Do some French people see what's going on? Yellow Vest Protests


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Meanwhile in Australia, a political party registered 'Yellow Vest Australia' as a business name and then changed the name of their party from the Australian Liberty Alliance to Yellow Vest Australia through the electoral commission. So it seems the movement has been usurped from a peoples movement to a political movement. So far it seems as though this move has not been popular amongst the people. We're Yellow Vest Australia | Australian Liberty Alliance


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I was looking for first images of Notre-Dame fire and ended up with this video, in french but it has subtittles in english, it reads a little funny and goes a little fast, but it's generally understandable.

Interesting and terrifying?, I recall the alleged false buzzfeed post by Laura here Fire at Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris regarding the smiling reactions of FB of Notre-Dame fire ... If I take into account this gentleman's statements, things are even worse, the video was posted berfore de Notre-Dame fire!!!...

One of the comments say: "What a truth! How can we remain indifferent to Zemmour's speech... the loss of a great civilization! poor France· ---using deepl


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Eric Zemmour makes an interesting remark around 6:00, comparing the current US-China tensions to the Anglo-German rivalry leading up to WWI: "...while China will menace the American hegemony. We are, in my opinion, in a system that resembles the eve of the war of 1914. You know, where there was a dominant imperial maritime power that was Britain, and a rising continental power that was Germany. And when Germany started making a maritime fleet equivalent to that of Britain, Britain said stop, and we had WWI."

He then goes on to talk about the ongoing colonisation of Europe by Islam.


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An interview with a police officer was posted on blog Je suis gendarme et j’ai décidé de parler…
I am a constable and I have decided to tell...
In our ranks we are divided. Very divided...if the numbers (the people) is outside, the forces of the order shall fall on the helmets...the order to fire on the crowd could be the trigger. But today we are still far from what happened in Algeria. At the bottom of me, I hope that you will join the GJ.
Here is a video found on the FB of Les Gilets Jaunes - and which expresses some of the current sentiments:


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Some current observation's, and the latest war on journalist documenting the gilets jaunes movement's.

Translated from French by Microsoft
Journalist Alexis Kraland was arrested this morning in Gare du Nord. For no reason, just the fact of having his photo material of journalist. The dictatorship is on

Translated from French by Microsoft
▶ Brilliant response from Sergio Coronado (FI) to this MLA LREM... #GiletsJaunes #Acte23 #yellowVests

Act XXIII of the movement was marked by the arrest in Paris of two journalists. Two LBD shots also hit two other reporters.
By 21/04/2019 à 09:08
The press, target of the police?

Act XXIII Yellow Vests experienced an unusual turning point with the arrest of several journalists during the day, according to various witnesses. Two independent reporters were arrested by the police in Paris during this new mobilization Saturday. New violence enamelled the event in the capital, including the Republic Square where tension has risen a notch.

The National Union of Journalists alerted Christophe Castaner in the early afternoon on the treatment of professionals: "What is the rationale for questioning reporters, if not to prevent them from working? Do not flout the rule of law, Christophe Castaner! Prefecture of police, respect the freedom to inform! Tweeted the SNJ.

Arbitrary arrests?

Several witnesses report that Alexis Kraland, an independent journalist, was arrested near the Gare du Nord. Photojournalist Maxime Reynié gives details of the interpellation in a tweet: "The journalist Alexis Kraland comes to be called firmly in the Gare du Nord while he indicated his profession of journalist. "

A few hours later, it was the turn of the founder of the Taranis News media, Gaspard Glanz, to be challenged. The images clearly show the arrest of the independent reporter of the Republic Square. The journalist is taken away by the security forces and handcuffed behind his back. Witness of the scene, the video reporter of Figaro Thibault Izoret affirms, in a message accompanied by a video showing Gaspard Glanz handcuffed behind the CRS: "The non-compliant arrests multiplied and my colleague du Figaro was taken part by a member of the FDO. "

Several injuries among journalists

The journalist reporter of images Clément Lanot, regular of the demonstrations of the Yellow vests, affirmed on Twitter to have been targeted by a LBD while he presented several markers of identification of his profession: armband, card of press and camera. He wanted to reassure his followers, his protections would have protected from shooting.

The freelance journalist Charles Baudry has published a video on Twitter where one distinguishes one of his colleagues with a helmet marked on acronym "Press" to be evacuated by protesters and other journalists after a shot from LDB. The author of the tweet assures that the hand of the journalist would have been affected. The street medics would have quickly supported.



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He then goes on to talk about the ongoing colonisation of Europe by Islam
Zemmour makes a lot of relevant statements, including the above-mentioned "colonization of Europe by Islam".

Unsurprisingly he fails to further his analysis and identify what community is orchestrating the "colonization of Europe by Islam" and also colonized the high spheres of Europe way before Islam. Coincidentally or not, Zemmour is part of this very same community, hence his diagnosis that points at the right symptoms but fails to look at the root causes.


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I was looking for first images of Notre-Dame fire and ended up with this video, in french but it has subtittles in english, it reads a little funny and goes a little fast, but it's generally understandable.
English subs are no longer there when I played the video. What is available are french ones :-)


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Zemmour makes a lot of relevant statements, including the above-mentioned "colonization of Europe by Islam".

Unsurprisingly he fails to further his analysis and identify what community is orchestrating the "colonization of Europe by Islam" and also colonized the high spheres of Europe way before Islam. Coincidentally or not, Zemmour is part of this very same community, hence his diagnosis that points at the right symptoms but fails to look at the root causes.
English subs are no longer there when I played the video. What is available are french ones :-)
I noticed, too bad if, their purpose was to reach more people... When I first saw it, has -10K views, now it has +300K... then again, from what Pierre wrote, it would not be that convenient, if it can be reached to the people that do not know, it has almost 4K of comments...had not read them since then, perhaps in further days, sometimes there are good ones, even though being unfamiliarized with the guy, Pierre's had posted a good parameter -so to speak.


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Click on <Settings> then click on <Subtitles/CC(1) it is Off and check <French (auto-generated)>, now click on Subtitles/CC(1) French (auto-generated) and check <Auto-translate> and voila! ;-)
Thanks sToRmR1dR, that's how it is done in a computer. Yesterday, I checked it in a cellphone (did not take the computer with me during Easter holidays) and, as Hi_Henry said, I couldn't. I'm at a computer again and, indeed, the english subtittles are there.


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Unsurprisingly he fails to further his analysis and identify what community is orchestrating the "colonization of Europe by Islam" and also colonized the high spheres of Europe way before Islam. Coincidentally or not, Zemmour is part of this very same community, hence his diagnosis that points at the right symptoms but fails to look at the root causes.
From the comments I read today of the video, in general, there are many dismayed and others stating that Zemmour is part of the media system and therefore we should not pay much attention to it.

A comment from Blaguenorme has about -400 replays, from the first ones, it is mentioned a name and several videos - either, I don't have access or they don't work. The name is: P. Ploncard D Assac, did a search on the forum and, did not found anything.

I found an article in his website that is about French nationalism with similar info from the other thread about ND fire. He also has a video "The Republic in Danger" but this one, does not have english subtitles. He is lose to Jean-Marie Le Pen according to wikipedia.

Communiqué of the French Nationalist Circles of 19 April 2019

April 19, 2019

In addition to the accidental or criminal origin of the fire at Notre-Dame de Paris, as well as many attacks on our churches, which are not protected by the State, unlike the buildings of the Jewish community, this tragedy has a meaning in the context of the state of the Church and France.

- The fire of Notre Dame symbolizes the fire in the modernist Church, which has lost all missionary meaning to be admitted by the modern Sanhedrin.

The announcement of a recent conference confirms this:

It is a meeting on April 17-19 at the Sainte Baume near Toulon on "The discovery of our roots", "discovering Judaism: conferences, testimonies, Israeli dances, praises, prayers, fraternal time"...

There would be nothing to complain about if the announcement did not announce the participation of "Mgr Dominique Rey, Bishop of Fréjus-Toulon, Father Beaublat and Father Coudray, SNRJ Director at the French Bishops' Conference..., and teacher at the Jewish Seminary of France" (sic) !!!!

This is where the Church stands under the guidance of its pastors of today, to celebrate "the roots of Judaism" forgotten in the New Testament... !

This flattening of the Church and especially of the French episcopate before Judaism takes no account of the blasphemies of the Talmud against Christ and forgets the hateful vaticinations of many rabbis.

Those of Rabbis Ron Chaya and Touitou who, in his video of July 1, 2015, rejoiced:

"The mashia'h[מָשִִׁיחַ, messiah] will only come when Edom, Europe, Christianity has totally fallen. "So I ask you the question: "It is good news that Islam is invading Europe"? "This is great news, it announces the arrival of the mashia'h."

Thus, Judaism tries to use Islam to destroy Christianity.

This, without forgetting Israel's constant hostility towards the Christian communities in occupied Palestine, also, this flattening of too many clerics before Judaism, constitutes a betrayal towards the One they are supposed to defend.

This is the fire that is ravaging Christianity today, symbolized by the fire of Notre-Dame de Paris.

- The fire of Notre-Dame de Paris also symbolizes the state of France, whose Christian, national and ethnic framework is being consumed by the efforts of its secular and biblical enemies.

And yet, even through certain reactions in the political world, we feel, even through certain reactions, like a stupor, like a tetany following an electroshock, like a sudden awareness of a national disaster, of what this tragedy represents.

Among the statements, we noted, among others, the one from Rome, very cute, soulless, and especially the very strange one from Laurent Nunez, whose membership is known, deputy to the Minister of the Interior, Christophe Castaner, stating that "Notre-Dame's structure is definitively damaged"..., as if he was already considering its destruction as a security measure for the residents...

It is also worth noting the statement of the President of the Republic, promising the reconstruction of Our Lady in five years, but taking into account, symbolically, the evolution of the world...

We are thus faced with an attempt, either to demolish Notre-Dame, a symbol that is too visible and disturbing, under the pretext of insecurity, or to recover this symbol of Catholic France in order to modify its meaning, in accordance with the Republic's philosophical guidelines...

Let us now turn to the event itself, the fire and its causes.

Several facts are obvious:

1°- Why is it that in the minutes following the announcement of the fire, the TV news reported with a beautiful set that it was "an accident"?

How could they assert this so quickly and unanimously, as in response to a directive...?

This evokes the speed of information during the destruction of the Manhattan towers in New York on September 11, 2001, also announcing in the minutes following the identity of those responsible for the attack!

The passports of the said criminals had been discovered in the smoking rubble, but not the black boxes of the devices that were not found (1)...

2° - As in previous attacks in France, we learned from Le Parisien on April 16 that a fire-fighting exercise had taken place the week before, after the saints had been removed from the roof of N-D.

3°- According to LCI, "two sources of fire were identified" in Notre-Dame de Paris, information taken from the Belgian site La Dernière Heure, and the daily newspaper Le Monde on April 16, which seized it to denounce "the extreme right-wing "plot".

4°- Little by little, expert testimonies are emerging.

For example, a former chief engineer of the cathedral for 13 years, Benjamin Mouton, said on the LCI Direct on April 16 in front of David Pujadas:

Taking up the words of his successor Philippe Villeneuve, Benjamin Mouton stated to Batiactu, the site of building professionals, that the latter was "totally incredulous" about the accidental cause of this fire, especially since "work had not yet begun, the scaffolding was being erected".

"In 40 years of experience, I've never had a fire like this before. "The fire protection installed in the cathedral was at its highest level. "When I dealt with fire detection, which was a very expensive device, it took very few minutes for an officer to go and clear up any doubts. "We had many wooden doors replaced by fire doors, we limited all electrical appliances, which were prohibited in the attic," Benjamin Mouton concluded with Batiactu.

An expert in the construction sector also confided his misunderstanding to Batiactu:

"The fire could not have started from a short circuit, a simple one-time incident. "You need a real fire load at the beginning to start such a disaster". "Oak is a particularly resistant wood".

Another testimony received: "Unfortunately, I don't think it was an accident. "I am a former student of the Ecole du Louvre with a degree in Art History. "I visited the Notre Dame structure with architects from Bâtiments de France several years ago. "This 12th century wooden structure was protected like never before! "Each intervention is always accompanied by historians, architects, experts, no work is envisaged without extreme caution, no heat source, NO CHALUMEAU, no electrical equipment, a powerful alarm system, and very strict monitoring. "I think we'll find out eventually that it's arson."

We are therefore faced with a series of presumptions but also facts, which support the criminal thesis and refute the official thesis.

But as the Roman saying goes:

"Qui bono", who benefits from the crime?

In this regard, it is worth mentioning the reports in the media of statements by Muslims who welcomed the tragedy, which is part of the Zionist strategy, to turn Catholics back towards Israel.

On the other hand, not a word of other testimonies we receive, from Muslims calling on the French to defend their Faith and their religious symbols!

Another information given by the American magazine Newsweek on April 15 reveals that at the same time that Notre-Dame was burning in Paris, a fire broke out at the Al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem, the third sacred site of Islam and at the heart of the Arab-Israeli conflict.

Again, the fire was coming from the roof of the Marwani prayer hall, confirmed by the Palestine News Agency, the official spokesman for the Palestinian National Authority.

This strange combination of fires at two of the main places of worship of Christianity and Islam can only lead to the same suspicions that we raise with each attack in France or abroad, quickly attributed to "Islamists" who are liquidated before any investigation!

Again, as with every attack, explanations are suggested:

The use of torches during structural consolidation operations or a short circuit... However, all electrical installations are prohibited and torches are not used, which all the experts who have spoken confirm.

Is it not also strange that the fire of Notre-Dame de Paris, of considerable religious significance for Christianity and the French nation, occurred in the middle of Holy Week commemorating the Crucifixion of Christ and his resurrection...?!

Hence the question that needs to be asked again:

"Qui bono "? "Who benefits from the crime"... !

Could it be an admission? Baruch Marzel, an Israeli politician of the Otzma Yehudit party, mocked the fire that destroyed Notre-Dame de Paris Cathedral, considering it a "divine punishment because the talmud was burned in front of this cathedral in 1200. Cf.

It was under St. Louis!

In any case, the coincidence of the fire with the conference of the President of the Republic, scheduled an hour and a half later, allowed him to suspend his speech concerning the demands of the French who are still waiting...


Progressively the media try to divert the role of Notre-Dame, as a symbol of the unity of France, to give it a historical, political and very oriented meaning..., evoking Napoleon's coronation, Victor Hugo's novel, or Te Deum to Notre-Dame for the Liberation in the presence of De Gaulle, as if the history of Notre-Dame de Paris had only begun at the Revolution.

Of course, none of the commentators recalled another significant event in Notre-Dame and for good reason: the questioning of Father Panicci, preacher to Notre-Dame who, on 25 March 1945, denounced the crimes of the Gallic-Communist regime at the Liberation, "this slaughterhouse regime", which still resonates under its vaults... !

The Notre-Dame de Paris fire also has a symbol. While the modern altar used to celebrate the New Ordo was buried under the rubble, the original altar, surmounted by the statue of the Virgin Mary, remained intact. This is a message to today's modernist Church which, from deviations to deviations and denials, disappears under the rubble of the consequences of Vatican II.


Whatever the Power and the media are now trying to impose to recover the tragedy, or to conceal its causes, undoubtedly something has happened that will hopefully break the spiral of the decline of the Church and France.

Otherwise the awakening will be painful and brutal!

In any case, it may be for Emmanuel Macron and Édouard Philippe, who we see giggling when we arrive at the scene of the fire, before taking a sad look in front of the official cameras...

Their giggling is full of meaning when we learn that there were two starting points for the fire, which, together with the other elements we know, confirms the criminal origin of the tragedy.

Especially since we have just learned that the Ministry of Culture has "banned architects of historic monuments from answering interviews about Notre-Dame de Paris Cathedral".

Who benefits from the crime?

It seems we have the answer here...

Philippe Ploncard d'Assac
President of the French Nationalist Circles

Translated with
Note: Maybe this article should had been in the other thread, I posted here as a reference to Ploncard d'Assac.. and, I was left with the desire to know what the video says ...but in the left side of the page, comes an index that, I assume is related to it, although, with titles like The HAARP system, a new weapon? or The drama of Fukushima. A Zionist crime? stains a little my interest in reading other chapters.


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Oui, beaucoup de Français se rendent compte qu'il sont mangés chaque année davantage et ce depuis plusieurs années...
Le petit peuple est saigné à blanc et Macron doit nous servir sa soupe demain à 18h en France, nous verrons qu'il n'annoncera que des miettes pour les petits... C'est le président des riches... Voilà tout... Je crains que nous allions à une guerre civile...

Yes, many French people realize that they are eaten more every year and have been for several years...
The little people are bled dry and Macron has to serve us his soup tomorrow at 6pm in France, we will see that he will only announce crumbs for the little ones... He is the president of the rich... That's all... I'm afraid we're going to go into a civil war...


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DARK REPUBLIC - in association with Into the Storm, The Heart of a Popular Revolution’
FLORES: Yellow Vests – INTO THE STORM – Creating a Post-Replacement Paradigm -FRN
The scenes depicted in ‘Into the Storm, The Heart of a Popular Revolution’ are not scenes from the prescient film ‘Children of Men‘, though they very well could be from its prequel. Children of Menappears to be the precognitively derived sequel to the Yellow Vest Protests. What interesting times we are living in. (Published on: Mar 23, 2019)
Au coeur d’une révolution populaire
Film réalisé en plein cœur de l'acte 23 des gilets jaunes sur paris le 20 avril 2019 Auteur: Julien Rogue
Published on Apr 23, 2019
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Macron to announce response to 'yellow vests' after months of protests April 24, 2019
French President Emmanuel Macron delivers a speech for the Parisian Firefighters' brigade and security forces who took part at the fire extinguishing operations during the Notre Dame of Paris Cathedral fire, at Elysee Palace in Paris, France, April 18, 2019. Christophe Petit Tesson/Pool via REUTERS
Shaken by five months of often-violent "yellow vest" protests, Emmanuel Macron will announce a package of measures that could include lower taxes and the abolition of France's elite Ecole Nationale d'Administration to quell the unrest.

Emmanuel Macron sought to reinvigorate his presidency and placate Yellow Vest protesters with a pledge to combine sticking to economic reforms with a volley of new policies, all couched in poetic language evoking the art of being French.
April 25, 2019 - Emmanuel Macron Tries to Save His Presidency by Promising a ‘New Act’
Emmanuel Macron Tries to Save His Presidency by Promising a ‘New Act’

Emmanuel Macron Tries to Save His Presidency by Promising a ‘New Act’

After almost six months of often violent demonstrations, the 41-year-old president told reporters gathered in a gilded hall at the Elysee Palace that he would set in motion a “new act” for the French Republic with a “project of resistance and ambition.”
While pledging not to go back on pro-business overhauls, Macron said he would do more to make his agenda more human and do a better job of protecting the nation’s citizens from globalization.

“I have felt in my bones what French people are going through and I want to provide an answer,’’ Macron said. “The art of being French is being rooted and universal, attached to history and origins but embracing the future.”

The announcements ranged from promises to revamp the mechanics of the French state, to reforms of education, pensions and taxation. Many of the overhauls are already in motion, but did Macron indicate preferences for key parameters. For example, income tax cuts should total around 5 billion euros ($5.6 billion), he said, and French people should be encouraged to work longer with incentives to retire later.

Key Takeaways
Macron is sticking to his guns on spending cuts and reforms he has already put in place like changes to labor laws, saying his agenda isn’t the reason that French people are protestingThe president is leaving intact key pillars of the country’s economic model like the 35-hour work-week and a minimum retirement age of 62The tax announcements signal a further shift in favor of consumers over businesses as Macron says closing tax breaks for companies will help offset income tax cuts for householdsThere’s also a shift in favor of retired people, who shouldered the burden of tax increases and spending cuts in the first two years of Macron’s presidencyThe proposed changes to France’s democracy are intended to symbolize a transfer of power away from Paris and perceived elites. Macron may struggle to sell his oft-repeated mantra that the French people must work moreThe president dodges the question of whether he will run for re-election in 2022, saying he “furiously and passionately” focused on making his first time a success.

The package is a pivotal moment in the presidency of Macron, who came to power nearly two years ago promising deep reforms to jolt France’s economy and labor market. But those plans have collided with the protests of the Yellow Vest movement, which began with opposition to gasoline taxes before morphing into a general unrest over purchasing power and Macron’s governing style.

His announcements Thursday follow a 10-week national debate devised to assuage the grassroots discontent and come just a month ahead of EU elections that are seen as a referendum on his policies. The president has taken weeks to fine-tune his response as he seeks to safeguard the business-friendly reforms he pushed through at the start of his term while addressing a common perception that French society is becoming less equal.

Key Highlights
A greater role for referendums in French democracy and random selection for citizens assemblies. Proportional election for around 20 percent of seats in parliament. A reform in 2020 of how the state functions to give more power to lower mayors and regional authorities .No closures of schools of hospitals without the agreement of mayors. Reform of recruitment of top civil servants and elite training school ENA Assess efficacy of abolishing the wealth tax in 2020 and make changes if needed. Significant income tax cuts for middle classes financed by closing tax breaks for companies, cutting spending and working more. Limit class sizes at primary schools and “revalue” the job of teachers. Overhaul of unemployment insurance system summer 2019Index pensions under 2,000 euros a month to inflation from 2020 and all pensions in 2021Present sweeping pension reform summer 2019 to increase trust in the system. Open to changing Schengen to exclude states from Europe’s free-circulation zone.
At marathon news conference, Macron launches fight back with tax cuts April 25, 2019
French President Emmanuel Macron speaks during a news conference to unveil his policy response to the yellow vests protest, at the Elysee Palace in Paris, France, April 25, 2019. REUTERS/Philippe Wojazer
At the first major news conference of his presidency, Emmanuel Macron pledged to cut taxes on Thursday and said the French would have to work longer as he outlined his response to months of anti-government protests that have shaken his authority.

France's Macron to shut elite ENA school in drive for fairness
The main entrance of France's National School of Administration, ENA, (Ecole Nationale d'Administration) is seen in Strasbourg, France April 24, 2019.  REUTERS/Vincent Kessler
The Ecole Nationale d'Administration has for decades churned out presidents, ambassadors and industry leaders but on Thursday, President Emmanuel Macron said he would abolish what has become a symbol of inequality in his drive for a fairer society.

France's Macron proposes easier rules for referendums, pensions shake-up
French President Emmanuel Macron said on Thursday he wanted people to feel more involved in the democratic process by simplifying rules for referendums and decentralizing more government functions.

Russian pranksters posing as Ukraine president-elect trick France's Macron
FILE PHOTO: Russian pranksters Vladimir Kuznetsov (L) and Alexei Stolyarov, also known as Vovan and Lexus, attend the presentation of their new book in Moscow, Russia September 14, 2017. REUTERS/Sergei Karpukhin/File Photo
Russian pranksters posing as Ukrainian president-elect Volodymyr Zelenskiy tricked French President Emmanuel Macron into a hoax phone call after Sunday's Ukrainian presidential vote.
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