Descriptions of the "afterlife"


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I have some catching up to do with this thread but I never thought CNN would cover anything such as the afterlife.

Here is a somewhat strange article from CNN about afterlife contacts whether imaginary or real that one might not expect from MSM:

They lost their loved ones to Covid. Then they heard from them again

They are not unlike many others we have read about but who would think that even MSM would consider life after death?


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This is a fascinating thread, it really makes me wonder about what it's like on the other side of the veil. Every time I attended a funeral as a child I said to myself, "well, he/she's with God now", but never paused to think about what that actually meant. I've read many of the C's transcripts which talk about 5d, and that you even see the source (7d) at the point of death, the prospect of which both excited me and added no little intimidation too. Facing the ineffable will have that effect on you. Sometimes life can seem like such a raggedy mundane grind, the task is to make it seem more meaningful and a bit special. because it is if you stop to think about it, I'm unbelievably grateful for the discoveries I've made in this life, and surely more insights await beyond the veil to 5d.

I had a strange experience when my elder brother died in 2018. Days after his death, I was in a very shaken up and distressed state, I still miss the guy, Anyway, a few days on and I was semi-watching a football match between Liverpool (his team) and Arsenal. I could barely follow it, my mind was gone at that point. I assumed the game would be a goalless draw, a boring game. At which point I heard my brother's voice in my mind, saying "One-One!". I heard his voice but said nothing, barely reacting if truth be told. Well, the football match perked up and was a very interesting 1-1 draw in the end, exactly like my brother's voice predicted! I barely slept that night, wondering if that voice was real. Okay, nothing spectacular, but I kinda love those quirky twists of fate where you discover more than you bargained for.
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