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I recently began reading 'Ancient City' by Fustel. Notably, he begins with death, and in particular a description of the funerary rites of the Greek and Roman predecessors, which was predicated on their understanding of the Soul.

Throughout the world, we can find offerings of food made to the recently deceased. Bowls of grain, fruit, flowers, meat, wine, blood, and milk were set about the grave by the family in mourning; as well as other accoutrements such as clothing, weapons, sometimes slaves and horses were slaughtered to serve the dead in the next life. This was done not to assuage the grief of the mourners, but for the dead themselves. The funerary rite was so highly valued that one of the greatest punishments of the day was to charge the guilty of being buried without ceremony. This was a punishment that lasted well into the afterlife, perhaps eternally.

Given what we have come to suspect about the nature of 5D, and what the C's have said about the DNA-enhancing importance of deeply knowing one's ancestors, would offerings of food to one's ancestors in 5D be beneficial to this end? Or is this the gesture of a superstition based on an erroneous ancient understanding of the soul, and as such, another dead end of wishful thinking?

I ask because this is something that I used to do regularly. I have since stopped because I was doing it somewhat unquestioningly, caught as I was in a heavily Indigenist mindset. Perhaps I thought I was making the offerings on the basis of faith, but now I am more inclined to think that I was doing so on the basis of ignorance.

'Food' for thought...
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