfully clever, and my first step is just to go back to basics - does it respect free will? Is it open and truthful? Does it give all to those who ask? And even then, it is probably best to just run it by the network, which is what's it's there for.

Most people have neither a network nor any objective ideas of "good and evil", so they become a leaf in the wind. In every war, both sides see themselves as "the good guys". Hell, in every human endeavor this remains basically the case. This is probably partly why post-modernism is able to get a foothold - because even those who cling to an objective right and wrong are often mistaken about their understanding of it. And someone clever comes along, shows you why your idea of right and wrong is incorrect, and if that works, they can then inject a "relativistic" approach, by arguing that no idea of it is ever truly objective. Without any exposure and reflection on actual objective ideas, that person can become compromised and potentially join the relativistic club, which only benefits STS because truth, and with it, true order and direction, is effectively eliminated and the entire situation is now at the mercy of the manipulators. It's why someone following a mainstream religion can be a decent person or a tyrant because the same religion has elements of both, and you accepted both when joining - and it's upto someone else to focus your attention on the bits that benefit them at that moment, cognitive dissonance is a hell of a drug.
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Hmm - you don't think there is any projection of fear involved - or actual jaw-snapping/back biting? Mutual consent sounds more like STO. And what you say implies a hierarchy/pecking order that is clearly visible and agreed upon. I would view the arrangement as more like the Upper Dog says: " I am going to take what I want from you and you are going to give it to me because: a. I may give you something later. And: b. If you don't play ball how I like, you run the risk of losing everything along with dropping even lower in the pecking order. And c. "I sense the fear in you and I am feeding off it and we both know I could destroy you because I am stronger than you." etc etc down the black hole.

Of course all this could take place on a subliminal or sub-conscious level and not a literal one at all.

as below/above

Or perhaps - if it is as you describe, it may explain why "they" "love" "their" "pets" so much.
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